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  1. Would not surprise me if they eventually moved everything there. Different company then four years ago.
  2. Racoons are a pain. Good job!
  3. A couple more yard pictures.
  4. Skunk- put a live trap somewhere and have an old tarp around, preferably water and air proof. If the skunk goes in the trap, approach from an angle that he can't see you. Throw the tarp over the trap and leave for a few days until he is asphyxiated. Shouldn't release. But to be sure, throw the whole mess away. Some of our local wildlife in our yard.
  5. I was gonna say "got to include Shepp" I will be an expert judge. Expert at stuffing my face that is.
  6. Name one food that doesn't taste better with bacon. Looks delicious!
  7. Today 1 and 1/2 pork shoulders smoking on the Akorn with applewood. Homemade BBQ sauce with natural maple syrup for sweetner.
  8. A classic truth!
  9. A Quadraphenia 8 track if possible. I got an old Who tape I want to listen to.
  10. R2: Gotta add an airboat to your next episode.
  11. Glad you brought it up, it answers a question I was going to have to answer soon myself. Now I will go grab my trusty ol' No7 Crescent.
  12. Bear in Wisconsin? 270 minimum. 12 gauge slug even better.
  13. Both parties want to screw the common man. Just different orifices, so to speak.
  14. +1
  15. My LGS guy says a lot of good things about Ruger 1911's. Even a better whompin deal!