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  1. Hey guys, I’m still on the lookout for a 12” 7.62 DD Lite Rail. If anyone has any leads, or is looking for some extra cash or a possible trade, let me know. Thanks!
  2. Well, I was finally able to source a used (but basically new) Lantac enhanced bcg with NiB coating. Dropped it into my LMT MRP upper and it fits very nicely. Not much slop and is very smooth when the bolt enters the barrel extension and goes into battery. Going to check headspace tomorrow. First impression was good though.
  3. Hey guys, Has anyone here had any experience using the Lantac .308 Enhanced BCG? It seems to have a few nice features on it that might actually be useful… I’ve used Toolcraft and JP and have nothing but good things to say about either one, other than I didn’t like how the rear of the carrier kind of flopped around in the receiver more than I liked. The Lantac has a flared boss at the rear to help mitigate that. I was going to reach out to them to see if they could give me some dimensions on it so I can compare it to my others, but I wanted to reach out here first. Thanks! Tyler Here’s the link to it, just in case: https://www.lantac-usa.com/product-page/enhanced-bcg-full-auto-style-308-7-62-nitrided
  4. Well I reached out to DD about the rail, and this was the response received: Thank you for contacting Daniel Defense, Inc. Unfortunately, that product has been discontinued for over 5 years, we don’t even have the aluminum extrusions to make them if we wanted to. We will not be doing any additional units. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Have a great day! V/R, Frank Whitaker Commercial Sales So, I think the idea of them making more will never amount to anything more than a pipe dream. 😞
  5. I was able to locate the stock I was looking for on the hide 👍🏼 Just an update
  6. The Gen 1’s and 2’s just fit me better. And they’re more aesthetically pleasing. And they’re heavier, which balances out the rifle better. Plus, they’re discontinued, which makes them that much more desirable 😀
  7. All I can find are the AR-15 ones, and I don’t like the Gen 3’s. Black is best, but any color is fine. I don’t have a top dollar, so if anyone is interested in selling one, let me know your price. (Within reason 🤣) Thanks, Tyler
  8. I’ll do the same! It’s a shame that hardly anyone makes a quality quad rail for large frames anymore. 😔
  9. I became interested in the large frame AR’s because of the increased long-range capabilities, especially when compared to AR-15’s. And with modern machining techniques, better materials, and the ever-evolving advantages of modern ammunition, I feel that when properly built, a large frame AR can easily compete with most bolt guns on the scale of accuracy nowadays. Plus, since there is no “mil-spec”, the potential for having to machine your own custom parts really intrigues me. I’m really looking forward to future builds and having the ability to learn with and share them with you all. Happy holidays! Tyler
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