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    No. Wisc.
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Sisco

    Weapon Or Training?

    That criteria works in video games. Don’t try it in real life.
  2. Sisco

    Pic Of The Day 2

  3. One, he’s a stupid SOB. Once he saw that moose he NEVER should have advanced on it. Stay still. If necessary make noise. Once he advanced on the snowmobile he idicated to the moose he was looking for a confrontation. When it charged him twice he had no choice but to shoot it in self defense. But he could most likely have avoided it. His own stupidity gave him no choice but to kill it. I have run into moose a lot and never had to plug one. Almost got run over by a bull backpacking in northern Minnesota. It was being chased by a dog. Had another kick and dent my canoe once. If it had come back a second time, I would have plugged it, but it didn’t.
  4. Sisco

    Happy Veterans Day!

    And Potus missed the ceremony in France.
  5. Sisco

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Thanks Vets! This says it all!
  6. Sisco

    Pic Of The Day 2

    It was-Iron County
  7. Sisco

    You will not be missed

    Pantalons bas Hug As the French would say.👩‍🎨
  8. Sisco

    Pic Of The Day 2

    A picture of a bunch of brothers fishing in northern Wisconsin back in 1946. Recognize one?
  9. Sisco

    DeSantis Soft Tuck

    I have always liked DeSantis holsters, and have a paddle type thumb break OWB for my officer 1911. I was looking for an IWB for my Kimber Pro Carry II and tried one of thier soft tuck models for it. Probably the most comfortable IWB carry I have ever found. For a Commander size pistol, it doesn’t even seem it is there. https://www.desantisholster.com/SOF-TUCK
  10. Sisco

    Brand new AR 10 man. HELP

    One, that is a 308AR you have. The. AR10 name is proprietary to Armalite. What is your barrel twist? I am assuming 1 in 10” or something close. The 168 gr should do very well. Rifles being the individual things they are, the only wayto find out what works best is to spend time at the range with all the loads you want to try. The rifle will tell you what it likes.
  11. Sisco

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    I fukkin hate to have to write on this thread. But Ventura County Sheriff Sargent Ron Hellus, a 29 year veteran of the department was shot four times and killed by the assailant at the bar in a Thousand Oaks California. He left a wife and son. He didn’t sit outside when he got there, but went inside along with a California Highway Patrol officer to confront the gunman. For what its worth, Sargent, I am sitting here torn up thinking about your family’s loss. Thank you for your courage is all I can say.
  12. Sisco


    We have Bobcats all over the place up here.they can take down a deer, so they are tough. This is a pic of their bigger cousin up in Canada, the Lynx. Two can’t coexist. Bobcats move in, Lynx disappear.
  13. Sisco

    Bug Out Backpack

    You are bad!
  14. Sisco

    Bombs sent to top Democommie 's

    I don’t drink that kool aid.
  15. Sisco

    Bombs sent to top Democommie 's

    Pretty clear there was no conspiracy. Guy fixated on Trump, people who know him all agreed he had mental instability, some said mental illness. Obviously did not know how to make a bomb worthy of the name. Also a relative reported he was a heavy user of anabolic steroids. I had to deal with a relative who had steroid induced psychosis. It is more common than you think. Would not surprise me if he suffered from that. Usually manifested by extreme aggression and delusions and paranoia. Gotta expect that in susceptible indivduals with the level of anger being promoted in this country. Look at the level of political ads in this country. The level of outright lies is the highest I have seen in 70 years. And some people will believe and act on them. Our external enemies don’t have to do a damn thing. We are are tearing ourselves apart. They can just wait for it to happen.