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  1. As we say around here 'That's pretty skookum'
  2. Thank much appreciated,I'll be doing that once I've done now tracking down dies and brass
  3. Barrel(20 in) and parts needed to build a 6.5mm Gerndel upper have been ordered.
  4. They filmed Catwomen up here and at the time my girlfriend's father was working on the set. We went down one night to hang out while Halle wasn't on set her stunt double was and
  5. Thanks, What I saw on paper had me leaning towards the 20 as there didn't seem to be a real world advantage to the 24. A dealer up here has a package with barrel,BCG etc, pretty much everything but the lower and the stripped upper with a choice between 20 and 24. Because the build is going on a limited run Canadian lower I wanted something accurate and not common. I haven't come across anyone up here shooting the 6.5 Gerndel, luckily I reload.
  6. Due to some peer pressure from here...well more of a slight nudge, I'm going to do a 6.5 Grendel build. I have the option of a 20 or 24 inch barrel so which should I go with? The rifle will be range rifle paper puncher not a hunting rifle so weight difference isn't an issue.
  7. My trick for stitches removal is to soak the area in baby oil 10-12 hrs before I remove them. Don't even feel them slide out,my theory is the baby oil wick up along the stitching. Staples suck when they twist up and have to be removed.
  8. Well I didn't win so I'll try and try again next year, it's not like I feel I lost this year either
  9. That's all fine till you get hungry and want a sandwich made...
  10. Gun safes are like garage/workshops while there are brief fleeting moments in time we achieve a balance of space and stuff.All that really is just a pause in the endless journey of exceeding capacity after having increased capacity
  11. Well when the people writing firearms laws know nothing about how guns works other then what they've seen in the movies there is no need to talk to people that actually know. The only thing restricted magazine laws do is force the shooter to practice mag changes more often thus becoming faster.
  12. So a Quebec anti gun group twitter post about a gun sale( Ontario company) I guess trying to show how cheap and easily available 'assault weapons' are. Of course ignoring in Canada assault rifles are prohibited, no army in the world uses the AR-15, this fire arm is classed restricted so you need a restricted licence( 2 day course+thorough police check + references) and the store must submit your name to transfer registration into your name before you can take possession. Well the comments are amusing.
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