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    No. Wisc.
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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. Sisco

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    Jay: Every thing you need on sale, $94 If it ever gets back in stock this century. https://www.armalite.com/product/10702302-ar10-black-collapsing-buttstock-kit/
  2. Sisco

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    I give 50/50 odds they either discontinue or sell the Armalite brand.
  3. Sisco

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    The amount of lost orders and lost marketshare by Armalite due to this extended out move has to be huge, Wonder if something else is going on? Companies generally plan out relocations like a general planning out a military campaign to minimize disruption and minimize lost sales and production. This is not normal or businesslike.
  4. Sisco

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    Sorry for your loss Mrs. Barr. Volunteer firefighters do so much for their communities. May Mr. Barr rest in peace.
  5. This I just don’t understand. In my youth in retail, I had some wild times apprehending shop lifters and thieves. Granted it was the 70’s and if some one took a swing at you, you swung back. But this guy stopped a mentally unbalanced person from stealing a gun and ammunition, and gets fired for it. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/sporting-goods-store-chain-fires-manager-nra-calls-hero/ar-AAzXZ35?li=BBnb7Kz
  6. Sisco

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    Call them first.
  7. Sisco

    Lets see your AR-15

    Got a decent start there.
  8. Sisco

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    Good advice. Not a collapsible, but take a look at a Luth MBA 1. Gives you a lot of adjustments for a similar weight to the original. Don’t have to replace your spring, buffer and buffer tube either.
  9. Sig hires the best looking hookers.
  10. Sisco

    What did do today on your loading bench !

    Sized and trimmed 180 308 brass, and put 30 45 acp and 150 5.56 brass in The lemon juice bath, heated dry, then put them in the polisher. Next up, clean the 308 brass, then prime all of them.
  11. Sisco

    This seems like a deal

  12. If I remember correctly, the SP2022 was ordered for the US Army’s Armor Command at one time. There was some thought they were actually being ordered for the Iraqi Army back then.
  13. Sisco

    Some meat for the freezer

    Nice! Bet wallaby doesn’t “taste like chicken”! Might get some strange looks in the States if you said “ My Wife shot a redneck yesterday”.
  14. Sisco


    I will pass that on to her. Thank you!
  15. Sisco


    Nice 98! A couple before after pics from wife's Bday party. Brisket is all gone!