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  1. My bad - I went back and checked it was @Armed Eye Doc that called the rule on @DayWalker for some reason I thought it was you. So solly
  2. He rubs it constantly saying this is my rifle this is my gun...
  3. You will prob be the one to call it out. DNP=rulemeister
  4. New tactics https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/06/us/ny-nra-lawsuit-letitia-james.amp.html
  5. Some others may be able to give you more specifics but my pistol length gas 375 socom uses a .101 gas port subsonic with a suppressor and a .116 gas port for subsonic unsupressed. subsonic rounds barely has enough gas press to poop out the bullet so the gas port has to be larger than normal supersonic size.
  6. Along the lines of uphill going there with full in your face wind coming back. Gotta work both ways no easy button.
  7. That right there may be the biggest issue with this group. We all have heard the t-post story so a camera should be an even easier target. It would suck to spend 500 bucks on a target camera to have it blown to hell first time out.
  8. You look pretty young in that one nice shirt btw. We get em here along with cotton mouth and copperheads. Kill em cause we got chickens and dogs running around and the wife doesn’t watch where she steps.
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