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  1. The Gen 1’s and 2’s just fit me better. And they’re more aesthetically pleasing. And they’re heavier, which balances out the rifle better. Plus, they’re discontinued, which makes them that much more desirable 😀
  2. All I can find are the AR-15 ones, and I don’t like the Gen 3’s. Black is best, but any color is fine. I don’t have a top dollar, so if anyone is interested in selling one, let me know your price. (Within reason 🤣) Thanks, Tyler
  3. I’ll do the same! It’s a shame that hardly anyone makes a quality quad rail for large frames anymore. 😔
  4. I became interested in the large frame AR’s because of the increased long-range capabilities, especially when compared to AR-15’s. And with modern machining techniques, better materials, and the ever-evolving advantages of modern ammunition, I feel that when properly built, a large frame AR can easily compete with most bolt guns on the scale of accuracy nowadays. Plus, since there is no “mil-spec”, the potential for having to machine your own custom parts really intrigues me. I’m really looking forward to future builds and having the ability to learn with and share them with you all. Happy holidays! Tyler
  5. In case anyone is looking - Samson Manufacturing is still producing AR308 quad rails. $255 each. For both DPMS (high profile) and Armalite. They have carbine, mid, and rifle length rails. Two piece, free-float design. Can be used without removing the front sight post as well. They seem pretty legit. I called them a couple days ago and they said they won’t be shipping any out until roughly the end of January. After mine comes in, I’ll share my thoughts on it. Happy holidays to you all. Link: https://www.samson-mfg.com/star-10.html
  6. From what you have described, it sounds to me like you need to adjust your gas block to allow more gas to come in.
  7. I looked at these, and while they are the correct length, they’re designed to match up to low profile receivers. I need one that matches up with a high profile. It is still an option though.
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Tyler, I’m in northwestern Montana. I’m somewhat new to the large frame AR’s. I’m almost finished up with my first build. The only thing hanging me up is a handguard. Why is it that quad rails for large frames cease to exist? I mean, I have been scouring the web for weeks and have come across maybe half a dozen quad rails. Unfortunately, none of them were the correct length, rail height, or platform. It seems everything is either MLOK or keymod now… So I guess my question for you folks with some experience in this area would be - where TF are all the quad rails? 😆 Happy to be here!
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