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  1. Make sure you do not inhale those ones .001 and in that range :-). A human hair is .003 or so depending on color :-).
  2. willbird

    98's 6mm ARC

    I ordered 3 triggers and got them way quicker than I’d hoped :-). I agree it is crazy out there as far as finding in stock parts or reloading components. Bill
  3. Honestly I have had some of them about a year, but I just put them on, sight in, and leave them alone, my uses do not find me adjusting elevation for other ranges once sighted in. There are some avail that have a huge knob to tighten them down, the one pictured with the flat head screw is a lot nicer, personally I would never buy the one with the knob. Bill
  4. I read a 400 page thread on ARFcom where people who actually owned the $2500 thing posted and nobody ever measured one to see if it was over the 13.5 "length of pull". I am not going to go back and read 200 more pages ;-). Nuttin about that thing made me want to sell $2500 worth of plasma to get one ;-).
  5. Ordered up one of these, they get decent reviews for the most part. Needs a different mount for co witness but that is not a primary concern to start with. Primary Arms SLx Advanced Rotary Knob Microdot Red Dot Sight - FDE
  6. I am really fond of the UTG sights And a Tasco TRS-25 co witness with them....using the large aperture as a ghost ring pretty much. Got the tailhook ordered, ordered some ASC 15 rounds mags in FDE, ordered three of the LaRue MBT-2S triggers, ordered a Kaw Valley linear brake in FDE. So all the parts should be ordered, some are here.
  7. Got a bunch more stuff ordered. Faxon 12" gunner profile barrel Aero precision BCG M-LOK rail covers, Type 2 Magpul hand stop.
  8. Wife has been saying she wants an AR. Wants something "not everybody has". Lined up some parts to build her something unique :-). Aero M4E1 lower (picking up today) Aero M4E1 stripped upper (on order) Aero 12" qunatum rail and BAR nut (on order). Will use black rail and FDE furniture with FDE M-LOK rail cover type 2. Thinking of using a KAW Valley linear comp to make sure muzzle is clear of 12" rail :-).
  9. Kind of thinking the 90 grain GMX might be a good option to create a barrier blind round maybe.
  10. Looks like Graf and sons has brass too.
  11. That is a good way to do that, I had a couple ideas rattling around but this one will work fine :-).
  12. GA Precision. It shipped. Bill
  13. Thinking a little on muzzle brakes. Most if not all barrels are coming 5/8-24 thread. That leaves us with mostly 308 brakes. Another option is to take a 5.56 brake and open up the bore dia. For a couple of my projects I am cutting the muzzle threads myself. Surefire makes a break but it technically is a 6.5mm brake. https://www.surefire.com/products/suppressors-division/muzzle-devices/socom-muzzle-brake/?sku=SFMB-65-5/8-24 I'm really a devotee of the cheaper Surefire procomp.
  14. Ordered some brass, that was in stock. Dies from Optics planet, estimated 3-5 days, shell holder. I have pretty much settled on 10.5-11" In for a penny in for a pound, to 300 yards the difference between 11" and 14.5 is not huge enough to pull me away from the original concept of a short light setup :-). Load data is here, posted it in the master thread too, recommend downloading it because it will only be there until the next Hornady manual comes out. Faxon barrel and Brownells BCG showed up. Bill
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