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  1. Yep, that is SO FUCKIN OFFENSIVE to me, this treacherous fuckin whore has just betrayed a large portion of this countries citizens and is now a Nobel nominee. WTF
  2. I agree, there has been a lot of outrage by a vocal few at how this has been handled but not by the masses they are not speaking up because they are so emotionally involved in embracing the muslim community, the vigil after vigil, the news on every channel for the last week has been saturated with pro muslim stories, the 'sheep' have taken this on so hard, congregations of women in city centres all wearing hijab head scarves in support of their muslim sisters. A few that have spoken up have been arrested and charged under 'hate speech' laws, we started a petition urging the government to spend more time and taking on consultation before ramming this through as legislation, the govt had the petition site shut down within hours. WTF do you do when you are so few and spread so thin, 0.12% of the population and the other 99.88% screaming for your blood. And then we have the media, absolutely flooding the channels with anti gun lies and mis-information, the just yesterday parliament was opened for session with an islamic call to prayer, it was broadcast live on every tv channel and every radio station, then parliament was opened with an islamic prayer. I mean WTF, WT actual F, I am shocked beyond belief, fuckin speechless. I am fuckin embarrassed to call myself a kiwi any more, I really don't know why I am bothering to even fight this, WTF am I fighting for??, a fascist dictatorship that has in one week removed our rights to free speech, removed our rights to petition, and submitted to islam. So sorry for the rant guys but the frustration levels are through the fuckin roof.
  3. Thank you No "malis" taken Will do, Thanks Sketch
  4. I feel physically sick. I lost my youngest brother to suicide 20 years ago. I had my house ransacked and lost everything of any value 14 years ago. These are the only other two events in my life that have left me feeling as angry, sad, lost, betrayed and out of my depth as I feel right now.
  5. The wording includes 'all parts that can be used to modify or create' so it's not just stripped lowers, it's any part as well. Who knows, right at the moment the entire country is out for the blood of gun owners, there are approx 7000 people in NZ that own legal AR15's, vs 5 Million 'sheep' that have been stirred up by the media and the politicians and are on a literal witch hunt, there have been many incidents, hate incidents against gun owners/ gun clubs over the last week, a gun club up north was burnt to the ground, another one down here was attacked and it's members threatened with death and has closed. it's a mob mentality and we are grossly out numbered. No, converted semi's are not being allowed, and yes, once in place this will be next to impossible to reverse.
  6. It's one of my most favourite words, it conveys so many different emotions in just 4 letters. Guess I'll be back to building bolt rifles again, could be interesting. I've been working on my own design of a 21st century falling block action for a while, guess I'll have a lot more free time now to pull finger and get it into production.
  7. That snaggle toothed F**KIN WHORE will not be re-elected, there are some VERY VERY angry people in NZ this afternoon.
  8. Hey guys, unfortunately this has just happened, made it quick to your neck of the woods, like it was just announced 50 minutes ago here. Yep, all semi auto rifles are now banned, with pretty much one exception, 22 rimfire with max 5 round magazine. I cannot begin to express how seething angry I am. They have promised a 'buy back', which is just total BS, not likely to see anywhere near the amount of $$$'s we have tied up in our rifles, we had a rough add up last night and came to $100K. The legislation has not yet been passed in parliament but has been drafted as an 'order in council' which is like a decree of what is going to become legislation that can be passed into law without due process, and here I was thinking we lived in a democracy. I am so damn angry at the moment, it's taking all my strength and self control to type this without prolific use of F**KS and C**TS. Right at the moment we still have everything as all our rifles are what we call 'E' category and registered to us, but within the next few weeks they will be banning them in total. As things progress I'll let you know, but as @ARTrooper said, I might just have to go on a deep sea fishing trip this weekend.
  9. A couple of years ago we had a member of our gun club end himself on the range in front of myself, my wife and four other members, turned a 9mm Glock to his chest and pulled the trigger, absolutely nothing we could do to save him, by the time we even figured WTF just happened he had stopped breathing, trying to perform CPR on someone when every time you compress their chest you get covered in their blood is pointless. I never even gave it the remotest consideration that someone would do such a thing, especially in front of an audience, I seriously hope that I never have to witness anything like that ever again.
  10. Yeah I know, gives a good reference as to how quiet it is though
  11. Yep, couldn't agree more, The lightest I load now for 308 is 175gr, have boxes and boxes of 135, 155, gathering dust. I have a mate who swages projectiles as a bit of a hobby business, the lightest .30 he makes is 165gr, he's trying to source longer jackets at the moment so he can get into the 200+ range.
  12. Here ya go, 10 rounds of 190gr sub sonic 308, averaged 1019fps over the chrono, and as you can see the bolt locked to the rear on the last round, the brass was almost in one little pile about 5 feet away from me PSD brass, Fiocchi large rifle primers, 10gr IMR Trail Boss 190gr Berger HPBT Had to do nothing to the lower, ie has the same 308 buffer and spring that I have been using for both my 308 and 243 uppers, BCG is std Aero M5. The barrel, like I posted at the beginning of this thread, 14", 1:10 twist, std 308 chamber, pistol length gas tube fitted into a Syrac adj gas block, (that I haven't had to adjust, it's fully open), gas port is at .110" Target is seven rounds @ 50yards. This is seriously fun to shoot, lovin it
  13. IT WORKS, just put 40 rounds through it, cycles and locks the bolt to the rear on last round, I am soooooooooooooo farkin excited, almost no recoil. I've run out of loaded ammo, couldn't help myself shot it all before I thought to grab a camera, about to go and load some more up, will try to get some video footage tomorrow and post it. Oh boy this is going to be a fun toy.
  14. I have been seriously looking at the 375 Raptor as well. If this project doesn't work out I will have a spare BCG, Upper, barrel extension etc in need of a new barrel.............Hmmmmmmmmmm
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