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  1. Great looking country. I guess it adds to the 'hunt' when there are other lifeforms out there possibly hunting you too😀
  2. Will do, 1.250" at the chamber end, .875" at the muzzle, it's going to be a heavy monster😎 Yeah, 530 guns 'handed in', we are betting that the 530 that have been 'handed in' are just a few personal rifles of police officers, they had no choice, hand them in and set an example or your career is over, this is the sort of crap and corruption that is going on, as far as I am aware none or at the very least only a small handful of civi rifles have been handed in. And rough estimates are that there are in excess of 75,000 AR15's in NZ, let alone all the other semi auto's of which there could be 250,000+. I remember back in the 80's and 90's the 20ft containers of Norinco SKK's, SKS's and 56S's that arrived in NZ, these guns are still out there, they don't just go out of circulation. So 530 doesn't even figure as a statistic as far as the volume that potentially are still out in circulation, our Govt just don't have a freakin clue. Idiots.
  3. @DNP man that brings back memories, my very first shotgun was a Mossberg 5500 MKII. One of those guns that I wish I never sold. I put, and I aint exaggerating here, over a quarter million rounds through that shotgun, In my younger days I used to sub contract for the Pest Destruction Board here in NZ, we used to night shoot rabbits in Central Otago, a province here that was overrun in plague proportions with Grey rabbits , they supplied the ammo and the diesel for the trucks and we did the rest. Those were the days.
  4. Timely discussion, I just picked this up from my mate after he profiled it for me from a parallel blank, he did the work in a freakin expensive and very flash CNC lathe that his machine shop just installed this year, does a beautiful job. This was profiled from a 1:8 twist 24" .224 stainless blank that's destined for a 220 Swift bolt rifle build I'm working on.
  5. Yep, will definitely change the harmonics of the barrel, more than likely in a negative way. Depending on who and how the barrel is machined could well even destroy it, in accuracy terms. At the very least if I was to re-profile a barrel I would use a travelling steady on the lathe carriage directly opposite the cutting tool to minimise deflection and tool chatter of the barrel as the tool moves along its length, the same can be said for fluting barrels, the tool load required to remove the material, whether fluting or profile turning, will deflect/flex the barrel as the tool moves along, the question is...is the barrel going to return to it's original 'true'? And what other extra stresses is the turning inducing into the barrel, stresses that you cannot relieve after the fact. The thinner profile you go the worse these issues become. Purpose built barrel profiling machines, (lathes), turn the profile from at least two cutting points, opposite each other and the tools open or close, depending on which direction the barrel is being turned to create the taper, in the case of a parallel barrel the tools simply remain at one point in relation to their travel. When turning a parallel barrel I used a travelling steady, If I have a job come in that requires taper turning, and we are talking barrel length tapers here, I outsource it to a friend that has a CNC lathe that also runs a steady but the steady is advanced with the taper by the lathe controller. IMO, don't do it unless the person doing the work for you is aware of what they are doing.
  6. 308kiwi


    Thank you Doc and thanks guys for your words of support, it means a lot to not only me but to everyone here fighting to save our sport, passion, livelihoods. It matters not where in the world we live, we are all brothers in arms. https://www.colfo.org.nz/?fbclid=IwAR2lHgxfJdE165c7Wkd_vRKSr7lo-_6TYYGvx4jflBOVB3zWurzyTj_pX5c
  7. 308kiwi


    Cheers Sisco. It's sad that it has taken this to be the catalyst to bring the majority of shooters together to stand and fight, the division between the various shooting fraternities has always been our weakness. Perhaps a lesson to all shooters all around the world, STAND TOGETHER
  8. 308kiwi


    Sorry, ETA that when I said 'ALL' firearms, I am talking about rifles and shotguns, they have left pistols alone. So I am at least still going to the range and getting some stress relief😀
  9. 308kiwi


    Hey guys, still here, fighting the fight. So an update. Law was passed by Government to ban ALL centre fire semi autos along with ALL 'high' capacity magazines for ALL firearms including bolt actions and shotguns. Also banned were lever actions that have tube mags over 10 rounds, shotguns with detachable magazine and shotguns with tube mags that hold over 5 rounds. But now they can't figure what to do, KPMG, (accounting firm to the government) has been tasked to set a budget to 'buy back' all these affected firearms and all parts and magazines that fit these firearms, they went back to the government with an initial estimate of $1.5 billion, I think the govt literally crapped their pants, (govt estimate that they peddled out to the media and the rest of the sheep in NZ was $150 mil). So now we are at a standstill, still got all my stuff just not allowed to use it. Cops have taken in a few firearms but no sooner did they do that and a police station up north got burgled and the thief stole all the firearms they had seized, talk about funny, well we all thought it was funny, the police and the govt had a fit about it. Some light at the end of the tunnel, a huge effort was put in by us shooters and $1.5 mil was raised almost overnight to hire lawyers who straight away filed an injunction in the NZ High Court to overturn these ridiculous new laws, first court hearing was 2 days ago and the preliminary outlook sounds positive. So we are all waiting to see how this plays out. So we are still in the fight, still here and this aint over yet. I'll keep updates coming as things progress. Meanwhile our teachers are on strike because of stalled pay talks, our doctors are going on strike because of funding shortfalls and pay disputes. I think the reality is starting to hit home that the taxpayers of NZ just cannot afford to splash out $1.5 billion on a feel good policy to solve a problem that really doesn't exist and now that the hysteria has settled the rest of the sheep in NZ are starting to realise that 'we' are not the problem.
  10. Yep, that is SO FUCKIN OFFENSIVE to me, this treacherous fuckin whore has just betrayed a large portion of this countries citizens and is now a Nobel nominee. WTF
  11. I agree, there has been a lot of outrage by a vocal few at how this has been handled but not by the masses they are not speaking up because they are so emotionally involved in embracing the muslim community, the vigil after vigil, the news on every channel for the last week has been saturated with pro muslim stories, the 'sheep' have taken this on so hard, congregations of women in city centres all wearing hijab head scarves in support of their muslim sisters. A few that have spoken up have been arrested and charged under 'hate speech' laws, we started a petition urging the government to spend more time and taking on consultation before ramming this through as legislation, the govt had the petition site shut down within hours. WTF do you do when you are so few and spread so thin, 0.12% of the population and the other 99.88% screaming for your blood. And then we have the media, absolutely flooding the channels with anti gun lies and mis-information, the just yesterday parliament was opened for session with an islamic call to prayer, it was broadcast live on every tv channel and every radio station, then parliament was opened with an islamic prayer. I mean WTF, WT actual F, I am shocked beyond belief, fuckin speechless. I am fuckin embarrassed to call myself a kiwi any more, I really don't know why I am bothering to even fight this, WTF am I fighting for??, a fascist dictatorship that has in one week removed our rights to free speech, removed our rights to petition, and submitted to islam. So sorry for the rant guys but the frustration levels are through the fuckin roof.
  12. Thank you No "malis" taken Will do, Thanks Sketch
  13. I feel physically sick. I lost my youngest brother to suicide 20 years ago. I had my house ransacked and lost everything of any value 14 years ago. These are the only other two events in my life that have left me feeling as angry, sad, lost, betrayed and out of my depth as I feel right now.
  14. The wording includes 'all parts that can be used to modify or create' so it's not just stripped lowers, it's any part as well. Who knows, right at the moment the entire country is out for the blood of gun owners, there are approx 7000 people in NZ that own legal AR15's, vs 5 Million 'sheep' that have been stirred up by the media and the politicians and are on a literal witch hunt, there have been many incidents, hate incidents against gun owners/ gun clubs over the last week, a gun club up north was burnt to the ground, another one down here was attacked and it's members threatened with death and has closed. it's a mob mentality and we are grossly out numbered. No, converted semi's are not being allowed, and yes, once in place this will be next to impossible to reverse.
  15. It's one of my most favourite words, it conveys so many different emotions in just 4 letters. Guess I'll be back to building bolt rifles again, could be interesting. I've been working on my own design of a 21st century falling block action for a while, guess I'll have a lot more free time now to pull finger and get it into production.
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