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  1. Parts that fit

    If PSA would build, or have their PA10 parts built, to DPMS standards, and continue to sell them as cheap as they are now, they would give DPMS and every other manufacturer some very good competition. If they would do this, and say so on their site, their PA10 parts and rifles would be selling out daily. As it is, they sell like hot cakes anyway.
  2. How to contact

    Glad you came over Josiah. The forum has tons of great info on the PA10, and .308 AR platform in general. Without a milspec for manufacturers to go by it can be confusing sometimes as to what parts are compatible, and what parts are not. Sometimes it takes a little tweaking to get these things to run right.
  3. How to contact

    Check these threads, as they have extensive testing and info on the PA10. Bfoosh has done the most extensive work on this platform that I know of. PA10 gen 2 observations PSA PA10-different buffer system lengths PSA PA65 info/review
  4. My Gen II PA-10

    Shooting is the best part!! Have fun!
  5. My Gen II PA-10

    I used an Anderson Manufactoring AM-15 adjustable gas block. The stainless 18" barrel with Mlok rail has a gas block with the exact same spacing on the set screws, and it comes dimpled. At least mine did. So, the switch over was very simple and easy. Mine works great. You can find them here: AM-15 Adjustable Gas Block It shows out of stock at the moment. However, I suspect they'll have more.
  6. How to contact

    Welcome to the .308 forums Josiah. Thanks for coming over. Many of these guys are awesome, and have tons of knowledge about our PSA PA10's and how to make them work. There's been a lot of work done here by some of the fella's. Having a PSA CS rep here on a regular basis will be a welcome addition that I think all of us will appreciate. Thanks again for being here Josiah.
  7. My Gen II PA-10

    Glad yours is working great. Mine took a few tweaks to get it where I wanted it. Mine was way over gassed, ejecting cases to 1:00 or so, and I had a few stove pipes. My bcg was also hitting the receiver end. So, I put on an adjustable gas block, put a quarter in the tube behind the spring, and added two tungsten weights to the buffer. Once I got the gas adjusted she was great. Mine is fairly accurate as well. It would be nice if PSA could get it perfect right out of the box, but it seems they keep messing with different parts suppliers, and their .308 AR platform needs some tweaks to get it just right.
  8. How to contact

    I sent him a link to this thread. Josiah is a good guy, and does help out a lot over on ar15.com. I'm not sure he was even aware of this forum until I told him. Here, we mostly talk about .308 AR's. We're a smaller group with more specialized weapons that don't have a milspec to work with. So, I think overall we're a smaller group of firearms enthusiasts in the grand scheme of things.
  9. How to contact

    Guys, on AR15.com in the PSA industry section there is a customer service rep, named Josiah, who responds very quickly and has been taking care of business. He's helped out folks on several occasions over there.
  10. LOL, I think even those of us who've purchased PA10's and gotten them to run well are trying to figure out why PSA makes these types of changes. And, it DOES definitely cause me to pause and wonder why. To be honest though, it also causes me to want more of them. I sorta like the challenge of buying these things and getting them to run well. I honestly never thought I would like tinkering with them at all, but I've found that I really do. AR's are pretty basic machines it seems to me. And, I found that when I learned about them, and used that knowledge(mostly gained here from bfoosh) to make mine run well, it was very satisfying. I want more of them. And, if I have to tinker with them to get them to run the way I want them to, well, that's part of the fun for me.
  11. Yes, I agree if you buy one of the rifle kits without the lower, and then try to integrate parts not designed to work together. However, it sure looks like if you were to buy a complete lower, and match it to an upper, it should work fine. Where I see folks having trouble is trying to match up parts when they build from scratch. With that said, I did have to tune my rig a bit. With regard to the buffer, spring and tube, I had to add a quarter behind the spring to keep the bcg from hitting the re. No big deal if you know what to look for. Plus, I had to install an adjustable gas block on the upper due to it being over gassed. Again, no big deal if you know what to do. I don't know. It just seems to me that if you have a complete lower, with parts designed to work together in that lower, it should work just fine when mated up to an upper. If I have to tweak it a little I'm ok with that. Where I'd be upset is if I got a complete lower, and the parts weren't designed to work together and the rifle was non functioning, and I couldn't get it to run. I may be in the minority with that feeling though. I don't know.
  12. One question. If you buy a complete PA10 lower, and match it up with any PA10 upper in any caliber, will it work? Seems to me that it should. I think where problems arise is when people try building from scratch using PSA parts. It's more difficult to match up the parts that will work together. Or, am I wrong in that assessment?
  13. PA10 for deer hunting

    Check out this thread: bfoosh006's work . Bfoosh006 has done some amazing work with PA10's, and the new PA10 in 6.5CM. Check his threads. Because of his work I made some of the changes to my rifle. It's some really good info.
  14. PA10 for deer hunting

    I'm originally from Darlington, WI. It's been quite a few years since I've lived up there, or visited, but I sure remember the bitter cold during the winter. That's the main reason that once I landed in Texas I stayed. My dad was in the military, and we ended up at Ft Hood in 1977. I've lived here ever since. Once you get your PA10, if you find that it's a bit over gassed, there's a few tweaks that I did to mine that you may be interested in. One was an adjustable gas block. Many here suggest SLR. I'm a cheap bastard, and love less expensive gear. So, I went with an Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 adjustable gas block. It was less expensive. The set screws matched up perfectly with the stock set screw dimples on the PA10's barrel, which was a pleasant surprise. An adjustable gas block was probably the single best improvement I made on mine. The stock buffer is an H buffer. It has one Tungsten weight, and two steel weights in it. I went on Ebay, and found a deal on a set of three Tungsten weights. So, I took out the two steel weights and added two tungsten weights to the buffer, making it an H3 buffer. That helped a lot with smoothing out recoil impulse, and allowed a bit more dwell time. The other thing I found that needed attention on mine was the bolt was putting marks on the receiver end, indicating it was slightly out of time. So, I put a quarter behind the recoil spring and that seemed to fix that issue for me. The last thing I did was add a M4-72 muzzle break clone. Again, being the cheap bastard that I am, I went to Ebay and found a knock off from Hong Kong for 28.00. It works great for taming recoil, but it is very loud to bystanders. With those mods on my PA10 it shoots great, and has shot everything I've put in it with no issues, even steel cased ammo. The recoil on the rifle is now about like shooting an anemic 5.56. A day at the range is very pleasant shooting this rifle now. I did find that my rifle likes running wet. Lube solves lots of problems. So, I run my AR's wet. Enjoy building your PA10. I don't think any other manufacturer can match the value for the money in the .308 AR platform.