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  1. mley1

    Why sell an AR10 with a H buffer?

    One of the first things I did to mine was add tungsten weights to the buffer to make it an H3. That was one of many mods I made to make it run decent.
  2. mley1

    Barnes 168grn TTSX in a PA10=Good Stuff

    I like the CMC single stage triggers. Crisp, no creep, real nice. I also have a couple Larue MBT 2s triggers that I like. If I need anymore triggers they’ll likely be CMC’s.
  3. I've found contacting Josiah, who has the PSA account here, is the best option. He is pretty good about getting things done for you. At least he was for me.
  4. Did the OP ever get his rifle back from PSA? Is it up and running yet?
  5. mley1

    PA10 grips?

    I thought about that. However, I'm always concerned when I have to add bits or pieces to a gun that need fitting, and I would have been concerned about the piece falling out or getting knocked out. What I'm looking for is one grip, in one piece, that is similar to the K2+. I like the angle of the K2+, and I like the rubbery feel to it. The Hogue comes real close. I just am not a big fan of the finger grooves. That's why I took mine off from a different AR in the first place. It's better than the OEM grip though. So, it's getting put into service for now.
  6. mley1

    PA10 grips?

    I like the look of that Hogue grip. I actually have a Hogue grip that doesn't have the beaver tail on it. I put it on there, and it works ok for now. I think I'm going to get one with the beaver tail though, as I like a thicker grip overall that what came with the rifle.
  7. mley1

    PA10 grips?

    I've been thinking about changing my PA10's grip. I really like the Magpul K2+ grip, and have them on most of my other AR's. I haven't tried to put one on the PA10 yet, but it appears there will be a gap between the frame and the beaver tail of the grip. Is there a K2+ styled grip that will fit the PA10 with no gaps? I like the angle of the K2+ grip too, and any grip I get would need to have that angle to it.
  8. mley1

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Gopher, looks like you're gonna be all set. Keep us posted on how she shoots when you get her back, and on the range. Great work 98Z5V. That front site base looks clean man. Very nice.
  9. mley1

    Some meat for the freezer

    That's pretty cool! New Zealand is on my bucket list of places to go.
  10. mley1

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    This should be very interesting. Thanks for doing the work to find out what's going on with Gophers .308. I looked at my gas tube position in my upper. It too is short. So, I suspect that my recoil system may be very similar, if not the same, as Gophers. I did the mods I did to get it to function because early on I was experiencing the bcg hitting the receiver, the appearance of over gassing.......etc. Same symptoms.
  11. mley1

    Initial thoughts on PSA PX10.

    I look forward to a range report.
  12. mley1

    Barnes 168grn TTSX in a PA10=Good Stuff

    My buddy has a Barnes manual.
  13. mley1

    Barnes 168grn TTSX in a PA10=Good Stuff

    My friend and I already did that. We went up to 45.3grns. At 45.1grns ejector swipes on the Brass were a bit heavy. Then at 45.3grns primers we’re starting to flatten a bit. I didn’t see any increase in accuracy. So we settled on the 44.7 load as it showed the best accuracy with no pressure signs. I’m getting usually MOA groups with occasional sub MOA if I do my part. The EPT trigger wasn’t to good for shooting good groups. So I put in a CMC Lantac ECT1 flat trigger. I’m anxious to see how the new trigger affects the accuracy. I haven’t had a chance to hit the range yet to try the new trigger.
  14. mley1

    Barnes 168grn TTSX in a PA10=Good Stuff

    44.7grns of Varget is getting my a five shot average of 2562fps. Accuracy is on par with the factory loads. I like these bullets.
  15. mley1

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    I'm gonna be interested to see what the real problem was. And, what the solution will be. Thanks for keeping us posted.