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  1. Vaulted ceilings are plain classy
  2. Not much to add to what peachey said. No shooting this season period. @98Z5V Ha ha. I listened to the video. Got to learn to play that one for my next bar jam. Maybe I can collect enough tips to finish my pencil A1 that's been stagnant. @Cunuckgaucho I've wanted to have a matched wheel and lever for some time now. It would fit very well into my cowboy action pipe dreams. They'd most certainly have to have some nice saddle leather to hang in too.
  3. Welcome. Your correct about @Peachey she's afflicted for sure. I however completely support night vision to go along with your can. It only makes sense.
  4. @Peachey I got your input already chickadee. See you soon.
  5. @Sharpshooter I thought about.44 too. I've already got dies for .45acp/LC so that was a factor as well. As for the big one, it was definitely my biggest yet. Been rear-ended. Slid down a interstate. Many low speed mishaps that we typically don't admit to from embarrassment. Still thankful to have got out like I did. Going in the AM to the neurologist to review my latest CT scan. Hoping for no surgery. Right thumb is killing me hurting but I can't reveal that to the doc for work reasons. So hopefully the neck can be taken off the concern list and I can get the thumb in line next. Left legs just going to be weird from now on but I'm cool with it.
  6. They sure don't play around.
  7. @98Z5V Oh yeah how I know. I repaired a 45-70 for a racing bud of mine a few years ago and got to enjoy it after the fact. Hold them damn tight to the shoulder pocket. I did just look at gunadapters site, they offer a 45LC insert for 12ga H&R's. $100 for a 8" rifled adapter. Really got my mind turning even if it's a novelty thing. I'm not even sure how many of those H&R's we own now. I'm a sucker for cheap uncool shotguns.
  8. Plus owning horses now it only makes sense to add more lever guns to the stable. 3 isn't enough for the mantel to look full.
  9. @98Z5V Yeah man that's exactly right. As to whether I can or not I agree too. Scary. But I'm in my head thinking about rifle weight compared to projectile/charge weight and it really makes me wonder about the recoil. Of course I can think all I want but that doesn't mean it's accurate thinking..... Maybe too much coffee and free time is getting to me.
  10. WestGaDad

    45LC Lever Guns

    In my current state of denial regarding my semi broken situation I've been toying with the idea of a 45LC carbine for up close deer hunting. I've never had any issues with recoil before so this whole neck fracture is cramping my style. My neck won't take the shock of even 30-30 recoil right now and I'm seriously preparing that this deer season may just be skipped by me. Supposedly the weight restrictions are serious too so that rules out my trusty old bow. Wouldn't trust my accuracy to pistol hunt at 30yds. My mind just keeps going back to a 45LC carbine though. Never owned or shot one. How's the felt recoil? Should hit pretty hard less than 30yds right? Any input at all?
  11. @PawPaw Welcome from GA. I'm originally from the Golden Triangle area. Columbus Lowndes Co to be exact. I model the Columbus and Greenville RR I your familiar with it.
  12. Thanks to all of you. It means a lot to me. I've certainly re evaluated some things about life since this happened. I'm going to keep riding but not in metro Atlanta traffic. I need to slow down and work and worry a lot less. I've got a super sexy caretaker that's helping me out and that too means the world. My daughter still has a Dad. We got the property that we've always wanted. I'm thankful plain and simple. I do have to share a picture of my newest toy though.
  13. @Peachey We talked earlier about this. I really want you to do next week's essential shopping at only mom and pops. See what the price difference is. I hate Walmart Kroger and the rest anyhow. I know the farmers table won't care about your pistol. They care about the customer most.
  14. @98Z5V I don't know about her either. I just don't know.
  15. @98Z5V Sweet YJ man. I really dig that. Glad to see someone appreciate the coil conversion. Definitely know your stuff. @MikedaddyH It's double cursed. Green is a bad luck bike color. So I had to do it. The *don't die* is a tribute to a Marine friend that always told me that when I'd leave on bikes. Then he lost to PTSD. I thought it was proper for a death trap bike. I'm positive he'd laugh if he could.
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