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    No. Wisc.
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Buffalo wild wings

    Hemi, here is one for you.
  2. Pic Of The Day 2

  3. Buffalo wild wings

    I agree, stopped at the one in north Madison last year. Wasn’t very good.

    Run run run! And quit watching her on “Two and a half Men” reruns!
  5. Mispost

  6. howdy

    Welcome Jeremy! Much respect, doesn’t sound like you let anything stop you!
  7. Mispost

    Ever heard of a barium enema? You are litterally crappin rocks for three days! And never mix up your pecker pills with the dogs thyroid medication. All you want to do is lick your privates and you can’t walk past a fire hydrant.
  8. There is no perfect round for all applications and all rifles. They are like boats. A series of compromises. You need to experiment to find what fits your rifle and your needs the best. Any experienced shooter would know this.
  9. FNX-45 Tactical $868

    Don"t get me wrong I love all my 1911's. But none of them hold 16 rounds of 45 acp
  10. FNX-45 Tactical $868

    Love my FNX even though its not the tactical. I have the threaded barrel and night sights. Never jams, eats any kind of ammo, quiet with a can on it. I gotta say I would give up my 1911’s before I would give up my FNX.
  11. Ice fishing

    I have lost two friends through the ice in the last five years. And almost lost my neighbor. All experienced outdoorsmen and ice fishermen. Same thing in all three cases. Familiarity breeds over confidence. You have your float coat and picks of life, but you leave them in your Clam and check out another spot on your snowmobile. Or you take a short cut in your SUV too near the underwater spring and don't notice the red flags. Or you go out on six inches of porous popcorn ice the last weekend of March. It is nothing to fool with, especially on big lakes with currents.
  12. CMP Garands

    I got it as well.
  13. Pic Of The Day 2

    Roomba claims another pet gerbil.
  14. Teaser Pics

    Oh you got me! Didn’t even notice I gave you the opening.
  15. Teaser Pics

    Go out of town a couple of days and miss the fireworks. Like looking at every one’s wood builds, though. I am definitely going to “woody”my AR10B rifle this year.