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  1. PA10 for deer hunting

    Check out this thread: bfoosh006's work . Bfoosh006 has done some amazing work with PA10's, and the new PA10 in 6.5CM. Check his threads. Because of his work I made some of the changes to my rifle. It's some really good info.
  2. PA10 for deer hunting

    I'm originally from Darlington, WI. It's been quite a few years since I've lived up there, or visited, but I sure remember the bitter cold during the winter. That's the main reason that once I landed in Texas I stayed. My dad was in the military, and we ended up at Ft Hood in 1977. I've lived here ever since. Once you get your PA10, if you find that it's a bit over gassed, there's a few tweaks that I did to mine that you may be interested in. One was an adjustable gas block. Many here suggest SLR. I'm a cheap bastard, and love less expensive gear. So, I went with an Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 adjustable gas block. It was less expensive. The set screws matched up perfectly with the stock set screw dimples on the PA10's barrel, which was a pleasant surprise. An adjustable gas block was probably the single best improvement I made on mine. The stock buffer is an H buffer. It has one Tungsten weight, and two steel weights in it. I went on Ebay, and found a deal on a set of three Tungsten weights. So, I took out the two steel weights and added two tungsten weights to the buffer, making it an H3 buffer. That helped a lot with smoothing out recoil impulse, and allowed a bit more dwell time. The other thing I found that needed attention on mine was the bolt was putting marks on the receiver end, indicating it was slightly out of time. So, I put a quarter behind the recoil spring and that seemed to fix that issue for me. The last thing I did was add a M4-72 muzzle break clone. Again, being the cheap bastard that I am, I went to Ebay and found a knock off from Hong Kong for 28.00. It works great for taming recoil, but it is very loud to bystanders. With those mods on my PA10 it shoots great, and has shot everything I've put in it with no issues, even steel cased ammo. The recoil on the rifle is now about like shooting an anemic 5.56. A day at the range is very pleasant shooting this rifle now. I did find that my rifle likes running wet. Lube solves lots of problems. So, I run my AR's wet. Enjoy building your PA10. I don't think any other manufacturer can match the value for the money in the .308 AR platform.
  3. PA10 for deer hunting

    LOL, we all miss every now and then. My comments weren't meant to insult you. I'm sorry if they came across that way. Often times I see folks on forums inquiring about AR styled rifles, and sometimes guys have the impression they'll increase their chances at taking game due to increased rate of fire. And, most of the time that's just not the case. In my neck of the woods the AR styled rifles really come into their own using night vision and hog hunting at night. Those 20 and 30 round magazines can come in handy during hunts such as those, and help to take down several hogs out of a group. And, running shots are the norm after the first rounds are fired. Suppressors are also a popular thing down here for the same reason. They often allow for more shots at hogs which have no clue where the shots are coming from, nor where to run to. Agriculture fields can be large, and suffer lots of damage from hogs down here. So, it's more about controlling a pest than being sporting. I've got some friends I go with every now and then. It's a ton of fun. On a regular deer hunt though, the AR styled rifles probably won't be any better than any other type of rifle. A bolt gun will be just as effective on running game. At least that's been my experience. Don't get me wrong. I love my PA10. And, my plan is to harvest whitetails this coming week with it, hopefully. I think everyone looks at hunting a bit differently based on their geographical location, and the traditions in their area, and how they were raised. Sometimes, especially on forums, folks may not take that into consideration and sometimes come off a bit pushy with their hunting style. Shucks, I've been guilty of it. Many of us have. I think if you're interested in a .308 AR for deer hunting the PA10 from PSA is a great one to get into. Mine is pretty accurate, and fun to shoot. I think you'll enjoy one for hunting. And, when you get it, TAKE PICTURES!! I love seeing pics of rifles and dead deer!!!
  4. PA10 for deer hunting

    What part of Wisconsin you hunting in? I have a lot of family that live, and hunt, in Wisconsin. Most of my family live in the South Western area of Wisconsin. Area's around Madison, Monroe, Darlington, Argyle, Livingston, and Montfort area's.
  5. PA10 for deer hunting

    First, as a hunter, I'd suggest that getting a .308 AR is NOT so that you can spray and pray you hit the target animal. This idea that all hunters take running shots at deer is simply not accurate. In fact, I would suggest it's the opposite. Most of my hunting friends want the deer broadside, and standing still. They take great measures to ensure they DON'T take a running shot. With that said, I think the PA10 in .308 will make a great deer hunting rig. In fact, I put one together just for that purpose. And, I'll be using it deer hunting this next week. On a side note, I will say that fast follow up shots on deer can be made with a bolt gun, especially a light weight and good fitting bolt gun. The PA10 is much heavier than ANY of my bolt guns. And, while the rate of fire on the PA10 may be faster, it's much slower to get into action due to its weight and size. In fact, if I were to pick a rifle for hunting a drive it would NOT be a PA10, or ANY .308 AR due to their weight and size. A light weight, slicked up, well fitting, bolt gun with good optics is MUCH better. And, YES, I've shot at running game and killed it WITH A BOLT GUN. However, I prefer a standing broad side shot. A .308 AR is NOT a fix for inadequate abilities with a bolt gun in a hunting situation. Here's a pic of my PA10.
  6. I can't see most of the photo's either. Not sure why. I do see a couple though, but the rest don't show up.
  7. I think bfoosh006 has done the most extensive work on the PA10 platform so far. I'm on a lot of gun boards, and his work has been the best on it. And, in my experience with my rifle, he is spot on. Once I made a few tweaks to my PA10 it's running how I like it. Out of the box it came way over gassed, and the bolt carrier was out of time just a bit putting marks on the receiver. However, it shot everything I put into it. I think over time, as with any new model of anything, it'll get better and better.
  8. PSA should be paying you for your write ups!! Once again, thanks for the hard work!
  9. PA10 shooting good

    bfoosh006, I tried some of the 150grn Fusion, and it shoots good. It and the Core Lokt stuff are neck and neck. They both shoot to the same poa for me. So, that's good. Right now I'm down to one box of Core lokts, and I have 3 boxes of Fusion. So, the Fusion is going with me on my hunts.
  10. PA10 shooting good

    Here’s another. The only ammo they had for the .308 was the Malaysian milsurp. Keep in mind these youngsters have NEVER been allowed to take any of my rifles to the range by themselves. This was their first time on their own at the range. They didn’t do too bad. My son, mitch sent me a pic of one target. All their shots with my .308 was at 100. They weren’t concerned about groups they just enjoyed blasting with dads .308, lol.
  11. PA10 shooting good

    I let my 20 and 18 year old sons take my rifle to the range yesterday. They had a ton of fun with it. Some of their texts let me know the mods I made were the right ones. Thanks bfoosh6 for your suggestions and hard work on your PSA PA10.
  12. PA10 shooting good

    Thanks! I studied your thread extensively. I learned a lot from you. I may go with a Tubbs spring if I need to in the future. Right now she’s running great. Very fun to shoot.
  13. PA10 shooting good

    The first was a Pentax. A lens came loose inside of it. The second was a Nikon Prostaff 5. The O ring seal on the objective lens came loose.
  14. Scratch that. My Nikon took a crap on me. They were willing to replace it, but I was a bit impatient and took the scope back to Academy. Their range finders don't have a lifetime warranty I didn't think. I know the Vortex range finders do have a lifetime warranty. And, Vortex is what I'll be buying soon.
  15. Holy crap, the Nikon took a dump on me too. After about 100rnds the O ring seal on the front lens started coming out. So, the Nikon went back to Academy. My rifle now wears a Vortex Viper 4-16x50 HS LR. No more Nikon for me.