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  1. Radioactive


    Could be a tight chamber and the slightly longer 7.62 is not actually achieving full lock up. Is it leaving marks on the primer when it dry fires a live round? Run commercial 308 until broke in as r squared suggested then try the military version. 308 specs a slightly higher pressure than 7.62 but only by a little. Both are fine in either rifle chamber. go over to the intro thread and tell us about yourself where your located etc. Oh and you don’t have an AR10. AR10 is Armalight You have the rock river version which is a different pattern. DPms is another pattern as well. Many parts are not interchangeable between them - unlike the ar15 which is a mil spec pattern and ar15 parts are interchangeable between the diff manufacturers. Just to keep it confusing.
  2. Don’t tell 98z he’s still waiting for his LaRue stuff.
  3. So much for manufactures word. Don’t forget the dowel when you drill. nice and slow, let the bit eat. don’t over rev and heat it up - dulls bits.
  4. Radioactive

    My last Elk

    One of the reasons this place is great.
  5. My wife actually bought me a banjo about a year ago - I really like bluegrass. i have yet to do anything with it - maybe it’s time.
  6. Radioactive

    My last Elk

    I do like veggies - I’d eat it.
  7. Now you just need to run some rounds through it. Looks good!
  8. The only real regret I have in life is that I never learned an instrument. Hell I can barely play the radio.
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