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  1. So does Trooper and Unforgiven, but they are DPMS pattern, not Armalite.
  2. A James May fan? You have to talk with ARTrooper, He wants to build a short action AR magnum. I think they did have an AR10 in 260 Remington for a short time that The Army Marksmanship Unit worked on with them for Camp Perry rifle matches. I contacted Armalite about it but they never got back to me. I thought about doing a rebarrel of an AR10 with a 260 barrel but got turned off by the price of a AR10 compatible 260 Remington barrel.
  3. Mrraley is the best source there is for information on Genseo, Ill. produced AR10’s like you have. And which are the best in my opinion. I really appreciate he posted those here as they are no longer available through Armalite.
  4. Sisco

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Darwin award for the day.
  5. I checked out their line on O.P. And they have a pretty impressive line, with magnification up to 40x. The one I am looking at is a 4x20 variable in the $500 range. MyLGS is competitive on price. Just paid property taxes, gotta wait until next month.
  6. Stopped by my LGS today and asked the owner, a big Nikon fan, what he was recommending now that Nikon was out of the scope business. He recommended the Hawke High Definition line. Now this man is a distance shooter par excellence. He has won the Palma Cup at Camp Perry and won the World Shooting Championship a few years ago, so his words carry a lot of weight with me. Has anybody had any experience with their products?
  7. You have some FINE equipment there brother. Felt I was in the Stone Age with my M1A, AR10, and AR15 HBAR. It WAS nice to get range time. I adjusted the zero on all three of my rifles I brought for 200 yards with my favorite hand loads for each. Plus got some time really concentrating on sight pictures. Pretty minimal shot placement difference versus 100 yards in all three cases. Can’t remember the last time I shot off 300 centerfire rounds in a single day.
  8. Two other loads I have used. Went out with two boxes of reloads. 168 gn SMKs with 41.2 gr RL 15 and 168 gn VMAX with 42.5 grn RL15. 185 yards. Some flyers that were my fault (old eyes and coffee) but the loads.are good.Shooting my AR10 B model standard rifle off the.bipod. Edited August 6, 2020 by Sisco Quote Edit
  9. A fair amount of luck, not much wind that day, and even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.
  10. That was in my AR10 standard rifle. 1 in 11.25" twist. I can tell you results were very close to that with my AR10T carbine with the 16" heavy barrel'' and a 1 in 10" twist. I would have to go back and find the pictures' I have had very similar results with 41.8 gr IMR 2895 as well as 42 gr Varget.
  11. I will be following this thread with interest. Any posts by me on 308 loads in the reloading section archives have been used in my AR10T carbine, my AR10 rifle, or my Springfield Armory M1A. This is copied from a thread in reloading about 6 years ago. Posted March 28, 2015 Re15 works quite well with 168 gr and 175 grain. Pet load for accuracy and decent range for me is 42 gr RE15 with Winchester primers and 168 Sierra Match Kings. Winchester M80 brass. That load was given to me by a friend who is military retired Sniper. I messed with it up and down by .2 of a grain, but found 42 gr dead on was most accurate in my AR10 B 20 inch barrel. 100 yard group, and I am not that good of a shot. Old eyes and not enough range time.
  12. Welcome from Wisconsin. How is the muzzle blast from that M1A SOCOM?
  13. I have a nasty habit of eavesdropping on thoughts.
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