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  1. I was rooting for the bear... So much fail on the woman's part, started to wonder what she'd do in Africa as she probably thinks the Lion King is a documentary.
  2. Knew a guy that every time he bought a new piece of equipment for the workshop, he'd pay extra to have it painted to match the other tools in the shop. His wife didn't know a drillpress from a mill but would know if a different coloured tool was added.
  3. Up here we cal that a 3- 9er-1 When you first see her then last call then waking up...
  4. Good news is that having bought a new Gas Block Genie the missing one will now appear in plain sight in the near future.
  5. As long as you still hear the voices in your head...are you truly alone?
  6. Waiting on mine, Jacob texted me that he'll have them made this week.Then I'm depending on not one but two separate postal systems to get their act together
  7. When the Gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers
  8. Thanks that powder is reasonably easy to find. The 6.5CR popular up here not the 6.5Grendel so bullets available up here tend to go 130gr and up.I can get my Hornady guy to bring me in 123gr. The importing into Canada is not the issue. Placed an order with Brownell's then 2 days later informed me "The order you have placed with us requires an export license issued by the Dept. of State. An export license is required if the order contains a regulated item. Regulated items must have an export license regardless of their value or quantities. Regulated items are: barrels, barrel liners, actions, receivers, frames, cylinders, flash hiders/suppressors. Also brass/bullets. Also our Dept. of State requires an export license if the collective value of the gun component parts are $500.00 or more. The export license application fee is now a flat rate of $250.00 regardless of the dollar value or quantities." I didn't think brass was regulated and would have been good under the $500 rule. This also means trying to take anything out of the USA on the regulated list has some severe penalties. So for now it means @98Z5V 6.5Grendel brass is safe(for now) I'll wait for an order through my importer that requires a permit as he'll file a single permit for a number of us and we share the permit cost. There are some weird things with ITAR and in some cases the labeling of the same item in two different ways means one can be exported the other not. AR upper/lower castings unmachined which can be bought over the counter by anyone is considered a controlled item if one ties to export them
  9. Is it California/New York compliant?
  10. None of which would not have happened without learning the tool and die trade in the USA and Springfield Here is Garand with the T31 bullpup he was working on in the late 40s
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