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  1. Thank you all so much. I texted with the current owner this morning about it a bit as well. I think we're going to grab a bag of carrots and one of the .22's on Sunday afternoon and just see how they do with some random shots around the property.
  2. @Cunuckgaucho Awesome! It's funny you bring up the feed because we were discussing earlier today that the hay Hopper and sweet feed pails are already completely across the field from where we'd ideally shoot from. Not a super long distance away, but far enough that a .22 would be more "bearable" of a crack. Plus we enjoy shooting the subsonics in our 2 Ithicas anyway. I think we may be on to something here.
  3. I've been searching the internet (and watching my Braves lol) ever since I posted earlier. I keep seeing that using balloons to create loud sudden noises is recommended. Also seems that a lot of folks just shoot regardless, and that the animals will eventually get desensitized on their own. I trust you guys a whole lot more than the regular old internet though! Thanks for the well wishes and everything so far. Keep any input coming!
  4. I just got home from a very special errand that we've been praying about very much lately. We have been given the opportunity to buy the small private horse ranch that myself and our daughter have been helping out at for the past year. Today was the first round of appraisal and we're looking really good. It is small, like 10 acres small, but it's subdivided into 3 different pens about 2 acres each. 3bed 2bath ranch with a detached 3 bay garage, and a above ground pool. One room tack house as well. In it's prime it was a rehab place for troubled teens and kids to get some "country" living experience. Unfortunately that all came to a end 15-20 years ago and it's just too much for one sweet lady to keep up with. We're very confident that a 100yd range (maybe more) is easily doable on the property behind the horse pens. There's nothing but a large hill and woods for 4 miles in that direction. Westgadad can have a burm made in no time with the bobcat and then we'd be good to go. The question is, do any of you know about horses and gunfire? There are 3 (2 male, 1 female) adults ranging from 2-6 years old, and soon to be a baby. The adults have never been exposed to any gunshots other than the occasional distant Hunter in winter time. Think it's ok? Can they get used to it as mature animals? Am I overthinking it? Lol. This is literally my dream home, and it's looking like after months of planning it's going to happen. I just hope the horses will be ok with it lol.
  5. @98Z5V oh yeah we love the Appleseed program! Been to two of them. The RWVA is a amazing group of people. The Sunday morning "class" is my favorite part by far! I learned more about Lexington and Concord and what really went down from those few hours than I even came close to in 12yrs of public school. I still have my little orange chamber flag, we make our daughter use it in her Marlin 60.
  6. We need some shirts or hats or something like that too. I know we've personally told 3 folks about this forum. I keep meaning to make a cutesy little shirt for myself that matches the "tacky bitch" but I haven't gotten to it. Just last Saturday we were talking to a guy with a 308 AR and westgadad pulled up the site on my phone to show him something. Hopefully the guy you spoke to will come around.
  7. @WestGaDad yep, I gotcha babe. We'll see how it goes, and maybe make a habit of it. @98Z5V I didn't even consider pharmacies!! Of course we don't have any regular prescriptions to deal with (yet) regardless, but still. I'm afraid as usual I don't have any wise words to fix these problems with the world's mentality. They are winning, and I'm baffled on how to stop them. Vote, pray, and teach I guess?!? It won't stop with guns either, I don't think anyhow.
  8. @98Z5V I believe it's a copycat type thing with the majority of these folks. I'm not suggesting that anyone turn a blind eye to it, but when it's plastered all over the news and every Google home screen, and just in your face constantly, it makes the folks that may be on the verge decide to jump on in. I do believe it's a media agenda, I do believe they know exactly what they invite with their fanatical coverage of it. It just sucks.
  9. Bwahahaha, that's amazing!!! I'm off right now to see if that place has shirts for sale!
  10. Well, I'm all for a business making their own rules. However making rules like these directly turn me off. I know Walmart won't miss my business one tiny bit, but I absolutely won't be back to my local store. Our location is the one that made national news last year or the year before (time flys) because the local news crew was reporting on a string of muggings there, when in the background (on live TV) a lady got robbed. They now have 3 Police Dept "towers" in the parking lot with cameras pointing all around and one Officer monitors them at all times. Officer, not security guard. I worked as a retail store manager in our local mall until we had a Brinks guy get killed in front of my store. The mall corporate (CBS properties) sent out a memo to all managers that we were not allowed to carry weapons of any kind for protection afterwards. I left that job the following week.
  11. Bwahahaha, funny, funny, I hear ya "dawg" as we here in GA say.... Lol. Y'all are awesome. @DNP well consider me a proud misfit!
  12. That's funny! My girlfriend's always give me crap about the random stuff we keep indoors that they'd never let their old man do. We've got a bucket of Carter AFB's that's been in the kitchen for at least 3mo's now lol. We don't have a garage though (yet), so any of the "valuable" small stuff automatically comes inside. Of course I grew up around my grandfather's shop, so I guess I was trained to look the other way early on.
  13. @98Z5V I'll have to dig deep and see if I can find the pics of me rebuilding the valvebody for the Duster 727. He had me drill out some of the plates and stuff. But the funny pics were me cleaning it all up in the guest bathtub lolol.
  14. @98Z5V yep, we're big 727 fans. Apparently my IH housing is different but the guts are the same. We've got 3 spares (L.A. MoPar housing) out of older Winnebago motor homes in our shed. He collects them everytime he spots one. He says the RV ones are beefier, and I know for a fact (cause I hepped!) that the tail ends swap right right over with regular car trannys. That's what's in my Duster right now until we finish collecting 4sp parts up and do that swap. @DNP I'm just even more in love with this forum cause we do go off the rails lolol. It shouldn't surprise me, but it's pretty cool that a lot of us have such similar interests outside of what brought us here. It's like the only social media I fit in lol.
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