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    No. Wisc.
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Sisco

    what ammo?

    You really won’t notice any difference in the amount of meat off a whitetail using a 180 versus a 150. If it is accurate, use it.
  2. Sisco

    Wilson combat

    River Rock Arms uses Wilson barrels, or at least they used to.
  3. Sisco

    Wilson combat

    I looked into a Wilson barrel for a rebarreling of one of my Armalite AR10’s to 260 Remington. It was on sale, but was designed to fit the DPMS style 308AR, not the Armalite, despite using AR10 nomenclature.
  4. Sam Colt would have wet his pants if he saw that ad.
  5. Big problem with the SS109 is a 1 in 9 barrel is the least amount of twist you need and 1 in 7 is better, but then you lose the bullet yaw characteristics of the M193. One hole in, one hole out. Reloading all my shot M855 (SS109)LC brass with 75 gr Hornady BTHP’s.for my 1 in 7 twist AR15 HBAR Match.
  6. Sisco

    Palmetto PA-10 failure to eject

    It sounds like the Fulton is using the same system as Armalite with a spring and a synthetic spacer inside it. I would just pickup a Fulton bolt, put it in, and hopefully not have to mess with any thing for 5,000 rounds or so.
  7. Shooting them to protect property. Plus eliminating the genetic predisposition to attack dogs in that pack. Our coyotes have learned their lesson, or the ones that prey on dogs were eliminated. Haven’t had any problems in fifteen years now.
  8. ^+1 Food, self defense, or protection of property from damage. Just to shoot something for another reason is a waste of food for something else in the food chain.
  9. Sisco

    Russia’s T14

    An Abrams crew’s perspective. https://www.wearethemighty.com/tech/what-an-abrams-crew-thinks-of-russias-newest-tank?utm_campaign=Evergreen&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=abrams-crew-russias-newest-tank
  10. The only hammer and sickle I have in my tighty whities ain’t red. Well maybe it kinda is on second thought.🤔
  11. Doc, are you calling us cheesehead Vikings pussies?😱
  12. Speaking of, check this out https://vikingarmament.com/
  13. We got height, we got width, and we got depth. Wisconsin has it all. Must be all the cheese. How about some custom “Viking” 308AR builds? I could see some wild azzed stuff that could come out of that.
  14. Best bet is to trade in that 5.56 for a 7.62x51. Failing that, there is a thread around here with a film link that looked at some of the new hot 5.56 stuff, and its failure to penetrate current issue Russian body armor. here it is.
  15. Sisco

    Lets see your AR-15

    Pat, you gonna get side scanning radar for that rig? Lets see; a cowitnessed reflex sight, cowitnessed to a night vision rig, cowitnessed to the BUIS. You have enough co witnesses to have a jury trial!