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  1. Our gotto firestarter is a 50/50 mix gasoline/diesel
  2. First time I heard of canned chicken was on this site and kinda thought it was some sort of inside joke as I didn't think such a thing existed... then i saw my first canned chicken( from a safe distance)
  3. I'm already making plans for next fall fiasco, hopefully you'll make this one
  4. Can a Canadian invoke the 5TH?
  5. At least these ones are not behind bars unlike the ones on https://www.jailbabes.com which could be a good thing or a bad thing...
  6. Or we could do it redneck engineering style...
  7. Welcome from British Columbia, like you seeking info is how I found my way here.
  8. So what's .338 Lapua look like?
  9. If I was a curator of an art gallery that's the type of artwork I would display,
  10. Larry, I'm just glad the two of you took the time to drop by even for a short visit.
  11. Simply hitting delete will not remove the file, just let the system know that space can be overwritten. Also consider that most businesses not only backup onto other drives they have multiple computers are networked to share files. The military and businesses with sensitive information have strict protocols for the permanent removal of files which is physical destruction of the HD. Even reformatting the storage media is no longer considered guaranteed deletion. As edgecrusher says cash is is key but also remember there will be cameras and you've done a cash sale in a world where credit is common.
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