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  1. Similar situation across NY state as a whole. There are new queuing requirements at stores; limits on the number of people inside, and isle restrictions. Like some kind of game show; where you have to get all your items in one fell swoop; or you lose (or is it that you simply don't win; still a bit confused about these rules)... I was always of the opinion that Virginia had a good handle on that kind of life; other than the times they actually got snow. Nobody could drive in the snow south of the mason dixon line. That was just a a fact of life. In Florida; heavy rain can make the road as slippery as snow, and those fools would be off the highway spun out in the medians by the dozens. Clear skies and sunny in NY; otherwise.
  2. Wait; what? My grandma said you had to do that by hand...
  3. I'm in the same boat now. Pretty sure I'll just build that setup; and use a 5 gallon plastic pail... But that's just want I wanted to know (and I didn't even know I wanted to know that). No sense messing around with small barrels or black rubber. Get it all done all at once; and probably pay even less in the end. Would not be hard to belt up a lathe motor to run a bucket slow enough.
  4. Welcome from New York.
  5. Mostly well stocked where it matters here as well. Milk doesn't last forever; and I haven't tried to resort to dry milk, or worse yet freezing it. Have repeatedly stopped to get fresh items, and left numerous stores empty handed. Eggs have regularly been sold out; butter has been cleaned out repeatedly too (but at least that freezes well enough). You nailed it on the paper products... Every type has been sold out for weeks; tissues, paper towels, etc. I've only this week seen a few pallets of tissues and paper towels roll out, before they even hit the shelves, people flock to the area like starving hyenas. Seeing a few rolls of actual toilet paper; in carts, and on the shelf was a shocking surprise... Still very much at the mercy of the NYC problems regardless of where one lives in NY State. A few other States have gone this route; and it's not looking great for any of them...
  6. Still holed up for the most part here in NY. Went to the store a few hours ago and it was the first time I had seen toilet paper since the panic begin. Albeit; only Scott brand, and not very much at all... But it was still quite a shock. I just laughed to myself and kept walking. What really got me though; was loading up supplies the other day. I noticed the vehicle next to me had someone inside casually smoking a cigarette... As I'm loading up, I noticed there is a store badge hanging from their rear view mirror. Guess what's in the back of that SUV? Multiple bulk packs of toilet paper. I highly suspect store employees in some places are responsible (at least in part) for these shortages. Hoarding it before it ever hits the store shelves. Possibly even bypassing the one per customers limits as well. What's most concerning to me is the language coming out of the NY State Governor. Crying about how we need more hospital equipment; but saying we might be 21 days from the peak. Where was the concern when people were flying into NYC and just strolling out of the airport regardless of where they flew in from? Why did we start banning people from going to work back on March 12th, when we knew full well it wasn't going to be a two-week process? NY banned large gatherings on the 12th of March; which put some people out of work (and work was lost even before that due to fears of congregation). But the whole 100% of non-emergency workers being put out to work happened only a few days ago... And you better believe, that even after the peak (still calculated to be three weeks away); we won't be re-opening things right away. So that puts some people out of work for a good six weeks plus however many it takes to ramp back down after the peak; and it might stretch beyond ten weeks depending on what level of spread will be considered an acceptable rate. What good is a $1,200 one time payment to someone that's missing many times that amount of income from lost work? And we are planning to pay the same amount for each child a family has as well? Even paying out to people that never had a work interruption? Now people are fleeing NYC in droves (which they were explicitly told not to do). But nobody, and nothing is stopping people from leaving... There is absolutely no consideration for the varied levels of distress this has caused people. Some were allowed; and able to work for weeks longer than others. There is no across the board relief being discussed for major things like rent and mortgages at that state level. The most distressing thing is that numerous employers straight up fired people so they could collect unemployment... I know an older lady that was let go this way; with absolutely no chance of being re-hired anytime soon because she is considered too high of a risk. In theory she might be able to re-apply sometime in the fall; but presumably her job will have been filled by someone younger and healthier by that time. But at least I saw some toilet paper... It's the little things that keep us going.
  7. I've cleaned all my cases by hand other than the regular bulk washing to clean off the funk. It's not fast; but I've not ever loaded a broken brass shell either. Each one gets individual attention in the process. Still curious if rubber tumbler barrels (and there are TONS of types of rubber) will wear and contaminate brass in a bad way. Especially with pins; it could scrape off and skank up the mix. I really do not know; one way or the other on that issue... Many rock tumbler barrels are black rubber. I've not tried vibratory at all. I have a number of roller tumbling options though.
  8. One can buy a cheap tumbler from harbor freight for $58 or so. It's not setup like that (with under roller driver) from what I can tell. Just plain barrels can be $20-$40+ each; depending on where you purchase them. Not even sure if rubber is a good idea with pins and brass; I use plastic barrels for all my metal work. Never actually tumbled brass myself, so I would be interested to hear any thoughts about that in particular... I actually have a whole bag of SS pins on hand that I sorted out of mixed shot; since I explicitly DON'T use pins in my other burnishing processes.
  9. I won't lie to you all around here. That was the working name of my file during design, but I figured it would be best rename the posted version so that nobody got hurt trying to use it the "wrong" way; sharp edges and all... Made a quick modification to allow a bullet tip to pry it out; and sketched out a slightly more complex version that uses and o-ring clamped between plates to secure it. That would require something like a Nylock nut glued into a hex hole (not visible on the back of one half), and some kind of flat faced screw. It unfortunately sacrifices even more of the space in the process, but not too much more. StockPlug6.svg
  10. This is a bit of a niche item; but it's also very inexpensive to produce. A laser cut press-fit plug for the end of an adjustable stock; fits in at least a few that I tried. There are a number of things that can be fit inside the remaining space with ease; and in NY we need "fixed" stocks anyway, so the space is a constant length. The plug pries out easily enough with a screwdriver, and a pair of them (at 1/8" thick) glued together holds in very tight. Could probably do even better out of some real wood sliced 1/4"+; and would be dying that some shade of black. It could also be 3D printed just the same; but I'm not totally up to speed on how much better that could be (I'm guessing worse). This was a quick prototype, and I think it worked out alright. Could easily tune it a little tighter in a few areas; but drawing is included for anyone that cares. Free! StockPlug5.svg
  11. Interesting... I did notice that shotgun shells were cleared out at Wal-Mart. Since they aren't locked up, anyone can hoard those without questions. I wasn't reloading back then; so it's a valuable perspective. I had done some math a while back as to how many rounds I could load... One thing I've considered is casting my own; I have a monster supply of lead (and some alloying elements) on hand. I already cast for my .50 cal muzzle loader: which is something I actually find enjoyable. I've heard that powder coating projectiles makes them smell bad when firing. I hadn't really spent a lot of thought in regards what other options would be available in that realm... Maybe I need to aim for a higher level of self-sufficience. I presume I can still order a few other calibers of bullet molds; not sure any of my local shops carry them.
  12. Not too worried about the power going out here either; there are plenty of essential workers that aren't being told to shelter in place. The idea of a curfew is still a bit confusing to me though... Are we going to need to justify travel if it's not during the acceptable hours? What reasons are going to be considered valid? I was aware there would going be a run on guns of course. I noticed the stores were open long beyond normal hours recently. Was actually planning to stop at a second shop; but the parking lot was overflowing. As a reloader; there really wasn't any panic in my mind. I simply noticed that one store wasn't full, and grabbed what I wanted quickly. Apparently all the popular rounds were snatched up. But there were plenty of projectiles on the shelf, and they asked if I needed powder; so I assume they had some options available. I could probably fill some gas cans just in case; but still waiting for the price to drop a little more. Truckers are still running strong out there; so I don't anticipate any kind of fuel shortages. In fact; we should have a surplus available now that there are less people driving around for work. Can't say that I don't find find watching this kind of panic a little bit amusing. As many of you have mentioned; a lot of people living urban areas are woefully unprepared to stay at home for more than a few days. And watching them whip each other into a frenzy is kind of interesting from a psychological perspective.
  13. And now this proposal of free money is national; and for almost everyone? Maybe "over" $1,000; perhaps even $1,000 a month? Better warm up those printing presses to crank out the billions in new cash money. I honestly don't want any of this free money. But if there is no incentive to opt out; how many people will willingly ignore free money? And there is no disincentive not to opt out either... Kind of sickened by that whole situation. Stopped by one of the local gun stores today to grab projectiles to round out my supply. I was told that I was the most calm and collected customer they had seen in a long time. When I walked in I had made a b-line to the projectiles shelf... It was only at the checkout counter that I finally looked up and noticed there were only two rifles left on the wall behind the counter; and neither one had a price tag dangling. I presume they were already sold, or being held for customers. On the way out I noticed the shotgun rack was also completely empty. Employees were even talking about liquidating their personal collections. Unfortunately; they also mentioned in passing that they'll need to sell their supply of pistols on gun broker, because county officials are not adding new pistols to anyone's permit. Without the county officials working; they literally can not sell those pistols to anyone in NY. Despite stores setting limits on toilet paper purchases (1 bulk pack or 2 four packs); all the shelves are still bare around here. The grocery stores that were 24 hours have begun closing between 1AM and 6AM to allow them to restock the shelves. Apparently people had been making overnight runs to clean out a certain items during the restocking process, exasperating those shortages. Still seeing a lot of panic buying (full carts for most customers)... And the scary language continues to ramp up in the news and press conferences with the NY State Governor (who is now begging for federal assistance). Discussions that shelter in place orders might come to NYC as well? That's a scary thought. Will that not cause rioting in the streets in those densely populated areas? I certainly don't know... But that sounds like a bad idea to me.
  14. Next time? The end of this time is going to be the big flip here.... Who is going back to the same job in April or August?
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