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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Current estimate is there are 5 infections for everyone that is found by testing. We are over a million by now if that is the case.
  2. Sisco

    Owl release

    Back in the 1920’s in northern Minnesota a game warden was found dead with a slashed carotid artery in his neck. Investigation turned up he had worn his favorite homemade muskrat fur hat to work that day. Apparently a Great Horned Owl had struck the hat and ended up severing his artery.
  3. 850 in a 45 case should be ok. About the same as 45acp. They make the Vaquero in 44 mag too don’t they? If so, it’s a strong action.
  4. Gun prices went on the upswing again, so he might be in line with current values. Two months ago, it would have been a little high. Know St. Cloud and Minnesota very well. They had a good work force. Luth is just down the road in Big Lake and I think JP enterprises is in Minnesota as well. You could build a “Finn Minnesota Special” with their accessories.
  5. Sisco

    wtf thread..

    Yeah it catches up to you. A lot of my bone spur issues stem from that kind of stuff. Once started, you can't really control it.
  6. Sisco

    wtf thread..

    bet there was a crack in it already. Then repasted
  7. Sisco

    wtf thread..

    Pretty standard training for Wu Shu, Muay Thai, and Okinawan Karate styles. In Okinawa it is called “Makiwara”. And it does a number of things. 1. Over time if you start it young enough, it actually increases your bone density. That is why Muay Thai Shin kicks from a dedicated practitioner are so devastating. 2. It develops your musculature to become a pad of firm armor over your bones and vital organs. 3. The hand movements and exercises dramatically increase your hand speed, and hand eye brain coordination, as well as imprinting blocks and attacks into instinctual muscle memory. When I was studying Uechi Ryu, we would have voluntary sessions to “test” the level of our training. We would perform a Kata, usually Sanchin, as that was the Kata that taught application of a lot of this, and our Sensei would strike us with his fist, foot, or a rod unexpectedly to test if we were ready and conditioned to weather an attack. Some times the rod would be replaced with a 2”x 2” x8’ pine staff for the advanced students. Having one of those broken over your quads or your glutes is an experience. But with training and practice, you learn to ignore it, and continue to attack and defend. Like any self defense system, the Oriental ones are as much mental as they are physical. This type of training develops a bridge between the two. Interesting. This young lady is a very capable martial artist.
  8. Gonna get some King James flour and start making sourdough again.
  9. Sisco

    War Movies

    1917 is interesting.
  10. Sisco

    War Movies

    Fury is good. And that was the last remaining Tiger tank in that movie. Borrowed from the Royal War Museum. Anybody here ever gotten into the AMC series “ Hell on Wheels”? Now on Netflix.Not war, a western, but pretty good.
  11. Gentlemen, you all have the patience of a Saint.
  12. That is what Viagra is for
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