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  1. Absolutely, I don't think they were quite prepared for the amount of opposition, the defiance and the resilience of a lot of kiwi's, which is std leftist think anyway, "I am right, my ideology is the only way, why are you opposing me", fuckin brainwashed morons.
  2. The cracks are starting to appear, the public are seeing this for the farce that it is, the opposition political parties are finally waking up to the lies and the agendas. If we can make it to the next general election, Nov 2020, we may be able to salvage something from the trainwreck that this has become.
  3. Buy a set of gauges, you only need a 'go' and a 'no go'. Anything else is guess work.
  4. Before you get too carried away did you check your headspace with the ejector removed from the bolt? If it still doesn't close with the ejector removed then the only way to alter it is with a chamber reamer. If it "won't quite close" then it is very very close, like within a thou or so, so very little will need to be done to fix it. Simple job for any competent gunsmith.
  5. Yeah that makes it a tough call. One thing at a time is the way here. Refit your adj gas block and tune it so the rifle functions and then start to monitor the wear, I think that's all you can do short of replacing the bolt with a new one and see if the wear issue is still there, you may have fixed the cause of the wear when you fixed the extraction issue but are only now aware of it.
  6. First thing I would be considering is....is this a new issue??, ie has this started to happen since you fixed the extraction issue you mention or was this early unlock issue part of your extraction issue that is now sorted??? When you 'fixed' your extraction issue did you fix the cause or the symptom??? It is VERY important to differentiate between the two, I've seen this so many times, replacing part after part until the problem goes away and all you end up doing is masking the actual cause, sure it runs now but is it running correctly or has what you have done simply stacked enough 'rights' together to cover the one major 'wrong' If you already have an adjustable gas block then to save buying more parts I'd give it a try, it is going to be difficult to evaluate any fix unless the wear you are getting is becoming noticeably more and more over a low round count. I'm sure 98 will have the correct info as to your buffer weight and spring, he is well versed in the recoil systems for these rifles.
  7. Absolutely. It would appear that the carrier is moving too fast to or past the end of the unlock portion of it's travel before the bolt is fully unlocked and the bolt lugs are simply pulling past the extension lugs, creating the wear you are seeing, taming down/reducing the gas impulse or retarding the carrier by adding weight/mass via spring or buffer would likely solve the issue. Assuming that all the specs of the carrier and cam pin are true and correct.
  8. Looking at the pics of your bolt I would suggest that the excessive wear on the back face of the bolt lugs is not being caused by the forward/chambering/locking of the bolt but more so on the unlock and extraction part of the cycle, there appears to be little to no wear on the front of the lugs which is were you would expect there to be wear if there was a timing issue between the bolt and the barrel extension. So your focus should perhaps be on what is involved in timing the bolt on the unlock/primary extraction part of the rifles cycle. I would be looking seriously at the cam pin and the cam pin track in the carrier, the diameter of the cam pin vs the width, length and angles of the cam pin track in the carrier is what rotates the bolt by the correct degrees of rotation so that the bolt lugs clear the extension lugs, the length and angles of the cam pin track are critical to and what controls/times the bolt rotation as the carrier moves rearward. It appears that this is not happening correctly and the rear of the bolt lugs are being wiped past the extension lugs. Sure the same can be said to the forward movement of the carrier and how these dimensions control the lock up rotation of the bolt but the forward and lock movement of the bolt are far less violent than the unlock and extraction part of the cycle.
  9. I've built a few 9mm carbines using Glock mag lowers and they feed flawlessly without any feed ramp, the .40 however is a different kettle if fish, from my experience with pistol caliber carbines, flat point bullets and feeding issues are most all related to the position/angle of the round in the magazine as it presents itself to the bolt and the breechface end of the chamber. I, after considerable thought and research, never started down the .40 road though because I firmly believe that .40 is hovering too damn close to the cliff edge for a straight blow back action, regardless of what weight buffer or recoil spring. yeah I know they exist and so do a few 10mm Auto straight blow backs as well. If you are having bullets set back and then having to remove material from the rear of the chamber to form a feed ramp that is screaming to me potential case separation from set back bullets over pressuring the case in what is now a non fully supported chamber. I would tread very cautiously. Just my 2c worth😊
  10. The bit about 'silencers' being prohibited only applies if the 'silencer' is specific to a prohibited firearm, eg an AR specific suppressor that can only be used on an AR type firearm. All other suppressors are still an uncontrolled part. which is ridiculous, I have 2 x B&T QD AR suppressors but I can keep them as all I have to do is machine up an AR birdcage flash suppressor and screw it onto say a .223 Remington 700, then it becomes just a std rifle suppressor.
  11. I assume this is what you are looking for...... C&P from the NZ Police Website...... https://www.police.govt.nz/advice/firearms-and-safety/changes-firearms-law-prohibited-firearms Prohibited firearms parts and magazines Prohibited firearms are: All semi-automatic firearms (including semi-automatic shotguns), but: excluding rimfire rifles .22 calibre or less as long as they have a magazine (whether detachable or not) that holds 10 rounds or less; and excluding semi-automatic shotguns that have a non-detachable, tubular magazine that holds 5 rounds or less. Pump action shotguns that: Are capable of being used with a detachable magazine; or Have a non-detachable tubular magazine capable of holding more than 5 rounds. Only a person who meets one of the exemption categories and who has applied for and obtained a new endorsement and permit to possess may lawfully possess a prohibited firearm. Prohibited magazines are: Shotgun magazines (whether detachable or not) capable of holding more than 5 rounds. Magazines for other firearms (excluding pistols) that are: Detachable magazines bigger than 10 rounds that are capable of holding 0.22 calibre or lower rimfire cartridges Detachable magazines bigger than 10 rounds that are capable of being used with a semi-automatic or fully automatic firearm Other magazines, detachable or not, that are capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Only a person who meets one of the exemption categories and who has applied for and obtained a new endorsement and permit to possess may lawfully possess a prohibited magazine. Prohibited parts are: Any part designed or intended to be an integral part of a prohibited firearm. Examples include: butt, stock, silencer, sight Any component that can be applied to enable a firearm fire with (or near to) semi-automatic or automatic action. Examples include: gas block, gas tube, sub-calibre conversion kit.
  12. Hiya Lane. Yes they are accepting parts for 'buy back' from both dealers and civi's just very limited on what parts, the list is being constantly updated. Yes the 'bought back' firearms and parts are being destroyed on site, they have mobile hydraulic presses at the events and they are crushing them on site, they are not leaving the location of the event in a salvageable state. And most certainly yes we are hanging on to every hope that we can reverse at least part of this catastrophic mess.
  13. Thank you. Exactly the same happened here, the mongrel mob, NZ's biggest gang that causes the most damage to this country went live on tv and told the whole country that they had no intention of handing in their ILLEGAL guns. what did the politicians and the cops do?????, absolutely nothing, they almost laughed and dismissed it. Too damn easy to go after the law abiding and the fit and proper.
  14. It's been a hell year, all this happening, we are shifting house at the moment as well, my workshop is half pulled apart and I still have a mountain of jobs to get through, oh not to mention the govt is trying to steal all my stuff. I appreciate your concern mate and the support from all you guys, it does make a difference I can tell ya for sure. This isn't over yet, not by a long shot, we have plenty of fight left and now the dust has settled and the emotions have cooled there are a lot of non firearm people starting to see whats been done to our country, not just firearms, but free speech, democracy, due process.
  15. COLFO is our primary defense and are the group organizing all the court cases etc They have set up a specific web page for fighting this tyranny, I'm too proud to ever ask for help but there is a donate link on the page. https://www.fairandreasonable.co.nz/
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