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  1. Now everything is ordered, just waiting on the Surefire Eliminator 3 prong, Armaspec SRS buffer system and the Aero M5 builders kit. Aero sent me a tracking number on Friday the 8th and it's been in limbo ever since just saying "shipment information sent to FedEx". I called Aero today to find out what the heck is going on and the lady politely told me they shipped the order on the 8th. I explained that my FFL hasn't gotten anything and the tracking shows it wasnt actually shipped, just a label was created. After a 15 minute hold she basically said the package either isnt getting scanned and it's in transit, or its lost and I'll have to file a claim. What a crock! I've had amazing CS experiences with Aero in the past but I'm not going to be happy if I have to file this claim myself and wait who knows how long to get the parts I just paid almost $550 for. She said she will call me back tomorrow hopefully.
  2. dubya

    Are all 308 charging handles the same?

    A member on ARFCOM confirmed the LMT will work in the Aero M5. I'm pretty happy considering it was $40 less than just about all the other extended latch charging handles and coming from LMT I wont have to worry about quality.
  3. Thank you, I'll order one today. Has anyone used the Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring 308 (JP SCS copy)? I believe it's a 5.7oz buffer and dual spring system. Its about the same price as the KAK Shorty buffer and orange Sprinco cost but it says up to 15 days until it ships. I think I'm going to order one to try and see what works better in my setup, I can probably sell the buffer system I don't use to one of my buddies that both have overgassed PA10s
  4. I've never seen a 308 charging handle listed as "DPMS pattern" or "Armalite pattern", is there actually any difference in them? I ask because I have a Aero M5E1 build I just ordered most of the parts for. The charging handle is a LMT LM308CA, basically just an extended latch CH that is made from a company I trust and it was also only $50. On another forum I'm on it seems like nobody is too sure if there's any difference in 308 CHs. If all else fails I will find out first hand later this week when parts arrive.
  5. What BCG would you guys suggest? Besides the scope, the BCG and Warcomp are all that's left to order now. The Brownells BCG is on sale for $129 right now but has some questionable reviews. So far I've ordered: *Aero M5E1 builders set w 15/Mlok rail & LPK *Rainier Arms 16" Match lightweight intermediate barrel w/gas tube & Daniel Defense clamp on gas block *Geissele SSA-E FCG *LMT Extended latch 308 charging handle *BCM carbine buffer tube, QD end plate and castle nut w/Magpul grip & stock *KAK Shorty buffer (2.5"/5.3oz) & Sprinco Extra Power orange spring
  6. Great, I'll start with that and go from there. Last time I ordered an upper from Aero it took a couple weeks so I'm sure the receiver set will take as long, if not longer so I have some time.
  7. Great info, thank you! You said a 3" buffer & 5.2-5.5oz, would I be wrong to use the KAK 2.5"/5.3oz buffer being 1/2" shorter?
  8. So after looking around more it sounds like quite a few people have used the ~7" extension paired with a KAK 2.5" 5.3oz buffer and the Sprinco Extra Power orange spring with success. I'm getting the feeling this is going to be a trail and error thing considering I have no idea yet if the Rainier Arms intermediate gas port is properly sized, overgassed or undergassed. I just hate to spend $90 on the buffer and spring to find out it wont work.
  9. I dont necessarily need to use the BCM extension. I was reading a sticky in the compatibility sub forum and found a link to the Heavy Buffers CAR 10 buffer. Its listed at 5.5oz and 2.620", I assume this would be a compatible buffer? Only problem is it's like $120 (ridiculous) and the suggested modified spring is out of stock. It might not be a bad idea to just buy a kit that's known to work at this point. One that has the extension, buffer and spring. Is there such a thing out there that has the H3 buffer?
  10. Not quite 1/32 short of 7" I wonder if I'll be better off just getting the Aero 308 carbine extension/buffer/spring kit. The buffer is 2.5" and only 3.8oz though, I felt that a heavier buffer would be ideal but I really dont have much experience with the large frame platform.
  11. Good to know otherwise I would have a spare trigger and would have had to do another build! Lol thanks
  12. 6 position carbine extension like you'd find on a M4 clone
  13. I ordered a Aero M5E1 builders set and 16" Rainier Arms Match .308 Intermediate Lightweight barrel this morning. I already have a BCM carbine receiver extension, Magpul ACS stock, Daniel Defense clamp on gas block and Geissele SSA-E trigger. Will the SSA-E work in the M5E1 lower? I've heard it's not compatible with some 308 AR platforms. Also, what would you guys suggest for the buffer and spring setup? I'd prefer not to buy an adjustable gas block since I already have a standard block laying around so I'd like to hear what's worked best for you guys. Standard mil-spec carbine buffer tube. Thanks!
  14. I'll be back. I have 3 nee scopes to buy for current rifles, just don't have the money to build/buy another 308 plus mags, scope, mount ect. right now. The ammo sold on another forum right after the price drop so please close this one. Cory
  15. $160 delivered CONUS - one and only drop