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  1. How long you reckon the Loctite will last?
  2. That one worked fine for me also and was one that I recommended. Mine came with my rifle, though.
  3. I have a Rifles Only cover for my Griffin Recce 7 but decided to get an Armageddon cover for it also. I have an AEM5 for a Mk12-inspired rifle that I also use on a Recce style rifle. Sort of an early-2000s SEAL Recon rifle. McKay M16A2 lower, older BCM upper, 16" mid-gas Douglas match barrel, KAC Rifle RAS, Tango Down BG17 grip, Mil-spec 6-position buffer tube w/8.5 oz. XH buffer and Wolff spring, B5 Enhanced SOPMOD stock, Colt M16 BCG, Colt parts kit, Colt ambi safety, KNS Precision hardened SS safety detent, AXTS Raptor ambi charging handle, Norgon ambi mag release, Magpul winter trigger guard, Geissele SSA trigger, KAC 600m rear sight, KAC M4 NSN front sight, Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x24mm Compact illuminated Mil-R scope in a Nightforce 20 MOA UniMount, Atlas PSR bipod w/A.R.M.S. #32 QD mount, Allen Engineering AEM5 w/Ops, Inc. 12th model muzzle brake and collar, and a vintage Surefire M951 with a Malkoff M61N LED drop in. The Recce 7 is shorter than the AEM5 (7.6" vs 8.8") but I think that Rifles Only cover may work for it, leaving the part over the barrel uncovered.
  4. Fantastic. Good enough for me. Already ordered a suppressor cover and pouch.
  5. Thank you guys. I'm very happy with how it's turned out. To think I joined here some six years ago with a WTB post for that Lite Rail. Now I just need to get out and shoot some more.
  6. II think I'm going to get the Armageddon Gear SASS case. It's made to fit the Pelican 1720 which means it should fit in the 1750 with some room for harder stuff on the outside: ammunition, extra magazines, etc. This means I'll finally have to get my 1750 squared away
  7. I'd like that It's definitely something I enjoyed. Might have to contact the local guys and see if they're still running any matches. It was so many years ago. Crazy how fast time has gone by.
  8. Far away from Portland, thankfully. I used to shoot plates and IDPA at a local range this way. Nothing formal, just for fun. Then I started traveling a lot for work and got out of it. Wouldn't mind getting into it.
  9. No competitive shooting. I'm in Acton.
  10. In Maine also. Southern Maine.
  11. Another handguard choice, this one is carbon fiber: https://lancer-systems.com/product/lch7-handguard/ Years ago, I wouldn't consider carbon fiber for a handguard but after installing and using a PRi handguard on my Mk12 inspired rifle, I think it's okay.
  12. Saw a Midwest Industries "Combat Rail" and went to their website to see what was different from the SS rail that I have. It looks like Midwest Industries no longer offers AR-10 rails. That said, I can't tell what's different about the Combat Rail except it's offered in a minimum of 12.625" where the SS was available in 9" and it adds an aluminum anti-rotation block.
  13. Any of you here?
  14. Yes! Ended up using the Colt ambis on my more traditional, "clone-ish" builds. Still, the CASS is a solid piece of kit.
  15. BAD parts are very good. Hope my criticism of the bolt catch in a large frame wasn't casting aspersions on their parts in general. I have a bunch of their CASS and a few other control parts. I think I ended installing the bolt stop in an AR-15. I just wish they offered "standard" safety levers for their CASS and ASS.
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