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  1. I liked the Malaysian milsurp ammo so much I ordered a can of 540. More money..........please...........nobody tell the wife. I may need a place to stay soon.
  2. I've got a PA10 I'm happy with. It's got the 18" SS barrel and Mlock fore end. I bought the fore end and lower separate. Then put them together. The price was pretty good. The only thing on mine is that it's a bit over gassed. I'll be putting an adjustable gas block on it soon.
  3. The rifle is a PA10, 18” mid length with 15” Mlock forend.
  4. Yea, in the first post. The new scope is a Nikon Prostaff 5 3.5-14x40 SF BDC. Got it on sale for 219.00. Here is a pick of the broken Pentax.
  5. Got the new Nikon sighted in yesterday. It worked pretty good. Sighting in and movement of the adjustments was positive, and consistent. No issues to report, other than I LOVE this new scope! I took a pic of a few groups. I will say that I noticed 180grn Remington Core Lokts shot a touch higher than the 150's. Also, the 150's from Remington and Malaysian milsurp shot to the same poi. So, I was very happy about that. I was so happy I went and bought a can of 540 of the Malaysian milsurp ammo. It seems to be good stuff. And, at about 38 cents a round it's hard to beat for range ammo. 100yrd ten round group, with four in one ragged hole. I'm not a great shooter by any stretch of the imagination. So, I was pretty happy with the groupings, especially with them being regular ole factory and milsurp ammo. Some milsurp groups. On this group I pulled the left shot. Like I said, I'm not a great shooter. So, I was happy anyway. The top were Remington 150grn Core Lokts, and the bottom pics were the milsurp. Once I set the the scope for 100yrds I never adjusted again during the session. My daughter shot as well. Her shots all seemed to go a bit low and to the left a bit. We couldn't figure out why, until I looked at her form. She had on the red ear muff hearing protectors you see so often at ranges. And, it was interfering with her cheek weld on the stock, and had her eye misaligned with the scope. Thus, affecting her poi. I shoot with ear plugs in and was able to center my eye behind the scope. That makes a big difference in poi. Even with that issue my daughter did pretty good. It had been a while since she shot, and I was happy the recoil from the .308 didn't bother her. A nice fellow shooter loaned us his large sand bag for her to lay the gun on so she could shoot better. You meet the nicest people at shooting ranges.
  6. Nikon's warranty is one reason I purchased one of their scopes recently. Plus, reviews of their products mostly all seemed very positive.
  7. LOL, I suppose I could take a picture of the front lens, showing the loose lens's laying on it inside. From the outside you can't tell it's broken, unless you look through it or at the front lens, and or shake it and hear the loose lens's rattle. I plan to site in the new scope on Thursday or Friday. I suspect it will go well. I wasn't a fan of the Pentax, but you can't beat free, until free breaks on you.
  8. I got 11 boxes of that stuff at my local wallyworld a couple weeks ago at 7.00 a box. I bought every box they had. It's not bad stuff. My PA10 shoots 2-3moa with it. No malfunctions at all with it. If I can find it again, I'll buy it up again. Great range blasting ammo, and I'd use it for hunting in a pinch.
  9. My Pentax scope is busted. I was shooting yesterday, and suddenly my shots started to walk on me. Then, suddenly it went blurry. No adjustment worked. A closer look revealed that some lenses inside came loose, and were bouncing around the front of the scope. It was toast. Time for a new scope. So, I went to Academy and picked up a Nikon Prostaff 5 3.5-14x40 SF BDC. It was on sale for 219.00. I've never owned a Nikon scope, but was very impressed by the clarity and sharpness as I looked through it, and compared it to other similarly priced scopes. So, I figured since it was on sale and I liked it's features and it appeared to be good quality, why not. So, I took it home and mounted it on my PA10. I'm hoping it will do well for me. Has anyone had experience with this particular scope? How do you like the scope? I've downloaded Nikon's SpotOn program to my phone so I can more effectively use the BDC reticle. It looks pretty easy to use, and pretty versatile. I'd be interested to hear y'alls opinions on this particular scope.
  10. If you're on a tight budget, I doubt there's anywhere less expensive than PSA. You just have to make sure you use their stuff mostly. I'll probably put together another rifle from them at some point. I'm really enjoying mine.
  11. You can get the PSA PA10's even cheaper than that if you watch the sales and buy a complete upper and a complete lower. Then put them together. I got my upper for 399, and the lower for 179. 578 plus the 30 dollar transfer fee. So, 608 out the door. I added a set of 50 dollar scope mounts, and a free scope, and I'm in business. Mine works good, and seems to shoot decent enough. I haven't tried many brands of ammor or sizes of bullets. It's been mostly milsurp and factory 150's, because I'm a cheap bastard and can't stand spending tons of money on expensive ammo, lol.
  12. Thank YOU Matt. Cross Ammo will be here on the 14th.............................................must.................shoot...............more.......................
  13. I've got a couple Simmons scopes. One is a 3x9 that isn't on a rifle at the moment. I thought about using that one on the PA10, until my friend gave me the Pentax. On my bolt 30-06 I have one of the older Simmons 44mag scopes. It's been flawless for a long time. Once I zeroed it I've never had to adjust it again, ever. It's been a great scope. So far I do like the Pentax. It'll just take some getting used to, because I've never used a scope with that large of magnification. It's definitely not a woods hunting scope. I'll be using it on an upcoming deer hunting trip though. Me and 8 buddies go on a hunt up in the panhandle of Texas in December every year. It's a meat hunt, and we shoot nothing but does. We are allowed 3 each. The hunting area's are mostly fields, and mostly long range. Well, long range for me. Most of my shots last year were 200+, with one kill at a bit over 325yrds. For me, that's long range. I'm used to East Texas woods hunting, where shots are typically less than 100yrds. Sometimes, much less. And, I use a crossbow a lot. So, this long range hunting is not something I do a lot. I may also use it on a ranch out near Post Texas. I go there usually once a year to hunt hogs and aoudad sheep. Ranges can be long in the caprock country there. My longest shot there was close to 350yrds. On those hunts I typically have my bolt guns, the 30-06 Savage 111, or my Browning A-bolt .270. Once I get comfortable with a good solid load with this new PA10 it'll probably go along on those hunts. I have a feeling I may need to go to 165grn bullets or larger, from everything I'm seeing online, and youtube. It seems like these rifles prefer the heavier weight bullets. The ammo I have right now though is all either 147 or 150grn. The Remington 150's being the most accurate. With what little practice I've done so far, I'd be comfortable attempting a shot on a deer out to 200yrds with the Remington stuff. With a little more practice, maybe farther. I need to find some of the Remington 165's so I can see if they'll be more accurate. If they are I'll use them for the hunting. So far all I've seen is the 150's and 180's. I'm not ready to spring for the 180's, as the velocity is a lot less, and I'm not sure how badly that will affect my poi at longer ranges. I don't want to lose too much velocity by going to heavier bullets. I shoot the 165's in my 30-06, and they seem to be the perfect compromise in that caliber. So, I'm hoping to find some for the .308.
  14. Glad all is ok. I sure thought it may be worse than it was for Florida.
  15. I gotta quit coming here. I just spent some more money. I've not tried the Malaysian ammo, but I'm going to now. At that price, why not. I didn't get a can full, just 5 of the 40rnd boxes. It'll be good plinking ammo if nothing else.