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  1. it has no mfg markings at all ?? if not it almost had to have started as an 80%. Mfg name, city, and state are required as well as a serial number for something sold as a firearm. The 80% folks offer custom selector engraving.
  2. willbird

    wtf thread..

    is that Janet Reno at 2:56 ??
  3. That little lip along the top edge where upper mee ts lower is an Palmetto state armory Gen 2 or gen 3 attribute ?? If you are buying a complete working gun I am not a bit afraid of PSA, I have a gen 2 lower that I put a gen 1 upper onto. BUT parts interchange as far as other uppers will be an issue, and PSA gen 2 stripped uppers seem to be chronically unavail.
  4. Does not look like an Aero to me ?? Close up of both sides would be helpful.
  5. What is really really fun is when you break up the concrete, dig down into the ground and along the way you find the broken concrete from the LAST time somebody broke up the concrete and fixed the water line. I was cussing that %$#&* the whole time.
  6. OK here we are mocked up with Faxon pencil 18" 308. Lacking a gas block. The rules say for total weight it needs sights or scope and a magazine...but without those. Lower 2lb 6.6oz Upper 5lb 3.9oz Total 7lb 10.5oz. So 2.5 oz heavier than projected, 6mm bore will add a litle weight unless I pare it off in the lathe :-). The rail and nut actually weighed in at 13oz, guntec claims 10oz :-(. (Total Weight Including Barrel Nut Is 10 Oz!!). A smoke composite would 8.53 total...not gonna go nuts over a few oz :-).
  7. Why not ?? Person I know online who does visiting healthcare set up a bedroom which has it's own bath for a family member who may have been exposed. Fan blows air out window, plastic sheeting seals up everything but controlled house air intake point into the room. The building I work in is at negative pressure, not so much on purpose. Dust collectors and ventilation remove air. Air makeups heat air and bring it in. When it rains we can and do reduce roof leaks by taking steps to relieve some negative pressure. You can open any door on any side of the building and it seems like there is a wind blowing into it :-). Bill
  8. People get way way too twisted over twist :-). Good barrel and good bullets in 6mm as one example a 1/8 will still shoot under 1/2" with 75 grain bullets. Crappy barrel and crappy bullets does not shoot worth crap anyway. I would not lose a wink of sleep going 1/10 instead of 1/11.375 ;-). Bill
  9. You can set that room up for negative pressure with a small fan blowing out the window ?? Bill
  10. I totally mis understood it when I read it the other day, sorry 🙂
  11. So sorry, Type O was the highest risk, A was Lowest, B in between. Reasons unknown, and as with other data we know that often regional and ethnic differences might mean it does not cross over fully to another group of humans.
  12. https://therightscoop.com/watch-ny-doctor-says-his-hospital-already-using-chloroquine-for-coronavirus-patients-and-have-had-zero-deaths/ Dr. William Grace told Ingraham that they have 100 patients and have had zero deaths after the use of Hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine is the less toxic version of Chloroquine.
  13. I am thinking ahead, I pre dug some holes for looters. I guess some people are fine on the anti malaria drug, like 1/2, 1/4 can tolerate it, the other 1/4 totally cannot tolerate it.
  14. It would have been early yes. The Chi Com govt had just allowed the news media to report on it Jan 21, the same day the CDC confirmed the first US case. That does not mean there were not more US cases sooner however. 86% of cases in china were not documented and something like 66% of transmission was from undocumented cases. Sounds like many cases are asymptomatic too with various theories about whether those people can tx it or not. Only a titer test of a representative population on down the road will give us a true picture. I expect it to be eye opening. Many folks can have this and never know it. My employer does have a plant in China but we have not had any confirmed cases company wide in the USA. In fact none in the county where I work (Indiana) , none in the county where I live (Ohio)...and one confirmed case a county south of where I work, but none in any other adjacent counties. Lots of contractors and vendors in and out of our place tho, and over 1,000 hourly workers. I'd expect the disease did and will do a lot of 1-1-1-1-1-kaput tendrils into the population that never made it 1-2-4-6-etc Bill
  15. My experience was February 3rd. Headache... Fever, and when I would slip into bed I had that weird poop when you touch the cold sheets it throws you into a shivering fit (fever symptom). Fever was +3 to +4 from my normal temp, my thermo might be poop as it shows me as like -2 from 98.7 normally. Any and I mean any exertion caused sweat to pour off me. Dry cough, little bit of chest congestion. I stayed home 3 days. My VO2 max was totally fukked. I have ridden a road bike a lot so very familiar with pushing to edge of Aerobic threshold, and going anaerobic and then back aerobic....there is a series of little hills on one of my daily rides that makes it fun and challanging to do that, build speed down 50 foot vertical, try like hell to hold that speed back over the next roller :-). In my everyday at work my AO is up two flights of stairs, I'm not in top shape but I can bust up those and not be short of breathe...normally. Do it ten times or more a day. Well When I got to the top even at a reduced pace I was anaerobic.....just as if I had sprinted flat out on the bike . My VO2 max was as I said totally fukked. I joked with co workers about having it....the cough lingered for weeks, fever was 3-4 days. No bowel issues, no nausea. Could have been walking pneumo maybe I dunno. I'm type B+ blood...you will hear a lot more about blood types soon 😉 I take ACE inhibitors, you will soon hear a lot more about that too. I use a heart rate monitor on the bike. if you are smashing your max heart rate running (not that I do that much) or on the bike your body is screaming at you but you still get a feel for the CV part of it. This was the same situation without all of the muscle action required NORMALLY to reach that same place where your heart and lungs just cannot deliver enough O2 to do more.
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