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  1. Your on!
  2. WELCOME FROM Wisconsin. Nothing wrong with "B" model Armalites.
  3. Not all were killed, I don't think. A LEO in Pennsylvania survived I believe. The 2 in Kissimmee Florida, its tragic.45 year old ex Marine was the perpetrator.
  4. Your right there! Wish you were up here. I would drag you out fishing on your days off! In Ashland and Bayfield Counties we have a good group of local LEOs as well. I got stopped by your counterpart up here a while back. No biggie, when I bought my new truck in Minnesota they put it as a load range "A' when it needed a "B'. I think she was on the commercial weights and measures enforcement team that day. She was cool about it though and I got it changed the next week. A lot of us up here wouldn't think twice about coming to the aid of an officer in danger. They have helped us out so many times. And unfortunately with the heroin outbreak and consequent crime increase we are having, it may very well happen.
  5. Like Wash said, good detective work.
  6. Six law enforcement officers were shot in our country in one day yesterday. Words fail me. Thanks to all you current and retired LEOs for your service and courage. God be with their families. and them.
  7. I ran into that with the Sig Forum as well but as I sold my Sig I didn't lose much sleep over it. I am a member of the M14 forum, but don't participate much. Just take advantage of their really good disassembly videos. 308AR is home.
  8. No reason to ball bust, welcome to the 308AR club. You run into problems, you will learn more about your rifle in solving them then you ever would otherwise. Boot Scraper and bfoosh maybe can weigh in. They are becoming our PSA authorities. A good general break in procedure for all AR308s, particularly stainless barrels, is to take your cleaning equipment with to the range. Fire ten rounds cleaning the barrel after each round. Then fire 5 rounds four times, cleaning the barrel after each string of five. Load the first ten rounds singly and check ejection and bolt hold open. Take a look at each round for abnormal denting, tearing of the rim, etc. Then do the same for the strings of five. Don't worry about accuracy yet. After that, get some variety of different weights and manufactures of 308 rounds and see which give the best feed and accuracy in your rifle. Generally 168-175 grain BTHP will work very well. Lighter bullets it is up to the individual rifle. But the most important rule is to enjoy the hell out of it.
  9. Boot, glad your here. Learned a bit from you already about PSA's. The regulars on this forum are first class. All walks of life, but we get along even when we disagree. Robo glad you know who is doing better. He isn't bad...just different.
  10. First you sweet talk the deer, then send it flowers. Then slip it a Lasix. Then figure out what to do with a gallon of deer urine. Then the deer gets ticked because you never call it again.
  11. There are a lot of good uppers out there as well as some really fine barrels from our sponsors.
  12. How is the fit between the lower and the upper? When you put a magazine in, does that fit change at all? Sounds like the mag prevents it from going into complete battery. Like Rob says, see if it is an individual magazine issue. And lube it up! What trigger group are you using, by the way?
  13. Welcome from Wisconsin
  14. Welcome from North Wisconsin