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  1. they are saying 7.93 lbs. 18" MID-LENGTH .308 WIN STAINLESS STEEL 16.5" M-LOK
  2. Palmetto State Armory is proud to introduce a lighter weight version of the PA-10! The PX-10 is designed to bridge the gap between the larger build of an AR-10 and the slimline feel of an AR-15. The new PX-10 18" Mid-Length .308 Winchester Stainless M-Lok Lightweight MOE CTR EPT Rifle is the perfect solution to give you the power of the .308 cartridge without the heavy & bulky feel of a traditional AR-10 platform.
  3. https://dsgarms.com/upper-receiver-parts-arm10007005 Looks like they might have some in stock. Bill
  4. You can find them elsewhere but I'd make sure that you are actually getting the proper part. I was looking all over trying to find a picture somebody posted that showed all of the different lengths avail. Neighbor just bought an Aero upper and Aero seems to have gotten it exactly right with 18" rifle gas as far as tube length. :-). Bill
  5. Armalite carbine gas tube is 12-1/16" long Ar15 mid length gas tube is 11-3/4" long. My Bear Creek 18" which they call a "mid length" had a gas port location which left the AR15 mid a lot short and the Armalite carbine a bit long, a bit long worked great. Bill
  6. Don't buy a CMMG 350 legend barrel, it has about 4 angles of suckiness. Many other options now. it was $180 from Brownells when there were not a lot of other options. I'd throw down for a Faxon now. Several places list them cheaper than Faxon MSRP. Bill
  7. Or even the Enhanced upper and hand guard. The enhanced rail is BAR pattern which is a somewhat standard interface. After much agony I settled on the enhanced upper and rail and I have not regretted it one moment. If your not going exotic with a $200-$300 rail the Aero stuff is really neck and neck for weight with other offerings in the same $$ range IMHO. Bill
  8. IMHO the very best drills I have ever used were Titex and Ghuring...but those are not what people typically mean by "import". 🙂 Bill
  9. The only aero M5 upper I have is an enhanced, and for sure a standard ar15 wrench worked on it because I do not have anything else yet :-).
  10. It will work on the inverted barrel nut on an Aero enhanced M5 upper.
  11. For generations they provided an end run around retail, plus ran retail stores too, more than one had their own rebranded guns cheaper at retail than any gun store's wholesale price typically. Smaller business can still do well if they provide service, but most of them "can order it for you"....well hell I can order it for me, and be sure the proper thing was ordered ;-). Many of our small business drive to sams club to buy supplies rather than use the restaurant suppliers. Business is business. Get politically active with the profits in a way that kills my freedoms, and I will stop shopping with you if you are big or small. Bill
  12. Like Sears and Roebuck, Kmart, Western Auto and many others did ?? Bill
  13. Looking at savings catcher for Q1 2019 they have lost around $6,000 a year from my household. Our money went out of county, and out of state in the bargain.
  14. And the anti gun libs already hate Walmart and for darn sure will not flock there to support their anti gun CEO who is speaking for the Corp. they plainly have lost sight of who their core customers are, and who they could attract as future customers.
  15. If I look at voters in my county that did not vote for trump I see 12,000 voters, figure at least 6,000 households. At even $100 a week for groceries that is $600,000 a WEEK, and around 31.2 million bucks a year. Yea they would feel the burn if those 6,000 house holds told them to pound sand like ours did. To me and my wife it is about the CEO statement far more than stopping the sales of some sku. As far as immoral employer practices, how can they force free people to work there ?? Short answer is they can’t, so if you stay working there it’s on you. The free market sets the value of your work but only if your welcome to use your feet to get paid better. I can choose to shop stores which are non union. They so far beat Walmart as far as having things in stock and price. Walmart stopped price matching via their savings catcher app.
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