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  1. I hear ya, believe it or not there was a news article on the very subject of 3D printed guns and desk top cnc machines on our local news channel just a few nights ago. I've always considered the gun culture in the USA so deeply entrenched that is would live in perpetuity, never thought the lib-scourge ever had the balls let alone the power or means to have any effect, I guess it just goes to show you should never take anything for granted.
  2. This has been followed closely over here as it has ramifications with ITAR as far as exporting firearms and parts etc. Good news all around I say
  3. 308kiwi

    Feed ramp Question

    Yeah I know, sorry, I was trying to link this thread to the other thread that is in regard to buffers hitting the buffer retaining pin, but it didn't work🤔 But my whole point on this thread was that I don't think that step you have on your rifle between the locking lugs/feed ramps and the inside face of the upper should be there, it's not helping your feeding issue and it could also cause the buffer to contact the retaining pin, I'm sure I don't need to say that the position of rear face of the locking lugs is what determines where the bolt group ends up when in battery, so if it shifted forward, lets say .040," then it'll let everything behind it shift forward .040". Is the rear of your bolt group, when locked in battery, dead flush with the rear face of your upper? Cheers.
  4. 308kiwi

    Feed ramp Question

    Agreed. Both my 308 upper and my 243 upper, (one is an M5 Aero the other is an M5E Aero), I barrelled using BAT Machine barrel extensions and they both fit flush to the inside face, without MinMD66 pulling the barrel and measuring the distance from the end of the extension to the shoulder that seats against the front of the upper thread we will never know.
  5. 308kiwi

    Feed ramp Question

    In both of my Aero uppers the barrel extension fits all the way to the inside face of the upper, IE they don't have the transition step that is in the pics MinMD66 posted. (sorry for the crap pic, but hopefully you get what I'm saying). This I believe is possibly the issue that some are having with buffers being chewed up on the front face, if the barrel extension is forward of the face in the receiver then the bolt group is going to be in battery that much further forward, allowing the buffer to also travel that much further forward and contact the retainer. Sorry I don't know how to link this to the other recent psot that someone made about buffer damage. That's my 2 cents worth for today😀
  6. 308kiwi

    Buffer Made of Brass

    6 deg, (forward) is the angle for the buffer retainer bore.
  7. 308kiwi

    Some meat for the freezer

  8. 308kiwi

    Some meat for the freezer

    Yeah they definitely don't taste like 'chicken ', more like a cross between venison and beef, quite dark meat but they are damn good eating. the one in the pic is a juvenile, they stand about 4-5 ft as adults, quite a big animal, I posted a pic here of an adult buck I shot a year or two ago, he was just shy of 5 ft, they are SO MUCH FUN to hunt, freakishly fast moving animals, like leading them by a body length is pretty std, you seldom get a sitter, especially when the dogs flushing them. They are an introduced pest here and can be hunted but they are protected in their native Australia. Yeah ole Yaeger is a pretty cool dog, he LOVES flushing these things, he's getting pretty old now and was absolutely knackered in that pic.
  9. 308kiwi

    Some meat for the freezer

    Out after some Wallaby this weekend, winter brings them down from the snowline, makes life a bit easier to go after them. Good eating. Wife with her first Red Neck Wallaby, with the help of Yaeger the mutt and her trusty AK, proud as punch....
  10. 308kiwi

    308 AR Bolt Catch Study

    DPMS 308 catch for comparison, I got a couple of spares from Brownells after breaking mine, part # 231-000-273WB $9.99 each
  11. 308kiwi

    Remember this girl?...

    I wouldn't be that lucky, I'd trip over my own Y fronts, smash my head into he door frame and wake up in a gimp suit in her basement..........the risk-reward is just not there.
  12. 308kiwi

    Brrr, winters here

    Man that's just nuts.
  13. 308kiwi

    Remember this girl?...

    Same. I was in a retail shop the other day, at the counter in front of me was this long haired brunette wearing the tightest jeans ever created by man I was very distracted by the fine shape that they made, was just waiting for a dig in the ribs from my wife who was standing next to me and I'm pretty sure she knew why I was quietly looking down in front of me, anyway, she finished being served and turned around, holy F**K, must have been 75 and looked like some witch type character from some B grade horror movie, I'm sure the wife had a laugh to herself and thought, 'well that'll teach you'
  14. 308kiwi

    AK forend

    Can any of you fine gents ID the forend on the AK in the attached pic, I seriously need to build myself one of these little carbines.
  15. 308kiwi

    1911 compensator

    Had had an interesting and challenging project on the go last week, a mate who shoots IPSC in Open Division had me build him a pistol in 9mm a few years ago, now he's decided that the comp I made was too small and decided I had nothing better to do than machine up a 3 port comp to replace the original 2 port one I made when I originally built the gun for him. f**k I love mates like this. Original gun I built for him on an STI 2011 frame and slide with a perfectly adequate 2 port comp.. Machining up a new comp from scratch out of some 316 Stainless bar...finished it today, told him he'll have to like it or lump it cause I aint building another one, getting the radius’s right to match the slide has caused me quite a few new grey hairs😖