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  1. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    I've got to believe it will get better.
  2. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    It's funny up here how if you try and point out states with high firearms/100K on the whole have less crime vs places with tougher gun control measures and lower firearm(DC,Detroit and Chicago come to mind) have the worst crime stats they then go off on another tangent. They also don't like Switzerland being used as an example where the government sends people home with a gun. There is a glimmer of hope here in Canada in our fight,greatly in part to the internet and watching the your fight in the USA. This is particularly interesting as the CBC(Canadian Broadcast Corporation) is generally an anti gun propaganda distributor and also receives large sums of money from the government( but hey who's worried about conflict of interest?) In a nutshell,anti gun government skews stats to push anti gun agenda. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/gun-crime-goodale-canada-1.4585097 Here's the twitter feed announcement on the official liberals site...enjoy the comments https://twitter.com/liberal_party/status/976852328534937600?s=12
  3. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    It was tabled yesterday.,has to go through the rubber stamp formalities(lieberal party holds a majority) and we don't have the checks and balances that USA has with the Senate and Congress. The government here used the Florida shooting as one of their reasons,like most antis they seem to do a secret happy dance when people die so they can further their agenda. Any time someone from the government uses the words 'common sense' or 'for the greater good' it's a lie
  4. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    So the federal government has tabled new "common sense" gun control legislation.Been working some strange hours due to shutdowns so still wrapping my head around it. Big one is they've taken two rifle and made them prohibited,current owners grandfathered but only able to sell,trade or transfer to those with a 12(9) on their license.Will be interesting if the number registered will match the number imported into Canada (previously rifle didn't require registration) Transport for restricted officially known as an ATT(authorization to transport) was needed to move restricted/prohibited firearms. I currently have a blanket ATT that allows ranges,gunsmith,the boarder,if I go away for a couple days etc. The new legislation will only allow home to range and back again directly. Will have to phone in for a permit for anything else. While claiming there will be no registration of non restricted firearms,to gift,transfer,sell or even lend a non restricted firearm you'll have to calling to get a sales authorization number thus allowing them to record buyer,seller and firearms information.
  5. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    No joy,barrel to short(there's a joke in there somewhere) Ironic, a Canadian gun I can''t bring into the USA
  6. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    I'll have to check, I think the barrel here is measured without the muzzle device so fingers crossed,I'll know for tomorrow
  7. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    I'm just north of Vancouver,Google maps says 25 hrs to Phoenix Something in the fall would work great. Do a bit of a loop check out a few states for options if I have to leave here. I can bring down some Canadian manufactured guns(the ones I'm waiting on) Not sure I can bring my Colt Canada SAS IUR as it's only got a 15.7 in barrel I think it's got to 16 in to get it across the border.
  8. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    If they're not worried about shooting just killing ,then garden fertilizer,diesel,and a rental truck. For the really lazy just a rental truck. It's always nice to point out to the anti it's not till the good guy with the gun shows up that the rampage stops regardless of the bad guys choice of tool for murder.
  9. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    For today's WTF moment in Canadian Firearms Law( so you can see what we are dealing with) The .22 Mossberg Blaze rifle is a non-restricted rifle unless you try and buy the Blaze-47 which is a prohibited firearm in Canada. Same rifle just a different set of furniture but that doesn't stop the pony boys (rcmp) trying to protect kittens and small children from imaginary danger.
  10. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    from-http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/08/dean-weingarten/new-zealand-silencers-cheap-and-unregulated/ In New Zealand, this economy .22 rimfire gun muffler is selling for about $15. Note the mention at the end of the unregulated status: “There are no age or licence restrictions on silencer sales.” In New Zealand, a 12-year-old boy or girl can make some money doing chores, drop by the local sporting goods store and pick up a gun muffler over the counter for a few dollars. Kiwi's can use ARs for hunting,while here in Canada my ARs are limited to sanction rifle ranges only. There are a number of AR like rifles that are classified as non-restricted so can shoot outside of the range. For some stupidity in Canadian firearms law, the British straight pull AR(basically a bolt action) if owned in Canada would have to be registered as a restricted rifle as the lower is AR upper compatible. Some local manufactures are now realizing there is a market for AR type rifles and are building rifle to fill this demand.The way the regulation is written as long as the lower is not compatible with an AR upper it's not an AR. It doesn't matter that all the other parts are AR compatible(Bolt,trigger,furniture etc)
  11. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    No offence taken I think Great Britain is a lost cause,Australia is just sad given their so called frontier mentality. Here in Canada there have been some glimmer of hope such as when the RCMP(federal police) tried to ban(re class as prohibited) two rifles(Swiss Arms and the CZ 858) but gun owners rallied and the minister in charge over ruled the attempted re classification. Recently a farmer was charged with murder after some drunk youth drove on to his property,attempted to steal some vehicles etc. he was acquitted. The number of licences continue to increase and both firearms courses and range memberships continue to grow.Some ranges no longer taking names for the wait list. We still have a ways to go and the current government is not friendly to gun owners but to much at stake to give up.
  12. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    Thanks, much appreciated. Good luck to you guys and your battle.
  13. So... this guy. Teacher shoot gun in class...

    Not something I'm going to wear in a sub-station...
  14. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    It's elimination by attrition,eventually all the 12(1-5) will pass away so all those firearms will be destroyed,dewatted or possible a musem will take them. Weird Canadian firearm law- Using the AK-47 as an example, A working AK-47 is prohibited in Canada, a dewatted or inert actual AK-47 is not considered a firearm and legal ,no paperwork needed. Now for the kicker,a non-working replica AK-47 is also classed as a prohibited firearm. Thanks for the invite and it might come to that,for now I need to stay herein Canada and fight this much like you guys are doing down there.
  15. A quick primer in to Canadian gun laws

    You where sorta lead right. The short barrel length only applies to pump,lever and break action shotguns not semi operated shotguns. There are some rules, it's legal as long as it's overall length is greater than 660mm/30inches and a factory barrel.You can't take your 18 in 870 and cut the barrel down yourself. The shortest available barrel that's legal(to my best knowledge) is 8.5in with a full stock. If you replace the stock with a pistol grip it's legal but must be registered as a restricted firearm.