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  1. Rural driveway alarm

    I wouldn't put details of whatever security system you pick on a public forum, just my advice. Just a couple of suggestions: If you can, set it up so that you have two DVRs recording the cameras, one on site and one via internet or even better wireless cellular transmitter off site. That way you have images even if the home DVR is found and destroyed. Second, also think a separate motion detection/glass breakage/door alarm system with a 24 hour monitoring switch board. Set it up that one system covers and protects the other. No professional will chance being detected AND having their picture taken. They know they only have a few minutes to get in and out, not enough time to find the DVR, pull the chip, and take much. You will be left with the dumb ones and the meth heads, and few of them are safe crackers. Robo's idea of WIFI repeaters is an excellent one, and try to have a motion activated camera set up that can catch the license plates of any cars coming or going, and don't scrimp on the quality of the equipment. I also have a bunch of game cams set up around my place as well that have come in useful. Think overlapping layers of protection. I hate surprises.
  2. Grilling

    What is the coldest you have ever grilled outside? In my case it is -21F.
  3. Grilling

    Those grilled brussel sprouts look good. Ever had them crispy deep fried southern style? They are great!
  4. Big boy wildcats

    Welcome from Wisconsin
  5. Football

    Yeah they made beautiful music together!
  6. Football

    I would like to see a Pats Vikings Super Bowl.
  7. AI Mini Drones now Reality, Good or NOT

    Or Russia. They would not be above faking an attack to use it for propaganda.
  8. A Millenial Job Interview

    Yep my point exactly. Surprising how many of my friends are millenials rather then old farts like myself. They rail against the entitlement children as much as any one.
  9. Football

    Who Dat? Payback! Much respect for Brees he killed us the last time we were this good. Been a Vikings fan since their first year, so I am enjoying the ride. If the game had ended 10 seconds earlier it would be me saying that. An amazing game between two great teams.
  10. New - Thanks for having me!!

    Welcome looks like a B model.
  11. A Millenial Job Interview

    Yeah you’re right. Unfortunately there is a lot of that around. Was in my generation too.
  12. Range Day, 14 Jan.

    Glad you had a good day out there.
  13. Football

    Hell is just two games away from freezing over.Go Vikings!
  14. A Millenial Job Interview

    If you think all kids are like that you are sadly mistaken. Some sure, but other kids are out there working like hell to get jobs, my kid is one of them. so please don't be making blanket assumptions. If only there were more good jobs for them to look for, which there is not. Robotics, job exports and companies hiding dollars overseas, have cut into decent paying jobs, leaving Baristas, waiters and things like that. Plus we need to start training welders, machine shop work, and things like that at a younger age. College is overpriced and in a lot of ways overrated.