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    No. Wisc.
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. You can find them on the Internet for as low as $221 for the full size.
  2. Sisco

    Let's See Those 1911's

    Kinda 1911’s in 22 LR.
  3. Sisco

    Hello, New Member

    Welcome, nice looking rifle!
  4. The first a registered dealer, the second a private party. Both new unfired. $450 total for both.
  5. If one is good, two is better, right? Got such a smokin hot deal I had to get two. One replicates my full size 1911 and the other my Officer 1911. These GSG's feel exactly the same as a full size 1911. Will be visiting the range tomorrow and give a full report.
  6. Sisco

    Missing girl found

    Doesn’t matter where they move him. Got a feeling his azz is grass. https://wxow.com/news/top-stories/2019/01/15/man-accused-of-kidnapping-jayme-closs-moved-to-different-jail/
  7. Sisco

    I hate Kel Tec

    Admit I have thought about a KSG shotgun.
  8. Sisco

    Missing girl found

    My back yard. A nice white pine with a sturdy limb for the rope would do. There would be no shortage of volunteers to pull the lever. The boonies up there have some true weirdos. They seem to crawl out now and then.
  9. Sisco

    I hate Kel Tec

    As Kirk said about the 22lr. “I need more power Scottie.”
  10. Sisco

    I hate Kel Tec

    That works
  11. Sisco

    I hate Kel Tec

    Okay, I was going to say you qualify for the “Cheesehead Trooper” homie discount. But those probably aren’t allowed any way.
  12. Sisco

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Schlitz changed their formulation in the 70’s. Became crap. Caused its demise.
  13. Sisco

    I hate Kel Tec

    Agree you guys need a raise. I might give you a deal on my PMR when I am back up there this spring if you are interested.PM me in April if you are.
  14. Sisco

    I hate Kel Tec

    I have a Kel Tec PMR 30 and like it. Just don’t shoot it enough.