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  1. 308kiwi

    Wife’s New Ride...

    Nice. We had one of those as a rental last year when we were in the US, did 6500 miles in it, great vehicle, wanted to bring it home with me but Alamo Rentals wanted it back.
  2. 308kiwi

    cmc trigger fail badly

    +1, I want to know what 'failed' as well, not just "the disconnector failed", that don't mean anything. I have a bunch of CMC triggers in various AR's, and am very interested in what, why and how backed up with pics. Not doubting you otto, but some more details and some pics would be awesome...... Please.......😶
  3. 308kiwi

    Suppressor Mirage

    Well that would explain why they are so expensive in the US, most of the local manufacturers here use either aluminium or stainless for the baffles. But again replacement is not an issue here. Both of my B&T suppressors are Inconel and yeah they were bloody expensive but will probably outlast me.
  4. 308kiwi

    Knife Sharpeners

    I use one of these, does the job very well, and yes I can hear the knife aficionados cringing and weeping from here😁 Results count at the end of the day, this one takes no skill to use and it makes a bloody sharp blade and it takes up no room in your pack AND it's bright yellow, nice and easy to find in the bottom of your pack.
  5. 308kiwi

    Suppressor Mirage

    Interesting, thanks fro the feedback. Good to hear that from a manufacturer, nothing worse than bad service AFTER you have bought the product. We had a manufacturer here a few years ago and there were a lot of problems with his suppressors 'blowing up', literally exploding, he refused to warranty them, and was a right cock about the whole mess, surprisingly he's still in business.
  6. 308kiwi

    Suppressor Mirage

    I saw them for sale on a website a while ago and was thinking of getting one. jtallen83,do they work as well as they say they do? I'm going to keep mucking around with my shield project and see where it goes. My concern, which motivated the idea in the first place, is trapping heat inside the suppressor really cannot be good, long term, for the internals, I say this rather loosely as I know my situation re replacing a 'worn out' suppressor is a damn site easier than you guys, I just bin the old one and rock on down to my local with $2-300 and I'm back shooting again, I assume the process is a lot more involved in the US.
  7. 308kiwi

    Suppressor Mirage

    Yes it does, I tried a wrap style cover a while ago and it was terrible, took forever for the suppressor to cool down, which is why I made what I made, and it works, I just need to make it a little more robust, possibly make another mount so it is supported at front and back. In the mean time the Silencerco cover is going to be OK as long as I don't go dumping mags, which I don't do anyway.
  8. 308kiwi

    Suppressor Mirage

    Had a chance to try my 'venetian blind mirage shield' this week, works OK, but is a little 'fragile' to be lugging around the hills or in the bush, fine at the range. But this turned up in the mail earlier in the week from Silencerco, and it works a treat, after 40 rounds over 10 minutes, no noticeable mirage, nice bit of kit that I can highly recommend.
  9. 308kiwi


    That's really cool, nice work. 😎
  10. 308kiwi

    Annealing brass

    Yep, the motor that drives it is controlled by a variable power supply so I can speed it up or slow it down accordingly.
  11. 308kiwi

    Annealing brass

    I'm using Tempilaq, a paint on paste/paint that changes colour depending on temperature, yep the catch tub is full of water. The vid and the photos was me just running some old 308 brass through to try it out after I'd finished building it.
  12. 308kiwi

    Looking for barrel

    I would also be considering your gas system if you are going with a 24" barrel, that extra 4", (over a 20" barrel and rifle length gas tube) is going to dramatically increase the dwell time in the gas system, ie not so much the pressure but the volume of gas that the BCG is going to have to deal with, the projectile is going to be in the bore for another 4", (still feeding gas through the gas tube), while the BCG is starting to unlock. Someone here linked a supplier, White Oak Armament???, that make gas tubes to order/length, I'd seriously be considering this if it was me building this rifle, my goal would be to keep the ratio of the chamber to the gas port to the muzzle the same in your 24" as it is in a 20".
  13. 308kiwi

    Annealing brass

    Couldn't load the video of it working before but here it is courtesy of Youtube
  14. 308kiwi

    Annealing brass

    Any of you guys anneal your brass before reloading?? I've been getting lots of split necks in my 6mm Remington, which was doing my freakin head in, especially as 6mm Rem brass is like fairy schit over here, so I built myself an annealer, scrounged most of the bits from left over projects in my workshop and a quick visit to Jaycar, (same as your Radio Shack), for a power supply and some bits to make a speed control circuit, it works a treat and cost me less than $100
  15. 308kiwi

    Buffer Made of Brass

    I'll pitch my 2c in here as well, with all due respect and not wanting to be argumentative. Yes it is bored on an angle, probably to ease in manufacture, BUT, the fact is is bored at an angle DOES shift the tip of the pin further forward than if it was bored vertical WITH the top of the bore in the same place, it's logic, the more you tilt it forward the further forward the tip of pin will be, sure the top end of the hole may be in the same place but the retainer protrudes further than that and will keep moving forward the more it is tilted. Think of the top of the bore as being a pivot point, the top of the pin moves forward and the bottom of the pin moves rearward proportionally as the angle of the hole increases. There is another thing that will cause the buffer to hit the retainer when all is assembled and that is if the barrel extension is too far forward in the upper, how many posts have there been about 'steps' from the front inside face of the upper receiver and the rear face of the barrel extension locking lugs? plenty, there was one here just a week or two ago from the SAME member on the SAME rifle.