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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Shot some moly coated bullets a few years ago. My LGS guy who is a former world champion distance shooter uses nothing but. Moly coated bullets ARE accurate, but a pain in the neck to clean the rifles afterwards. Boron nitride would be a better way to go.
  2. Sisco

    45LC Lever Guns

    I am trying to resist getting into this kind of stuff. Tried a fast draw contest last year. The kind where you shoot wax bullets out of a single action and hit a garbage can top with a sensor when the green light goes off. Had a gas and surprised myself and the booth staff with a best of 6/10 of a second. Since then I have been thinking about it, and had a custom saddlemaker/ leathersmith make a couple of 1911 holsters for my son and I and he had some beautiful single action holsters and belts on display. I could get into this real easy. About 25 miles from me, in Okachobee Florida, they have cowboy action shooting at a range. It is getting harder and harder not to get into it.
  3. Sisco


    Abandon hope (and a bank account) 👺all who enter here.
  4. Mitt Romney’s father George, was born in Mexico.
  5. Signed up. Should have a rule, anyone who wins it HAS to bring it next fall.
  6. Targeted no doubt. LaBarons are a stabilizing influence that the Cartel hates. Pancho Villa and Pershings pursuit of him set precedence. Only this time do it right. Hit hard scorch the opium poppies earth, take leaders out or imprison in US, destroy infrastructure and get out. It won’t last but will put a dent in it. Maybe give the Federales a chance at least.
  7. Sisco


    I am old I eat less now.
  8. Sisco


    Beef tri tip for dinner and leftovers!
  9. Sisco


    It is so damn easy to-write a date mining program which we all already know are used on us on the Internet every day. Why is it if I look at something on Amazon, on CDNN or just about any other site, I get advertisements on Facebook about it for eight days after? They can be written by any software company, or government for that matter, and are. Clapper jivin us like everybody else does. Nothing new here. But the elected officials like in New Zealand would be the ones to set the data mining and action based on it in motion.
  10. Sisco


    Clapper the ex national security? Never been an elected official. He wouldn’t know.
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