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  1. Since I can't edit the error in my post about the "weird" 80% lower cut I stumbled across; I will link that here. It was labeled "Hell Fire Armory". It's not that those FCG locations are directly related to the mag-catch issues; but they may be indicative of a larger problem in the 80% 308 world. I still don't know enough about the variations between various upper receivers' geometry to know if they were even legitimate modifications; or just oversights in "copying" a design. I've long been curious if those changes were on purpose, to protect in terms of legal liability; perhaps by not being the "same" as the original armalite pattern?
  2. The 308Lower.pdf file is a slant style; so it may not be directly applicable to all variations... But perhaps it is? It lists the mag-catch slot as being 0.250 in height, and also contains enough references to the vertical position to compare with other files and physical lowers. The other drawings are also slant style; but the quick checks I did all matched each other in terms of those measurements. One other thing to consider. I measured my slot to be 0.250" (with the coating in the slot). There may be some slight variations in that measurement depending on the finish (sloppy machining tolerances, etc.). My actual mag-catch only measures 0.245" in height which makes complete sense; because it needs clearance to operate. If the mag-catch were in fact 0.250" tall, it would have to be hammered in, would have a serious friction fit; and be completely non-functional. 308Lower.pdf AR_10-2.pdf
  3. Tried to edit that last post; but it looks like I was wrong about Colfax Tactical being the weird one. I'll see what else I can dig up in terms of "strange" 308 lowers. I know I have a few sets of full prints of unknown origin; meaning, I don't know what particular brand or cut lowers they are supposed to match.
  4. That's an interesting question; and would likely require a decent amount of leg-work calling around. Some companies might not be forthcoming with that information out of the gate, but it's worth a try moving forward. The best place I can see to start (in this forum at least), is looking for forge marks on the lowers, and also trying to identify any unique cuts in the machining process. There is a good chance that will help sort out at least some of the differences between lowers' manufacturers. I presume there will be some sub-sets that match cut and measurement between different manufacturers. I can tell you out of the gate, that Colfax Tactical had one of the most "unique" cuts in terms of FCG pocket position; that may or may not be officially related to the mag-catch issues though. When I was digging for that information (FCG pocket locations), it was rather scarce. That was considered proprietary information by some companies over the years... These blueprint images aren't "super" helpful at this point in the conversation, but here are a few semi-related files I had laying around. I don't know off hand what the first image is supposed to be (is that Armalite measurements?); but it has a slant (not radiused) buffer tower... What's interesting there, is that there is a reference to the mag catch listed. The next question is; are there different height mag catch inserts? Are all the mag catch slots the same height; or is that where everything starts to go off the rails? If the official reference point is the bottom of the slot; and some manufacturers use a non-standard height mag catch, it may have compounded the offset issue on those particular lowers. One other thing that original poll never really addressed; is if there are proprietary upper cuts as well. I never came up with a well defined way to measure that. It could possibly be done with a series of measurements; but my ultimate curiosity was: "does the BCG position vary vertically in different upper receivers". My guess is, the answer to that question is "yes"; and that those should be sorted out. There should be an upper (some uppers) that are compatible with 0.700" measured lowers, and something else that works on those in the 0.640-0.650" range... Maybe time for a new measurement poll to ask the same question about mag-catch height; but also what upper receivers are in use (mated and functional) on those particular builds?
  5. I believe this is what you're looking for? The mag-catch height thread?
  6. Saw a bunch of fireflies earlier; but can't figure out what's up with that. I saw them early evening, and then not at all a few hours later. They were much more prolific in grassy fields nearby.... (just trying to stay "on topic") Finally dove in. Full on swan dive; belly flop. Sweet Sue's whole can of chicken for $20. None of them $5.75 deals 'round these parts...
  7. I don't think so... That'll buff out real easy with some "care". The same end-mill should do the job, or some more welding and then more end-mill.
  8. Just to be clear here... Cuomo has decided that Phase 2 can't happen now. When does that mean Phase 2 can happen? That's the ever moving goal post that's bounced around in the politics forum for a while. I am not surprised by this whatsoever. But Phase 1 means jack all to pretty much everyone who wasn't essential to begin with. Finding food is still a joke in many ways. Only takes one power outage to kill all the "fresh" food people have been hoarding and freezing. Canned whole chicken sounds like a delicacy at this point. I'm going to hunt for this can...
  9. I was unaware of that tidbit; but had noticed I've never seen him around here... I wasn't asking for any prizes; maybe need to load up on water first? Food is food; been getting "creative" since NY won't loosen the vise. Feel like he should have fried up some of that chicken skin; what a waste.
  10. That thread had my busting a gut when I first signed up here... Had to re-live it again just now. I was crying laughing at a few bit of the thread; and of course the video. I'm considering trying to find a can for myself. Seems like a great Covid-19 project; not sure what the net weight of the meat is (minus bone). But I'd drink the juice; what's the worst that can happen?
  11. That video comes from a game called "World of Guns: Gun Disassembly". It is available for free on Steam for a number of platforms. Even available on Android phones through some app stores. The Mauser 98k is an early gun; but there is likely some work required to unlock it (I can hardly remember now). This promo code may help if it's still active (press `, then type promo AF1CJ7QG); it would unlock the Mauser 98k among other things... Might be useful if you want to be able to look at the disassembly in 3D instead of the views provided in the video. And, there are other guns available of course.
  12. This. I was guessing the same by looking at the primers alone. Only time will tell in this case; and I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Just my $0.01. Welcome from New York state by the way. Good looking build from what I can see. Tuning is the easy part once the lower is tight in my opinion (and that one looks tight). That interior work in a lower is a soft spot for me though...
  13. There is actually at least one previous thread about this... I noticed their own product description also outlines these as compatible uppers: -DPMS. -Aero Precision, -CMMG, -Thunder Tactical, -Anyone who lists DPMS Generation 1! They also note explicitly that PA10 is not compatible whatsoever.
  14. Welcome from New York state.
  15. I really enjoyed watching these too! Much appreciated.
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