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  1. Did you get the JP spring kit with the red hammer spring, or the yellow hammer spring? The red hammer spring is part of their enhanced reliability spring kit. It's supposed to help with preventing light strikes. I put the JP enhanced reliability spring kit in mine, and have no light strikes on steel cased ammo. I agree though, the PA10 definitely needs a better trigger. That's on my list of things to get as well.
  2. Nice groups for sure. Great work, again, bfoosh006!! Thanks for taking the time and effort to post your findings and groups.
  3. mley1


    If you want some cheap plinking ammo check out the Malaysian milsurp ammo. My PA10 shoots the stuff pretty well. It can be had very reasonable, for now. Other than that, I've started reloading for my serious hunting ammo. That stuff is REAL expensive to buy at the lgs.
  4. mley1

    First .308 Build PROBLEM

    Could that problem be caused from having two different companies for the upper and lower? Since there's no real spec for the .308 platform having an Aero lower and a Davidson Defense upper could be causing the problem due to a mismatch and lack of compatibility. Or, am I wrong in that thinking?
  5. mley1


    Gotta love a day out shooting!
  6. mley1

    PA10 GEN 2 Tube Marks

    Yea, the A2 front sight will complicate things a bit. If it's running good now it may be best to just run it, especially if you like the A2 sight. Mine was a ff rail, and the low profile gas block. Two screws holding it on. The hardest part was changing over the gas tube from the old gas block to the new gas block. that little roll pin was a pain. Other than that it was an easy swap.
  7. mley1

    PA10 GEN 2 Tube Marks

    Those extra tungsten weights slowed her down a bit then. An adjustable gas block makes a big difference too. It was well worth it for me. My barrel, the 18" SS one, came dimpled. And, the Anderson AM15 adjustable gas block was a direct fit. It was real easy to switch it out. It's on the low end of cost for adjustable gas blocks. Even so, it's been working very well for me. My muzzle brake was the last mod I did to the rifle, and it helped as well. In fact, I've put similar muzzle brakes on all of my AR's because I liked it so much.
  8. mley1

    PA10 GEN 2 Tube Marks

    Sounds like yours wasn't as over gassed as mine was. Mine was beating the hell out of me, and the gun. Plus, ejection was between 12-1:00, with an occasional stove pipe fte. The adjustable gas block was a good fix for that. Once I got the gas adjusted it purs like a kitten. I also added a muzzle brake, m4-72 style. That helped with the recoil and muzzle jump as well. The way mines set up now it's about like shooting my 5.56's. It's a very pleasant gun to shoot. Although, you definitely want to have hearing pro on, even when hunting. This past season I made the mistake of shooting a deer without my ear pro on, and rang my ears a bit. Luckily, it was cold out and I had plenty of head gear on. My stocking hat helped a bunch. Adding the two extra tungsten weights in the buffer helped a bunch too. Once you get yours where you want it, you'll really enjoy shooting it. I started reloading for mine. And, have a pretty good hunting load worked up now using Varget and Barnes 168grn TTSX bullets. Good luck with your rifle and keep us posted on how she's doing.
  9. mley1

    PA10 GEN 2 Tube Marks

    Bigfoot, did you put an adjustable gas block on? And, if not, where do your shells eject to? My gun was over gassed pretty bad. So, I needed an adjustable gas block to get ejection to the 3:00 area.
  10. mley1

    PA10 GEN 2 Tube Marks

    I just eye balled it from the opening in the upper. I looked again, and just guessing it's about 1/8" give or take.
  11. mley1

    PA10 GEN 2 Tube Marks

    Good to hear you got her running right Bigfoot. Mine took two quarters. JTallen83, if I recall correctly I had a touch less than an 1/8" clearance from the bolt catch. Mine locks back after last round every time. No malfunctions at all with the different mods completed.
  12. mley1

    Texas high school shooting

    Yea, I understand. The whole discussion on this is a tough one for me, since I knew many of the people killed. And, when I think to myself of all the ways this could have been prevented, yet the school administration hadn't implemented any of it, even though they could have. Texas law allows for districts to train and arm teachers that want to be armed. In fact, we have districts already doing that very thing. And, then there's the side issue that has come up regarding bullying. I could write a book about the bullying in my school district. I had to remove my youngest son from the district due to severe bullying. In fact, it was so severe that kids had threatened to kill my son. We reported everything to the principal, nothing was done. We reported to the superintendent, nothing was done. We went to the school board, nothing was done. We even went to the SFISD police, and again, nothing was done. One child even brought a knife to school, and threatened my son with it. My sons crime, and reason for the bullying, he was a black kid in an all white school. Santa Fe is well known in the area as a location where the KKK live. In fact, one resident here has a large brick wall and gate at the entrance to his place, with a a very large dragon, and the words Dragons Den at the entrance. It's rumored he is, or was, a leader in the KKK. The police said they could do nothing until SOMETHING happened. What that something was is anybody's guess. Because, they took no interest in the allegation that a kid brought a knife to school as a threat to stab my son. So, I removed my son from the district and enrolled him in a charter school. He excelled, and graduated a full year before his peers. He would've been a senior at SFHS this year. I'm glad I got him out of there. In SFISD there are lots of good people, teachers, admin, and students. It only takes ONE though to commit this kind of heinous crime, this kind of tragedy. I truly love my town, even with all of it's faults. The tragedy should never have happened. It was, and is, preventable. It is just going to take men and women in power to drop their nuts and do something about it. And, it's going to take people that live here to insist they do something about it. My biggest fear is that this situation will just be forgotten over time, and nothing will be done. People have a way of just, forgetting. They'll go on about their lives, and forget what happened in my little town. And, when the smoke clears, it'll be the same podunk town with the same problems it had as before. Just waiting for another tragedy to happen.......................................
  13. mley1

    whiny people at range

    All of my AR's, including the .308, have muzzle brakes. They're LOUD. I've had a few folks make comments, and ask what I'm shooting. I heard a fella next to me exclaim once "that damn thing knocked my hat off". LMBO, well, I'm sorry sir. 😁
  14. mley1

    Texas high school shooting

    Think about the last sentence you wrote. Also, think about why you conceal carry at all, anywhere. The last ten words you wrote say "until the SRO or person WITH A GUN CAN ARRIVE". Well sir, if you're carrying concealed you are ALREADY there with a gun, and can defend yourself or others. If you're unarmed, you're at the mercy of the killer. AND, you're now waiting for the person WITH A GUN. Think about that for a minute. God bless our teachers. I love all of them. After I retired from the prison system in Texas I went to work in Santa Fe High School as a substitute teacher, and worked with the two teachers who were killed. I'd give anything if I could have been there to take their place. Instead, after about 3 months as a sub and seeing what goes on in the high school, I went back to work in the prison system, where my skill set was more appreciated and useful.