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    No. Wisconsin
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Sisco


    Never thought this thread would last this long. We joined a golf course Gym down here, so I am once again starting the workout regimen after Covid fukked it up. My broken bone in my foot is going to slow things down for a while but I can still bench press, curl, triceps and lats. Along with some core work with the kettle weights. On my third trip tomorrow.
  2. Sisco


    Lil Ricky is growing in stature before my very eyes!
  3. Mraley took care of me for my Armalite AR 10. He assembled a really nice spare parts kit when he was with Armalite and I picked up two of them.
  4. Feinstein is living proof term limits are needed. Doubt she has more then a couple of brain cells left. The most useless Senator ever.
  5. This seemed like a better thread for this stuff. Check out the back outer edge of the second metatarsal from the left. It looks almost like it chipped off.
  6. I don’t shoot matches, but I like fiddling with reloads. I generally use 175 Gr Sierra Match King BTHP’s, although at 98Z’s recommendation I switched to Hornady 178 gr ELD-X and have had excellent results with them, especially in my M1A1.
  7. With AR’s A box of 100 is a sample pack.😆
  8. Have a Costco around? I was able to get 2 -24 count trays of organic eggs for $7.59 each. Four days ago.
  9. Truly badassery. I am on the waiting list at the LGS for the SA35. Got 5 names in front of me. Was 6. Probably end up getting it for my 80th birthday.🙄
  10. Kind of nit picking, but I wish FN would make a 10mm in a hammer model like the FNX45 instead of the stryker fired 510. Just my personal preference. If they did I would buy tomorrow. If they ever do you can hold me to that.
  11. If they issued a suppressor for the SP109 155mm cannon.
  12. Sisco


    👍 I usually cut my steaks 2" and do the oven at 240 for 40 minutes then a cast iron pan sear in butter and fresh minced garlic. Works well with the thicker steaks.
  13. Nope but if it is near the gun the FNX45 is, I will be happy. Unless I want to jump through some hoops I will have to wait to until I get back to do it. I like the looks of your 509.
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