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  1. JP Silent Captured Spring MSRP: $140 Paid: $125.95 Very happy with this, lighter than expected! I found this for $15 cheaper the day after I bought it from JP, oh well. Leupold VX-R 2-7x33 MSRP: $715 Paid: $394.95 Got this used on eBay, they normally go for around $450 with the duplex reticle. This has the BDC reticle which they don't make for this optic anymore, and I am absolutely in love with it. This was my budget option for a scope. I want to either get a 1-6 or 1-8 depending on how the 7 power works for me. The true 1x scopes are a lot pricier because all the competition guys are using them. Odinworks o2 Lite 17.5" Handguard MSRP: $225 Paid: $183 Heavier than advertised on their website, looks great though. I want to upgrade to a vseven handguard but that's almost twice the price.
  2. WGxCopy

    308 coupon code and forum support (possible gaw?)

    Just put in an order, great design!
  3. Timney Skeletonized AR10 Trigger MSRP: $324 Paid: $208.33 I've had my eye on this for a long time, I prefer single stage triggers and from what I've seen online I am going to love this trigger. I definitely would have gone with something else if I didn't get such a good price on it (thanks black friday). Skeletonized is sexy af. MFT Stock MSRP: $60 Paid: $33.35 Not much to say about this, pretty basic stock for lightweight builds, decent price. Valkyrie Dynamics Cobra Grip MSRP: $65 Paid: $54.99 I chose this strictly for the looks. This company is known for 1911 grips and muzzle devices, I plan on getting matching 1911 grips eventually. Could have saved an ounce or so with magpul, no big deal. It gets pretty cold because it's metal but I always wear gloves so that won't bother me, and I am indifferent about the A2 grip angle.
  4. You guys are a bunch of idiots, I think I will fit in here.
  5. Fresh in the mail from black friday deals: Faxon 18" pencil barrel I initially wanted a gunner profile, but this was too good of a deal to pass up. I'm hoping this exceeds my expectations because I've heard great things about Faxon. Paid: $171.69 shipped. MSRP: $269
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I did see that thread and it's an awesome build! I've been planning mine for a while and have meticulously gone through every option for parts. I'm not a fan of the brigand arms handguards, and not going for absolute lightest possible because the cost just isn't worth it for some parts. I'm in the process of buying everything right now, it should be done in 6-8 weeks. Keep up with this thread if you want to see another sick build 🙂
  7. Brownells titanium BCG I picked this up with black friday sales. I still would have purchased it either way, but got a great deal on this. Still the most expensive part besides the receiver set. The color is a bit darker than what it looks like on their website, I am very pleased with how this looks. This saves about 6 oz off of a normal BCG. MSRP $380. Paid $288.
  8. Hello, welcome to my progress thread! I am going with a .308 for a few reasons. I want a rifle I can hunt with. Semi-auto for tactical shooting. Stopping power makes me happy. I want to see how light I can make this while still being comfortable and relatively affordable because .308 ARs and AR-10s are known for being heavy. This isn't a home defense weapon. In my opinion a handgun and flashlight is more than enough for any real situation. If I wanted a rifle for home defense it would be a suppressed AR pistol. I don't want a cookie cutter build. You see Aero builds with magpul stock/grip and geissle trigger everywhere. I like being unique and this build will reflect that. I will be posting parts as they come in. I will include weight, MSRP, price I paid, and why I chose that specific piece over others. The total cost should be around $2k for the rifle, and $2600 with optics. Weight of the rifle will be under 7 lbs without optics. Feel free to use any pics posted in this thread as long as you give me credit.
  9. When I got to my first unit in the Army I did some land nav and went to the range with a sniper platoon. I wasn't a gun person before the military. These guys had decked out m110s and the only rifles I had seen before were the m16 and m4. We went out in pairs on this 3 hour land nav course, there was lots to talk about. My partner was telling me about one of his deployments, how the Iraqis would get hit with 3-4 rounds from an m4 and keep shooting back. Well, when he takes a shot with the m110 they drop, period. Even with plate carriers, there is so much more force behind the round they might not be dead, but they are out of the fight. I've been hooked on the .308 ever since.