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  1. Pic Of The Day 2

    Sketch, that is such a cool pic, awesome
  2. Why not many AR10's in F class?

    And there's the correct answer right there ^^^. I have a close friend that shoots F class, he does it well, multiple national titles under his belt and to top it off he's a down to earth guy, definitely not your average bolt gun snob. (to blow my own trumpet, I barrelled his current rifle for him that he won one of his titles with), but yes, 98Z5V has it nailed, they are pretty much a breed unto their own. I keep telling Grant that I'm going to enter next year with my 243 Win AR and stir up the hornets nest, simply for my own amusement
  3. I run a Trijicon TR24 1-4 power with the yellow triangle post reticle on one of my AR15's it's a fantastic piece of glass, I always wanted an Acog but after using the TR24 for several years now I wouldn't go to a fixed power scope like an Acog, aside from the fixed power the Acog's are scary freakin expensive over here as they are very difficult to get out of the USA being heavily ITAR restricted. The TR24 has fibre illumination as well as tritium for low light/dark. https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product2.php?id=AccuPoint&mid=1-4x24
  4. Suppressor Mirage

    Should have stated, the 'shield' is a piece of aluminium blind that I painted flat black, going to try it in black and then spray it flat white to see if the colour makes a difference, it is after all apparently why car radiators are black and saucepans are shiny, radiation vs retention of heat or did I see it on Mythbusters that that was a load of crap
  5. Suppressor Mirage

    The theory is proven with using the same principle for deflecting mirage generated by a hot barrel, I'll sure let you know if it works with a suppressor as well, here's hoping.
  6. Suppressor Mirage

    I'm sure everyone here that shoots a suppressed rifle knows all about that huge PITA called suppressor mirage, especially when using the higher end of magnification in a scope. I've tried a 'wrap' type of insulator and it definitely made a difference but the whole idea of insulating a suppressor really doesn't sit with me, trapping all that heat surely cannot be conducive to a long life for the internals, especially if you've set up on a hill top and there's 200 rabbits out in front of you just begging to be smeared across a hill face. A mate of mine is into long range shooting and most of the guys he shoots with use a barrel mirage shield that is basically a piece of Venetian blind velcroed above the barrel, so I thought I'd steal their idea. Machined the mount out of a bit of 50 x 10mm aluminium flat bar and just happened to have a strip of old blind lying around to act as the shield, off to the range tomorrow to see how it works
  7. AR Gold trigger issue

    Not sure, there didn't appear to be any residual loctite on the screw, but hey now I know what that screw does lol DNP, that flow chart is SOP at work
  8. AR Gold trigger issue

    Sorted....... Pulled it all to bits again last night, turns out the over travel screw had backed itself out which was letting the sear cam too far back only just missing the hammer on reset, 1/2 a turn in, a drop of loctite, just ran 100 rounds without issue.
  9. AR Gold trigger issue

    98Z5V, +/- somewhere around 1K rounds on it without any issues. I was thinking to contact PACT direct but thought I'd post the issue to you guys who have been around for a long time with this platform. Cheers
  10. AR Gold trigger issue

    Hey guys, if I may post a little issue that has been bugging me intermittently and seek guidance... I'm running an AR Gold trigger in my Aero 308, every now and then the trigger doesn't reset, ie it follows the bolt group into battery on a live round, it doesn't fire the round as it is just following the BCG but does end up sitting in the 'fired' position on a live round which then has to be ejected to reset the trigger. It may do it 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 rounds, so reasonably intermittently, ( I guess that depends on one's interpretation of intermittent) Rifle is not suppressed and otherwise cycles just fine, feeds, fires, extracts, ejects and locks back on last round, the round fired when this happens behaves in the same way as the one before it as far as extraction and ejection etc. This has only recently started to happen, up till now it has reset 100%, I've completely stripped, checked for debris, cleaned and lubed every component. I've removed the trigger for now and replaced it with an Elftmann and it has been 100%, so I'm thinking it is specifically trigger related. Any suggestions or insights or experience with the AR Gold triggers would be much appreciated. Cheers Aero M5 upper, lower, BCG, rifle gas system, 20" barrel, Slash's heavy 10oz buffer, LBE 308 rifle length buffer spring.
  11. DPMS GII Feed Ramps

    ^^^^what Robocop said, short OAL loads. Have seen exactly the same with .223 55gr softpoints seated deep and being fed in an AR15
  12. LR-.308 Build

    I would also imagine that the barrel extension would need to have a single feed ramp, like the RRA design, seeing as the rounds are feeding from the middle of the mag.
  13. LR-.308 Build

    Well that's that mystery solved, Olympic Arms 22-250 mag is 5 round single stack and with quite a pronounced follower?, feed ramp?, built in, bit hard to tell from the pic.......
  14. LR-.308 Build

    Here ya go....7 rounds of 22-250 loaded into a 308 Magpul P Mag. First pic, note the gap between the underside of the feed lip and the case and the gap between the top round and the next round down in the stack, the gaps get bigger the more rounds you load into the mag. Second pic is after I gently pushed the top round forward, simulating feeding, note how the round tips down severely at the front, the tip of the projectile hits the inside front of the mag and thats with me just quietly pushing the round forward, imagine how this would end up under the violence of normal cycling, the projectile would end up inside the case. The issue is the taper of the case and how the cases interact with each other in the mag IMO. Hope this is some help to you cjuergs90. I'd be curious as to what Olympic Arms did to solve this issue.
  15. What I did over the New Year break.....

    Sweet. Good idea, if/when mine needs modded I think I'll just copy your mod