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  1. Hope everyone had a great Father's day!
  2. That's how mine is on my aero as well. It's threaded in there farther then you realize.
  3. I second RTB. I've had nothing but good experiences with dealing with them.
  4. That is very true. There's a few on there that are knowledgeable but nothing like this place!
  5. Some of it is unbelievable. I try to put some good info out there when I can and link this site a good bit.
  6. That looks good!
  7. Well after getting over being sick I finally got to mess with the grill today. Come to find out all that was wrong was the cord was burnt where it it had been laid on the grill while it was hot, I'm assuming. So I cut that piece out and spliced it back together and works like a charm! Now I have a control unit on the way I don't need and went ahead and ordered a new cord.
  8. Welcome from Ga! Great group of guys here that'll get that rifle functioning for ya.
  9. I put my first one in my 6.5 build I just finished and must say I fell in love with it. So I've since ordered two more. One a couple weeks ago directly from larue for a father's day gift and one yesterday to put in my .223 wylde build. And figured i would share the good deal for anybody who needed/wanted it.
  10. https://arftac.com/larue-tactical-mbt-2s-trigger/ If anyone is interested they have them in stock for 89.99 with 4.99 shipping or free shipping if order is over $100. Plus if you mention you have a dog in the comments they'll send a dog treat as well.
  11. I already heard back from them tonight. They gave me the link to the board I need plus a 25% of code.
  12. Thanks @shepp. I emailed them. I won't have any serial numbers until tomorrow but I believe what I've found online is there are 2 different versions of the DB and one has a different board. But I'll just talk it over with them and get it figured out after I get my hands on it. Appreciate the heads up on the igniter, I'll pick one of those up as well.
  13. Supposedly it won't turn on or do anything. I haven't actually checked it myself yet. I'm picking it up tomorrow so I don't have it just yet.
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