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  1. i want to see him with the fatal gun shot wound in his worthless head
  2. I've noticed there hasn't been any pictures of the coward that started this mayhem ..only the interview of the hero that took him out. If anything, they could show the hero holding up the head by the hair with the bullet hole through his forehead....you know, as kind of a deterrent
  3. interesting..I'm thinking the interior of my V Seven titanium bolt carrier is on the outside of tolerance dimensions. Maybe i can get out next weekend to shoot it...see what happens.
  4. 2nd focal plane. I'm looking at a vortex viper gen 2 5-25 for prairie dogs out to 400 or 500 yards. I'm concerned about the ebr-7c reticle obscuring the view at higher magnifications
  5. did a google search for jp gas rings and got this site. www.nokick.com they're selling the new and improved one piece jp gas ring. looks like a key chain ring. they say it reduces friction yet improves the gas seal. Apparently...its the future🙄
  6. does it pass the stand up test with the bcg standing upright on the bolt without bcg falling into the pin notch in the bcg?
  7. just got a call back from a tech at V Seven. He mentioned JP has been using a one piece gas ring on their bolts..Macfarland ring i think he said. Said he hasnt seen or didnt see any issues with it. We'll see. There isnt any slop side to side, just very resistance going into the carrier itself
  8. I'm just really curious if it'll be ok to shoot it like this. I swapped bolts with my previous build, a 6.5 CM, and there seemed to be at least some resistance as i pushed the bolt into the carrier. Are there available fatter gas rings to take up a little more space, or is it even a big deal. What's the worse that can happen ?
  9. i just finished a 6 cm build on a aero precision set of receivers. A seven V carrier and a jp high pressure bolt. Very little resistence (if any) between the carrier and gas rings. havent shot it yet
  10. I ended up purchasing a sd tactical brake. They recommended the Titan mini and i bought a pig cover along with it. From what i understand the pig cover directs the gas and sound out the front. We'll see how it works in a few weeks and I'll report back. I put most of the lower together last night after chasing springs and detents all over my kitchen. I just ordered the wrench and the upper vise block to mount the barrel to the upper.
  11. are these brakes installer friendly? I've installed exactly 1 vg6 brake. they used a crush washer to allow the brake enough of another revolution to be straight.
  12. speaking which...your comment makes me rethink my quandry. A brake is nice for shooting with earmuffs but deafening when shooting/hunting dogs. I need one U can use a cover on when not needed
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