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    No. Wisconsin
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Sisco


    It did thanks for the wishes. The Florida place is paying for itself so far.
  2. Sisco


    Nope not in the Midwest. That one in Florida is taking aim at our place though.
  3. Sisco


    Oh yeah....
  4. Glad you did, because it rings true. My full auto experience is limited to a WW 2 Browning 30 cal on a tripod one afternoon, but even with that tripod, only the first two or three shots were on the paper at 200 yards.
  5. Probably just one or two. A light controllable one, and a heavy, bull barrel one in larger caliber
  6. As an AR10 B model user I am locked into Armalite Fen 2 mags. Which have been flawless.
  7. Whoa! Anger management time! That is crazy!
  8. Sisco


    Two friends both got Cohos today. Going out tomorrow.
  9. Sisco


    Works great! Thank you. They know their stuff!
  10. Must be dependent on specific bullet types then is the only thing I can figure.
  11. Sisco


    Turned out to be more then I was capable of. So I had to wait in line to get it into a good ( read pricey) fiberglass shop. Just got it back yesterday. Splashing it tomorrow. Fingers crossed everything works like it should.
  12. Answer: https://www.windhamweaponry.com/beware-that-300-blackout-ammo-can-be-chambered-in-a-5-56-223-chamber-with-catastrophic-results/
  13. Okay, I was thinking that the 300 Blk is quite a bit shorter then a 5.56 brass, and if the bullet wasn’t crimped it might push the bullet far enough into the brass that the cam pin might be able to barely reach the cut out, especially if the Blk brass had been sloppily made from 5.56 and cut too short. Can’t say without having some right in front of me to look at and they are in the garage right now. Well like you said whatever, there is more to the story.
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