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  1. Condition one baby! Nice holster for loosing your 45 on a horse but she sports it well.
  2. Nice! Most I think run suppressor height sights with rmr. I currently have no backup sights on my Glock 17 with rmr. I will probably add suppressor height sights once I’m consistently drawing with red dot in view upon presentation. Gotta admit I haven’t practiced much but vow to do better.
  3. He‘a comfy being all camo’d out blending into his carpet surroundings. I have a striped tabby he’s huge but thinks he is a dog.
  4. Just turn it into a belt fed like in the original sales pitch vid.
  5. I want to figure out the tiger stripe and predator patterns. I think next one will be in duracoat.
  6. Thanks man wish I could do em like that last one of yours I saw.
  7. Got to be a first for everything. First rattle can camo attempt. Didn’t turn out to bad
  8. I got my winning tickets and I’d tell you fokkers to save your money but it’s for a good cause. So pony up guys
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