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  1. I use the Larue MBT 2S in my hunting AR's. They work well, and are fast. A couple weekends ago I lucked into a group of hogs at about 200yrds. It was as close as I could get. Thankfully, they were in a large clearing. First shot resulted in a drt, second shot resulted in a hog dead that ran approx. 30yrds and dropped, third shot miss, fourth shot resulted in a hit and blood trail to the property boundary where we couldn't go. That third hog is probably dead, but we'll never know. The Larue MBT 2S triggers work very well. And, I personally can't see any way that they slowed me down in my shooting. Those hogs run pretty dang fast. The rifle, a PA10 with 18" barrel, 168grn TTSX handloads at 2552fps five shot average.
  2. Welcome from south of Houston.
  3. On the extractor issue, I can confirm that a JP extractor will work with a PSA bolt, and function properly. When my extractor broke, the claw just snapped off. I contacted PSA and they sent me a new BCG complete. So, I decided to repair the old bolt with a JP extractor. I got it from Primary Arms as they are close to me in Houston. The JP extractor works like a champ in the PSA bolt in my rifle.
  4. My reloads are using Varget as well. Works good for me.
  5. Mine likes the Barnes TTSX 168's. The factory loads shot into 1.5" for me. My reloads do about the same. I got decent accuracy from the Federal Fusions as well. With the 150's I was getting 1.75" groups on average. It was good enough accuracy for me. I've hunted two seasons now with my PA10, and that kind of accuracy is fine for the hunting I do.
  6. I bought my PA10 a while back, and have had it a couple years. I was blind as a bat, so to speak, when I bought it. And, I did what 98Z5V said a lot of folks do. I thought it was over gassed. So, I put on an adjustable gas block. I added tungsten weights to make it a H3 buffer. I added a couple quarters in the tube to stop the BCG from hitting the rear of the receiver. I never changed out the gas tube for a longer one, and I have never even looked to see how long it is. I've never changed out the recoil spring either. I guess I'm pretty lucky it runs good. Well, it seems to run good anyway, to me. Everything I've done to it seems to work, and work pretty well. I've not had any problems since I've made the mods and gotten the gas block adjusted. So, I guess my question is whether there are two ways to skin this cat? Or, am I shooting a rifle that likely will need further modification in the future? I do expect to have to change out recoil springs at some point in the future, like you would with any semiautomatic firearm. So, I wouldn't really count that as a modification unless I changed to a different spring other than what PSA put in it. And, if I did, couldn't I just readjust the gas block to accommodate the new spring?
  7. I haven't used the POF trigger. However, I've used the MBT, and love it. I've also used a single stage CMC on it, and it was nice and light at 3.5lbs. I went with the Larue MBT. I like it a lot better. It's smooth, light and crisp on the let off. Very little, if any creep after the break.
  8. I love mine. It's a nice trigger. There's been a few Geissle guy's that have hoorahed me in other forums and facebook pages when I suggest the Larue MBT's. It's as though they're scared of them or something. Like, the Larue is some kind of threat or something. They always seem to attack the MBT's quality and finishing. Hell, to me the Larue MBT's are better finished than most after market triggers I've looked at, including most of the ones over 200.00 no matter who makes them.
  9. You'll like the trigger. I love mine. Well worth the wait, and the money.
  10. One of the first things I did to mine was add tungsten weights to the buffer to make it an H3. That was one of many mods I made to make it run decent.
  11. I like the CMC single stage triggers. Crisp, no creep, real nice. I also have a couple Larue MBT 2s triggers that I like. If I need anymore triggers they’ll likely be CMC’s.
  12. I've found contacting Josiah, who has the PSA account here, is the best option. He is pretty good about getting things done for you. At least he was for me.
  13. Did the OP ever get his rifle back from PSA? Is it up and running yet?
  14. I thought about that. However, I'm always concerned when I have to add bits or pieces to a gun that need fitting, and I would have been concerned about the piece falling out or getting knocked out. What I'm looking for is one grip, in one piece, that is similar to the K2+. I like the angle of the K2+, and I like the rubbery feel to it. The Hogue comes real close. I just am not a big fan of the finger grooves. That's why I took mine off from a different AR in the first place. It's better than the OEM grip though. So, it's getting put into service for now.
  15. I like the look of that Hogue grip. I actually have a Hogue grip that doesn't have the beaver tail on it. I put it on there, and it works ok for now. I think I'm going to get one with the beaver tail though, as I like a thicker grip overall that what came with the rifle.
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