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  1. Cheers. Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it my friend.
  2. Hey Guys, So in general, how do I know "how much" Crimp to put on my rounds? I have the Lee Factory Crimp Die. I only reload .223 and .308 at the moment and they are for AR15 & LR308's.
  3. How are you liking the CMC triggers? I have a few - they are really the only "good" trigger I have ever owned, everything else was just basic Milspec.
  4. I set off a primer in my hand while trying to seat the damn thing...lesson learned - do NOT squeeze too hard and force it or you will have a surprise. I released my hand primer and primers went all over the place. Lucky the cops were not banging on my door. I am so fortunate to live in a very gun friendly state, NOT!
  5. I have shot several hundred through both and they shoot fine, no problems.
  6. My PSA-P10 with 2 DPMS style Uppers.
  7. Oh okay, I understand. I will get some pics for you guys. Who knows, maybe something is weird/different with mine and that is why it does work - who knows man.
  8. Is your PSA-10 possibly out of spec or anything like that by chance? I will try to get some pics to you in the next day or so. I know you don't believe me but it is true. I have no reason to lie about it, nothing at all to gain. And my DPMS LR308 is a few years old if that matters at all.
  9. Hi, Missed your question man, it's okay, I am not dodging you. I have tried 2 and both worked, 1 is from my DPMS and the other one hmmm what is the name of it, it's an OEM, Alex something. Trust me, I did feel like I was rolling the dice but the sale was very good and I thought it was worth a try and luckily she was all good.
  10. Nope, not at all to burn anyone or anything. just saw the topic and I didn't actually realize it was so old...pretty new to the site. I am actually happy with the Gen II so far, no problems, shoots well.
  11. Hey. I have dealt with PSA a few times and they just took forever to ship, no matter what type of item I purchased. And actually the very 1st time I ordered from them like 3 or so years ago, there was a problem with something and it took them almost 3 weeks to finally respond to my darn emails - just crazy. They do have some very good deals but man, their CS needs life support or something :)
  12. PSA has about the WORST, almost non-existent customer service known to man. And if you want something "quickly", well stay the $%^# away from PSA.
  13. I also purchased a PA-10 Lower Gen II a few months ago and luckily it works with different Upper that are Not PSA products. I have seen and heard the PA-10 Lowers Gen I, not very "friendly". I was lucky, got the PA-10 Lower on sale a while back for well less than $200
  14. Great point already mentioned: if the rifle is brand new, definitely put several boxes of new commercial ammo through it first and then attempt your reloads.
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