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    No. Wisconsin
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Sisco


    I got there. I got the warning from my Doc: “keep going and You will have type 2 Diabetes”. So two weeks ago I cut out bread, potatoes, sugar, and most processed foods. Animal protein, leafy vegetables, vegetables, nuts, peanut butter, coffee, water and sparkling water are the only things I eat now. Dropped 11 pounds in a week. Thank God I can still eat meat.
  2. I waded through a mile of brush to find this place in 1987. Glad I did.Didn’t have a neighbor within a mile for the first four years. Now it is a suburban development and all the wildlife has moved out. Still have views though. This is the Coast Guard dropping the navigation Buoy Tuesday.
  3. Sisco


    The shoulder four hours in.
  4. Sisco


    Had two pork shoulders and only used one for sausage so I am smoking the other one along with a cut of sow belly. My homemade bacon just came off the smoker.
  5. Sisco


    I mix Penzey’s Breakfast Sausage seasoning with an equal amount of Penzey’s Italian Sausage seasoning, a fair amount of Worcestershire sauce, and whole fennel seed to make an all purpose sausage we use for breakfast, pizzas, spaghetti, and egg fritatas. I also buy a package of bacon bits and pieces, grind them up and add them to the sausage mix sometimes. Gives a little “bacony” flavor to the sausage. I use a kitchen aid blender with the optional meat grinder attachment.
  6. Sisco


    20 pounds homemade bulk sausage today.
  7. Don’t think it does. I went with the Luth to keep the weight down as it was quite a bit lighter then the Magpul products.
  8. Order the right Luth, probably the MBA 1, and nothing else is necessary.
  9. Sisco


    Add 300 Blk and 30-06, and you named my calibers.
  10. Sisco


    Decided no new firearms especially in new calibers until this ammo situation gets straightened out. Okay with what I have thank goodness.
  11. I am really happy for all of you brothers that can still celebrate Mothers Day with your Moms. Treasure the time. It is way to short. Nice job Tom and Rene and Wolf!
  12. Both are well made. I originally ordered an LAR-8 in 2011. It was an 8 month wait. A month later my LGS got a B model AR 10 in and He let me switch my deposit to that. I am happy with it and probably would have been with the LAR 8 also. With the LAR 8 you have to use FN style magazines. Withthe A model Armalites now you can use the DPMS style magazines from multiple manufacturers, including Magpul.
  13. Exactly. The friend of my Dad had a WW 2 service revolver which they manufactured because there weren’t enough 1911’s. Modern machining and tolerances make a difference.
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