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  1. Is the nasty smell a part of every ride?
  2. It's a speed thing. 4f is smaller and used for priming. 3f is a pistol powder; slightly faster. 2f is larger still; and slower, used for rifle rounds. Same for smokeless; pistol powder is fast. And rifle is slower.
  3. Yeah; you do you Sir. I have the same problem. You made me need to build a giant swing to make sure I know how to operate. I can maybe hang it up in the garage in the ceiling?
  4. Add a bungie cord for good measure, and steel cables here and there.
  5. I still vote for wooden outer frame (four posts); as it should be even less predictable. But I know you are all well versed already. I'm sure you can come up with even more sinister mounting. Maybe twisted chains as well?
  6. I'm working on reviving the original V3 for you. It has a nice screen. The new ones have color, and the same physical size, but more pixels. Shot timing is a hair different though between them, and I'm still working on qualifications. The labradar helps. But there are still audio recordings that I work against. The software is solid one all hardware with some version; but I'm trying to merge it all into a multi-hardware compatible blob. Sadly; bluetooth seems to be locked out in the short term due to flash memory limits. I'm ready though; it works better than all the commercial products on the market already. Just trying to get it ready for anyone and everyone that wants one.
  7. It would also make sounds if build shoddily enough. The only thing missing is the smell. Do we need some freshly killed scorpions that have started to get mildew pushed under the nose of the shooter? Or some kimchi? Etc?
  8. Swing might need a built in shot timer..... I heard some people around here like those.
  9. I was just thinking about the same thing. What if you tried to stand in a canoe and shoot at anything in a river. When the boat drives by... You're all over the place. You need to have your whole body on a swivel like an owl head; or a chicken's. This is a "CRAZY" shooting problem that I've not had to deal with. But. I guess It's time to build the swing at this place. Who thought this was an awesome idea? .... I agree. It needs to be done...
  10. I saw your feet move a few times. That's why I was thinking about options here... But you'd be grinding on the skanky carpet. You might need a special "outfit" to ride the swing and zero motion for every shot. But every swing is special. You're going to have to learn how to move with it. Building a frame of shite pine wood might be even more challenging since it could flex is unexpected ways.
  11. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. And you don't have any indication beforehand on what the swing is built like? You've not ridden it daily? That's going to be a significant learning experience from day one. But over time; you might find a rhythm of leg moves.
  12. But as long as you don't hit the chains or the floor, or the static "bed posts" you can still pump like you're riding a swing set. It would be more like a swimming action. But you should be able to thrust a bit (with practice) to negate those forces. One can do the same a on a swing set going from max distance to min in just a moments time. Just need to learn to hump that skanky dog smelling carpet while shooting at the same time?
  13. I watched your video; and you were ROCKING. I wasn't sure how the Fsks you shot again so quickly. You were moving the whole time after the first shot. How did you slow the platform after getting on it? The rules said you can't? You just had to wait it out?
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