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  1. I'll have it down for spring shoot, to risky to update paperwork before Fall shoot. If we can get an election in the near future the battle may swing in our favor You can try it when I bring it down to Custer, hoping to use it for some of the gunshoots they have.
  2. So Canada has ban the sale and transfer of AR-15, Ar-10 and 308ARs by name and for now they are under house arrest So I need a semi 5.56mm and ordered one of these... it's a WK-180C gen2 Canadian manufactured, based on the AR-180 It takes AR furniture and lot's of parts
  3. 76 bullet and bayonet wounds! John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
  4. So it becan with one province(Alberta) and now 2(Manitoba ans Saskatchewan) other provinces have joined in and sent letters to the Feds opting out using provincial resources to confiscate guns from legal law abiding. from- https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/liberal-minister-accuses-alberta-of-abdication-for-resisting-gun-buybacks/ar-AA12mILA Liberal minister accuses Alberta of 'abdication' for resisting gun buybacks Ryan Tumilty - Yesterday 3:13 p.m. React301 Comments|299 OTTAWA – Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said his government will go ahead with plans for a mandatory gun buyback program, over the objections of Alberta’s justice minister, who has said he would see to it that police in his province, including the RCMP, would not take part in the effort. Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro announced Monday he would reject the Liberals’ plans to enforce the collection of privately owned weapons for buyback, including by directing the RCMP in the province not to enforce the new legislation. He said there are much more important issues to address right now. “It’s important to remember that Alberta taxpayers pay over $750 million per year for the RCMP and we will not tolerate taking officers off the streets in order to confiscate the property of law-abiding firearms owners.” Mendicino wrote to Shandro last month asking for assistance implementing the government’s proposed buyback program, which aims to take what the Liberals call “assault-style” firearms out of private hands. Mendicino said Shandro simply can’t ignore a federal law because he doesn’t agree with it. “To simply issue a letter saying we’re going to resist, we’re not going to co-operate with the federal government is wrong,” he said. “It’s an abdication of responsibility. It’s an abdication, because it suggests that any province has the ability to opt out of a federal law when it relates to firearms.” The Liberals used an order in council to reclassify the weapons as prohibited, and beginning this fall the government will offer what they have determined to be the fair market rate for the guns. The government published a list of compensation rates earlier this summer. Shandro announced the Alberta government would also join legal challenges against the federal government’s gun legislation that have been working through the courts. The Liberals program aims to buyback 1,500 models of firearms the government has described as “assault style.” Mendicino said regulating firearms is squarely in the purview of the federal government and Shandro should work with the Liberals on the program instead of fighting them. “The courts have repeatedly held this is an issue that falls within the jurisdiction of the federal government. And therefore it is our hope and our expectation that we will work collaboratively with all provinces and territories,” Mendicino said. He said he has no doubts police forces across Alberta will take part in the program. “We would expect that any law on the books will be enforced, by law enforcement,” Mendicino said. The RCMP in Alberta act as the province’s police force outside of Calgary and Edmonton and the provincial government covers 70 per cent of the costs of the force. Shandro said the contract the province has with the RCMP allows them to object when RCMP resources are being used for laws the province doesn’t support and they are invoking that provision of the contract. Shandro said the RCMP’s senior officer in Alberta doesn’t support using his officers but an RCMP spokesperson would not confirm this when reached on Wednesday. Shandro argued the Liberals’ entire gun control agenda is driven by politics instead of any real public safety needs and Alberta won’t help with that effort. “While the federal government has labeled them as, in their words, ’assault style,’ that’s a label designed to scare Canadians who are unfamiliar with firearms. It’s a description based purely on their appearance,” he said. “This is politically motivated, confiscation, pure and simple. One that will do nothing to make Alberta a safer place.” The Liberals brought in the new rules shortly after the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting, although the weapons used by the gunman were all either already illegal or illegally obtained and three were smuggled in from the United States. Mendicino defended the buyback program, arguing it specifically targets weapons that were used in deadly shootings. “Assault style rifles are not used for hunting. They’re used and were designed to exert the most amount of lethal force in the shortest period of time.”
  5. For me I found wet tumbling not only did a better job but was overall a lot cleaner. Everything is trapped by the water and doesn't end up in the air or dusting the workshop. Comparing notes with a friend in a different part of Canada and his water is 'harder' than mine which results in different cleaning recipe.
  6. Well if you can wait till I visit in November I can bring a pair of GO-NOGO with me
  7. I think most have heard of Sgt. York exploits in the war, seeing this side of the man makes him that much more impressive as a man who truly served his fellow man.
  8. Cunuckgaucho


    Here's hoping it gives your Florida place a wide bereth. Guess I'm having trouble keeping up with your jetset lifestyle
  9. It probably come from the early days of flying where the was a belief that pilots with 'chutes would be to quick to abandon their plane.
  10. What's ironic is that pilots make terible passangers, they're happy if they have the stick but if it's someone else...
  11. Wonder what his pilot buddys think, the idea of jumping out of a perfectly good plane. My uncle( Canadian Air Force) couldn't understand the idea of parachuting for fun. The best take away for me parachuting was the change from the noisy airplane then the quiet except for the sound of the wind and the view.
  12. Cunuckgaucho


    Looks like it was a great day of fishing. No issues with Hurricane Fiona? Friend on east coast of Canada just got clobbered
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