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  1. willbird

    98's 6mm ARC

    The wifi signal 800 yards would be the issue, there are antenna avail, even folks making home brewed ones that people use to plug into public wifi from miles away tho. I have set the software up that he is talking about, it is pretty simple overall.
  2. For sure, it might slip right in, and the EMS folks will never believe it was an accident. There are only two sound reasons for running a long barrel, it adds enough velocity to be worth the weight, or you must run iron sights and it gives you a longer sight radius, but a bloop tube will do that too ;-). Bill
  3. Lots of internet folks feel that people who say the 105 AMAX works for them in a 1:10 actually do not have a 1:10 :-). I can hook you with a few 105 AMAX, they are coated with something called "Danzac"...which is a kind of moly spin off product, Titanium Disulfide maybe :-). Does not look like Green Mountian makes anything tighter than a 1:9. Shame really, their product seems good and the price is good, and lots of stuff is "in stock:. Bill
  4. 105 AMAX will fit, they are a sort of stubby bullet for weight, and in a 26" barrel could hit 3126 fps, but my 1:10 rifling twist will probably not stabilize them. QL says 2847 in an 18". Apparently the 105 AMAX I have are collectors items :-). .500 BC, they were one of the first polymer tip 6mm heavies as I recall. They are not nearly as explosive as vmax.
  5. Fire formed cases hold 57.0 grains of water maximum case capacity overflow which is what QuickLoad shows for 243AI.
  6. Ok adjusted the headspace issue. and where this was all leading, or the next step was... Will 5 dummy rounds made from fire formed and resized cases feed from a Pmag working the bolt by hand ?? The answer is............yep like butter. These are 75 VMAX, fore formed with a maximum 243 load of superperformance.
  7. willbird

    98's 6mm ARC

    Growing up as a teenage kid I worked ballistic tables from the back of the bullet makers books, I worshiped at the alter of ballistic coefficient :-). I would hope the VMAX stay around, or a bullet as equally high BC and explosive on small critters :-). The composition of the polymer tip should not make/break the explosive potential we would hope :-).
  8. Absolutely, yes. The OD typically is not exactly concentric to the bore unless you turn it concentric. Indicator up in the hole is the best way IMHO. I have reworked a few factory 700 remington barrels where nothing ran true to anything else, when you got the bore dialed in all the other features were wobbling all over the place :-). Bill
  9. This is what goes on at the other end of the spindle. I indicate the OD to get close, it is faster to eyeball than trying to get it close with the indicator up in the bore.
  10. Here is how it goes up in the lathe. There are far more than 1 ways to do this, one can get stuck on dead center so to speak the first time trying to decide the "right" way. I found the way that is right for me so far :-). Final indicating here is with a .0001" indicator, and I get it .0000 runout or as close as possible.
  11. Ok for some stuff done today :-). Left barrel at 26" for initial test work and 1.2 dia, it kind of re defines "bull barrel" hehe. Headspace is a bit longer than I want, will take the ext off and shorten that up. I used sharp corners on my gauge to measure cases and make a headspace gauge, the reamer has a radius at the neck shoulder junction. Easy fix.
  12. to us mochinists that would be "four tenths of a tenth" which can be measured. GM engine heads we held a dowel hole diameter + - 12.5 microns. The old shcool guys would go "oh crap this hole is three thousance oversize"...and I would say "john those are microns, it is aluminum, and it is 105 degrees F just out of the wash process"....and I'd get a sheepish "oh yea hehe". Bill
  13. willbird

    98's 6mm ARC

    The Science on those projectiles is pretty interesting too, I'm sure you know but here we go :-). At sustained high velocity like we get if we put some stank on a bullet and it retains it due to a high BC older design polymer bullets the tips heated up and they lost BC. The stated BC was "true" but not true in many real world conditions. I was looking at the 90 grain ELD X compared to the 87 Vmax (both .243) the Vmax is .400 BC, and the ELD X is .409. The Vmax probably still wins for varmints 50 lbs and under. yes the ballistics by the inch are cool. The test gun was actually a "gun" not a universal receiver so maybe the velocities by inch are calculated with Quickload ?? In my experience Hornady is pretty good about answering questions :-).
  14. willbird

    98's 6mm ARC

    A guy could two just to balance out his load :-). arm insurgents of opportunity, good stuff like that :-). Hornady did say ... "This 6mm ARC reloading data is intended for use in gas guns (e.g. AR-15’s) and kept to a maximum pressure of 52,000 psi. Do not exceed the maximum charges. Separate data will be provided for bolt action firearms." case capacity is really close to 6ppc from what I am reading.
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