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  1. Primers contain lead, and lead free primers are still not very common. Based on how ignition happens inside the cartridge, I'd assume a non-trivial amount of that lead stays inside the cartridge as part of the dark residue left behind.
  2. This has been distilling for a while. Something hit me while I was thinking about efficiency issues. What if you could fill the barrel with pure hydrogen? It's possible that the projectile could exit the barrel at 2x the speed in that case. That's a bit difficult since hydrogen won't stay in the barrel for any length of time. But then I tried to calculate the volume of a barrel. A 0.308" barrel is only 0.0018 CF in volume (at 24"). It should be EASY to have that much H2 on hand very quickly if you can split some water. Already have electricity in the device. Then; it begs the question... Can't you just ignite the H2 (and the otherwise useless O2) after the projectile is already going fast in a low friction gas filled barrel? Probably.... I bought a few barrels and all the extra parts for this build. I didn't realize it was going to go so deep. But; I already posted some of the H2O gas can videos. These should stick around... They do a slow-motion / high speed camera thing; listen for the "can" to fall in the end of the audio. H2O1.mp4 H2O2.mp4
  3. LoL at those eBay listings/sales. I have a bunch of very strange stuff that might be interesting to people as well; but not prison made saws. Very nice! I probably should start trying to move some old stuff I'll never use or care about... It'll make room for all the new fun I have cooking.
  4. That's been my position in reverse (spending my cash to fill out my tools and whatnot). I'll admit; inflation recently has changed my outlook on all that. I'd rather make sure I have what I need, and what I want, since that cash is going to be worth less tomorrow. When it comes down to cleaning out my basement; I should be able to do that later... There's plenty here I don't actually need. Talked to my postal carrier the other day, and he was saying his used car is worth more than he paid for it... Holding on to cash doesn't seem like a solid investment at the moment. In the mean time; I'm still having fun with "toys" I bought even a decade ago. Plenty of things to keep my busy and amused around here already of course.
  5. I'm not sure? I wasn't trying to rob the bank... You can track bills by serial number. https://www.wheresgeorge.com/ I'm still wondering... How much tracking does the bank do? If I get cash from the bank, I spend it at the LGS, and they deposit it. Isn't that almost the same as using a check or credit card?
  6. I met her before she worked at a bank... But once she got that job I wanted to know a lot. It was strange really; she would lock the fsck up when I started asking really deep questions about some "things". Which; usually turned into more Action.... I'm serious. I'm not at all sure how King cash really is in that respect. Where's George? Became an obsession of hers for a bit.
  7. The action was good... Too bad she couldn't explain the bank to me a little better. I remain skeptical about banking processes to this day.
  8. That's pretty tight; I agree. But I wonder about this as well. I used to date a girl that worked at a major bank. But I never fully understood all that happened there... If I go to the ATM, get sequential bills, and then shop at the LGS; is that NOT tracked? I don't actually know the answer. But I'm curious.
  9. I disagree. You can't eat it. It's not really good for making much of anything. Even burning it doesn't help much unless you have wheelbarrow loads. Cash in the mattress is kind of worthless. I'd rather have a lot of other things than cash. I spent mine.
  10. Can obviously pay cash locally; and I often do with my LGS because it saves them money on credit card fees. But it's terribly difficult NOT to shop online for parts. Can't buy decent quality roll pins at any hardware store around here. And the list goes on. I've never even seen a lower parts kit in a local gun store. They seem to have adapted to the availability of parts online; though they all sell stripped lowers. Don't even think I've seen barrels for sale very often. It's what this "list" is used for that ultimately makes me wonder... Who has access to this information? What happens in response to having a list? .... If they do get retailer codes, and flag someone. What does a home visit look like? It's already happening from what I understand.
  11. That's the thing that's most concerning. Our AG has already demanding sales records from many online retailers in regards to NY state sales (Brownells, polymer80, etc.). Now this? What good could possibly come of giving them more sales information? https://www.reuters.com/world/us/nyc-california-pension-leaders-seek-payment-codes-gun-sellers-2022-08-30/
  12. Makes me wonder as well. They don't define a list of what they consider social media to be. From a highly technical standpoint; can't email and telephone conversations fall under the umbrella (the definition is very loose). And yes; the NY politicians are fully aware that they passed new unconstitutional laws. They were apparently snickering about it behind closed doors; trying to be as absurd as possible in regards to "trying to comply" with the supreme court ruling on NYSRPA v. Bruen. They even met in an extraordinary session for no other purpose but pass more gun laws as an absurd response to Bruen. Today was supposed to be the beginning of ammo background checks; but I didn't get any kind of anal probe. Also today; all the sudden, you can't buy a semi-auto rifle without a license. A license you can't actually get... It's wild. And all we can do is wait for another court to take up another case, to whittle away at the absurdity. Gun stores have been very busy as people were stocking up on things in the past few months. I want to laugh; it must look like a comedy show from an outside perspective.
  13. Found some pictures for comparison. M82 vs. short blanks. I actually found some short blanks for sale. https://www.perfectshotllc.com/product/308-winchester-7-62x51/ I'm standing behind my theory; that M82 blanks are not going to work in the can cannon because of the lawyer bar.
  14. Except for the warning stated on the website in regards to using short blanks... I couldn't find any images of said short blanks on the can cannon website. I don't have one to test; but looking at the images of the linked 7.62 blanks, they appears to be a LOT longer than the M200 in comparison to standard 5.56 brass. The brass and star crimp appear to extend roughly the same length as a 7.62x51 with a loaded projectile (which is not true of M200 blanks). My suspicion is that is to make the 7.62 blanks feed better in a machine gun; but in the case of a can cannon, it's likely to hit the "lawyer pin". Chopping standard M82 blanks down, and re-crimping them sounds like almost more effort than making short blanks from scratch. I'll be keeping an eye on this.
  15. Website says: WARNING: There is a limited blank offering due to the pin that prevents live ammo from loading. Shorter blanks are necessary to operate this system. Those M82 blanks look to be rather long; perhaps made long to simulate a projectile and make them feed better. M200 5.56 blanks, are also made from extra long brass. Shown compared to one formed with Hornady dies from standard 5.56 brass. Based on what's written there; I assume one would need to make your own blanks with the Hornady dies from standard .308/7.62 brass (not the extra long neck brass blanks use/are made with). https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1011015254 https://www.opticsplanet.com/v/544591-hornady-2-die-set-blank-cartridge.html The mil spec blanks look similarly long to standard ammo; so it's likely they won't chamber due to the safety pin that prevents users from loading actual live rounds.
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