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  1. willbird

    Noob PSA PA10 build :-)

    If you are going all out on the rest of the parts it might take away from the whole package, but part of my intent was a cheap upper to blast the steel case steel jacket Tula ammo. Bill
  2. willbird

    Noob PSA PA10 build :-)

    I have tried to take pictures :-)....found better pictures on the web actually. https://www.ar15.com/forums/industry/PA10_Gen1_and_Gen2_cosmetic_differences/301-280299/ To some it might be "ermergerd that sucks" :-)....I like to have parts around to try new stuff....so my thoughts were that the upper would be used for something. I have not seen any Gen II uppers avail for cheap yet :-). Bill
  3. willbird

    Noob PSA PA10 build :-)

    It all started with a PSA daily deal for the PA10 complete lower EPT and Magpul NMIAD ACS-L for 149.99 and free shipping, too cheap to pass up 🙂 Then there was a daily deal on Gen I stripped uppers for $59. Next came a Bear Creek barrel for $60...I am kind of interested in chopping an 18" to 16" and doing a 16" faux dissy so not much lost if a mistake was made on a $60 barrel :-). Then an AIM sports 15" rail on sale for 49.99 kinda black Friday. Added a Toolcraft BCG and charging handle from WC Armory. Final parts were a OdinWorks adj gas block and a gas tube from Brownells....10% off and free shipping :-). Still need PSA GEN2 PA10 Complete MOE MIAD ACS-L EPT Lower Receiver - Black - 149.99 PSA Gen 1 PA10 Stripped Upper Receiver 59.99 BCA AR-10 Barrel, 18" 4150 Black Nitride SOCOM Barrel, .308, Mid Length Gas System w/ 1:10 Twist 59.84 AimSports DPMS Low AR-308 15" M-LOK Freefloat Handguard 49.99 Toolcraft BCG 115 Charging Handle 15 OdinWorks adj gas block 78.99 Brownells gas tube 8.99 still need PSA PA10 EJECTION PORT COVER ASSEMBLY 13.98 PSA PA10 FORWARD ASSIST ASSEMBLY 12.95 Total 564.69 Could have done it with non adj gas block for $495.69 I did not include shipping in all cases...tried to get free shipping where I could. Muzzle brake of some kind will add a few more $$. Parts on various truck as I type :-)...should have everything last week. Not my first AR build, second I suppose, but first large frame build. Bill