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    Machining, Building, Shooting, Reloading.

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  1. Lane


    Nobody casting their own buckshot?
  2. Lane


    It was a sad day when Wal-Mart stopped selling brass 7.62x39... A few years later; it's noteworthy to find it for sale online. Target sports had some 12 gauge when I looked just a few minutes ago as well.
  3. That's a 10" rail? Really dig that look; it's tight. Looks like you're strapping up for a bipod; or a flashlight (probably don't have to wonder in your case, given the cartridge for this build)?
  4. Forgot to mention, the first hints about reloading powder I found prescribed Red Dot for blanks. I never found any Red Dot locally; so I started looking for alternatives. Unique was a fairly common substitution. I also can't swear by my Trail Boss evaluation. There may be a unique reason for that behavior; or my powder could be bad. Also didn't see a lot of reason to try a full case load of Trail Boss (there are cheaper options). You have little to lose by carefully experimenting (tough to squib a can cannon). Also; I use Gorilla tape on the back of cans to beef them up. Never gotten wet; but apparently that's the other option (can explodes and you get christened by drink of choice). Been using Sam's Cola from 24 packs; if you're loading blanks, it's probably cheaper than shooting retail .223 these days.
  5. My first functional load was 6 grains of Unique; and it turned out to match speed exactly of M200 blanks under a full 12oz can. The 7 grain load pushed the can about 10 fps faster; and 8 grains made the can explode mid-air about 15 yards from the shooter. I never finished a work up with Clays. The low 3 grain loads I tried were short in terms of distance, and perhaps too slow to chrono with the labradar. I suspect 4; maybe 5 grains of Clays might work. Ultimately Trail Boss didn't work for me; but I never pushed the limits. I was able to get a nice bang with a empty barrel. But it sounded like a mouse fart and didn't move a 12oz can if I loaded one. The one thing that really bit me, was setting up the blank dies. Just a little too much crimp or seal, and the body of the cartridge would bell out such that the rounds wouldn't chamber (went in about 3/4 of the way and jammed hard). I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure that out. I ultimately ended up removing my de-capping pin and doing a full length resize on those already loaded rounds once I figured it out. They would pass in a case length gauge; but not fully chamber. There is no way to push a stuck case out either... So I ended up using an odd shaped dowel to help hammer the BCG to release those; more than once. Sadly I can't find any of those cases to take a picture of off hand.
  6. You could alternatively fix it for free if you have a file. Widen the safety selectors flat section on the side that's engaging the trigger's tail. Should take about 5 minutes at most. Pardon the random ambidextrous safety selector image; but either left or right where the purple arrows point. Be careful not to dig into the flat spot in the middle.
  7. Can't you just capture one; and go on with your day? /s "Ride" it to work? You're in Canada already. What's the problem here? You need more straps; or food for your "vehicle"? Much Love.
  8. Another sad day for law abiding citizens. It took me a while to find any significant information about this particular case. Apparently it's still up in the air where the pistol in question came from. The theory is it was one that the shooter's father built sometime before he died of a heart attack in 2017. There were other unlocked guns found in the residence where the shooter lived. They tried to float two gun charges against the mother; and the DA ultimately refused to take the case. But again. Student takes gun from home; brings it to school, and shoots kids. It was NOT like he was able to buy the polymer80 kit, and complete it himself in his bedroom undetected. Same poor parenting, and/or gun security we see time and time again. If instead the shooter used a simple revolver; it's unlikely we would be having this discussion. But because the firearm could be easily vilified; it was, and continues to be. At this rate, can't they ban every make and model of firearm within a year or so? Any gun that's been used in a crime anywhere, throughout all of recorded history? It's just not a logical conclusion to jump to. There is nothing especially dangerous about a polymer80 in comparison to any similarly designed and serialized gun. What gives this lawsuit actual merit? The father is likely to have purchased it legally. And even if he didn't; he's dead. The mother not securing firearms is apparently not a legal issue? But polymer80s are?
  9. https://www.thecornellreview.org/well-regulated-polymer80-is-just-the-beginning/ Didn't see this before...
  10. It is pointless and stupid. But how many more baby steps before these minor changes begin to encroach on everyone's regular business? If all the parts in one box are the concern; there are a number of others that sell packaged full kits. Though; maybe it's an SKU issue here? All the components in any way a'La carte is actually legal? It's still splitting hairs in terms of legal nonsense. Again; how long before that box of random parts from Brownell's is classified as a firearm? Is that definition of firearm is going to be fluid, that does apply to uppers or barrels down the road? It's not that much of a stretch.
  11. I had a few custom barrels made by Compass Lake; from Green Mountain blanks. Not sure what the turnaround time is on custom barrels with Compass Lake these days... Not try to talk you out of your current plan one bit. But as you stated yourself; there are a few things to consider either way in terms of gas system, and chamber. Compass Lake will cut a chamber to brass you send in. Doing it yourself is also a fine option of course. Very much interested in your decisions; and progress along the way. Godspeed Sir!
  12. Don't know if this is legitimate or not. A single case (anonymous source); could be confiscation from a specific target, a felon, or similarly restricted individual. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/12/11/polymer80-kits/
  13. I am certainly interested in the papers that they seized. Especially so because NY's AG had already sent threatening letters to 14 businesses that make and/or sell 80% components; requesting they retain all purchase records related to NY residents. In that case; they seemed to be targeting 80% AR lowers; with no mention of the pistol components. This builder kits though; that is a head scratcher too. I presume those kits contained an unfinished lower (frame), along with the other component parts. But that's still not a functional firearm in any way. I'm not aware of any law that makes possession of attributes like a firearm illegal. Is this the same as suspending a student of having a toy gun at home; one that was briefly visible to his zoom class? Is this going to outlaw Nerf guns? Paper, or cardboard models of guns? Finger guns? To be fair; NY state has been pushing this issue with legislation trying to make 80%s illegal. My understanding is NJ has already done so. California requires they be serialized and registered. I recently read that PA has jumped on board banning anything that could become a lower I presume that must then include raw billets of aluminum, sheet metal, casting resins, among other ordinary things; Shovel AK anyone??. A local newspaper in upstate NY reported that someone (State Police I assumed), were seizing shipments to NY customers out of the US mail, and/or other delivery channels. I haven't tested this theory myself by ordering one; and it may only apply to specific companies (I don't imagine they are currently tracking Brownell's shipments, or anything like that). This was more than a year ago; so old news for sure... There is also reason to be skeptical, since there is no rule of law here that would technically allow it that behavior. This about an hour crap though? I have no idea where that came from. I'd certainly like to see it; and have no idea how the end result could be reliable. Crap: 80% arms advertises this in a click-baity youTube video from 2014. Of course they don't show it being done in an hour. And with aluminum in a drill press? I call BS.
  14. Well stated. Still doesn't make the discussion about watching these upcoming plays carefully null and void. NY passed the SAFE Act in the middle of the night; mid-January of 2013. I fully expect further attempts to infringe; in a similar timeframe. Not just in NY state, or AZ...
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