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  1. Yea that totally sucks :-(, after I read the first post I was googling the part and looking at it on their web page. Did they offer to replace it ?? I know with my AP Sig shorty there is a HUGE difference in recoil impulse between no brake and a Surefire brake, and that all takes place within the barrel where the recoil is created, BUT I have no idea what the actual recoil looks like on paper. The same recoil impulse (maybe 80% of it ?) must be created as the bullet goes down the barrel, then it is countered by the brake. I seem to recall seeing that something like 20% of recoil is gas jet effect after the bullet has left the barrel ?? There are some videos out on the net of 50 bmg stuff showing the rifle moving rearward, then the brake pulling it back forward on those cases, can eat up some scopes that take "normal" recoil in stride just fine. Bill
  2. I'll toss it right in there with the folks who say they have an "AK" when they mean that they have a semi auto AK variant. :-). I do use "AR10" when speaking to the unwashed masses, they get it. "LR308" or "AR308" are better search terms if your looking for parts. Doubtful that I ever own an actual "AR10". Bill
  3. "Grips Hi-Point, seafoam and peach Freddie Mercury commemorative $499+shipping" Dude can we see a pic of these ?? They must be killer :-). Bill
  4. If so could you take a tape measure and dial calipers to it and make a sketch of the barrel contour diameters and lengths from where it pulls up against the upper ?? Bill
  5. Kinda late to the party but I have a BCA 308 barrel, it seems to be capable of 1MOA or maybe even better (have not tried the good bullets yet). I'm very sure that there is nobody offering a better barrel cheaper ;-). Bill
  6. Just in a general way I typically try not to say make a 3/8" slot with a 3/8" endmill....just from my experience both cnc and conventional they get upset when they are wedged into a slot, cannot think of a better way to say it :-). They will pull depending on direction of cut, if you had a 3/8 in there I'd use a 1/4 and walk it around ...if we were doing cnc we would roll out the radii on the end..manual we just make it a rectangle with really big corner fillets :-). Roughers also help a lot, you can bury them deep and they do not start to chatter and shriek :-)...but they need a finish pass after to make things pretty. Bill
  7. PM sent.....I'd rather not quote their prices for them :-). Bill
  8. Honestly if you buy a bear creek barrel building an upper might be cheaper than PSA uppers perhaps. Then you can use whatever upper the 80% mfg says works best. You just need a barrel wrench and a reaction rod.
  9. They are a little cheaper buying 3 instead of 1, I'd be in for an 11-1/8". Bill
  10. Correct anodizing the surface is actually as hard as sapphire. 70 Rockwell is the aprox hardness but you cannot use the rockwell test process. A HSS drill bit is about 60 Rockwell C. So proper anodizing is harder than an HSS drill bit and will ruin their cutting point. Spotting with a 120 degree carbide spotting drill will get through the anodizing, probably most jigs do not provide bushings to do that from each side ??
  11. I did ask them what their โ€œheavyโ€ buffer weighs. Bill
  12. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-gen3-pa10-18-mid-length-308-win-1-10-stainless-steel-15-lightweight-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-ch.html Might be some good stuff, adj gas block, heavy buffer (I did not see a mention of weight) and they reworked the lower so a variety of BCG would not crash into the lower. Nickle Boron two stage trigger is OEM now. I'm kinda all in for Aero Precision now tho :-). Bill
  13. I want to have White Oak Armament make me some gas tubes before I make any final decisions. I have not had anything back apart to make sure my shortened gas tube is 100%, drilling the cross pin hole in 304 stainless was a %$#& and the end result was not Swiss watch perfect :-). I need to let the checkbook catch it's breathe a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ but for the final line up I really want one of these gas blocks. Bill
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