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    Outside of Atlanta GA
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    Shooting sports, off roading, motorcycles, enjoying life!

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  1. @MDWeaponry No worries! I felt your pain so to speak reading your post. I'm here on the forums for the exact reason you are lol. Bought a PA10 and then figured out they're not 100% right. Good news is they are workable, and I still feel like they're a good purchase. Just wish they could be a good purchase and be right! These are really good folks around here for sure.
  2. Welcome to the forums. I too am in the process of getting my PA10 right (gen 2 also). Mine is the 18" version. Look up some of my earliest threads if ya want regarding the buffer issue I had. For the short term, 4 quarters in the tube got mine operating without damaging anything. I'm going with a Armalite gas tube and Sprinco Orange spring plus a custom made buffer as my first round of reliability/function upgrades. With that said, other than adding the quarters to prevent contact on the lower, it's run just fine. Probably 200 or so rounds thus far without a problem. They weren't very keen on any warranty work on mine until something actually broke. I decided to just avoid breakage. Welcome again!!
  3. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    @98Z5VYeah, exactly! I had on boots!!
  4. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    @98Z5V @WestGaDad Oh yeah, you can bet on that!!! We only hit a couple rallies a year if we're lucky. That was at Angel City this spring. And I don't seem to remember any complaints from westgadad either lol.
  5. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    @98Z5V Hey hey hey, that's not asphalt or even a roadway lol.
  6. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    @WestGaDad Don't you have work to do?!? Lol. I can't believe you had a picture of that LOLOL. FYI for everyone else, that was private property and within the law.... I'm pretty sure anyway....
  7. @98Z5V maybe order yourself one of the ejector springs. You could start a new build off it, and ask em who that guy was...... LOLOL
  8. @98Z5V Aw shucks, this is all I did. I didn't really tell em to find 98, but I should have lolol.
  9. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    @Lane yeah unfortunately we get a lot of riders around here using their phones nowadays. They just use the magnetic tank bags with a clear face on them to play music, or make calls, or text, or whatever. I see it in traffic all the time. But I also see it going down the highway as well. Makes me cringe every time. Of course these are normally the same guys in shorts and flip-flops riding right in the center of their lanes, if that tells you much about them.....
  10. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    I get distracted from time to time I admit, and I've had close calls too. Like they say, there's only two types of riders, those that have been down and those that are gonna go down. I fit into the "been down" category and statistically probably will again sometime. But there's basic stuff at work here. He obviously didn't hit it super fast, so I don't think speed is to blame. If not speed then it has to be attention. I didn't notice a tank bag, but I wouldn't be surprised if they discovered a cellphone was involved somehow. Still just glad he's alive. Bike wrecks scare me bad. I won't tell his whole story for him, but westgadad is a super lucky guy too. 110ish mph lay down with nothing but a burn on his left butt cheek lolol.
  11. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    Oh ok, I gotcha now lol. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Peachey

    Lucky SOB

    @Cunuckgaucho I was just curious if Marshall was someone you knew or not. I didn't want to offend and rewrote my initial comment before posting lol. But since Marshall is a stranger, WTF!!!! As a rider myself, how do you get that kind of distracted to miss a dump truck coming to a stop?!? Don't get me wrong, glad he's ok, but geez.... And yeah, westgadad is my Husband lol. Not only do we move in the same circles, we go round in circles too! Lolol. The guy he referenced was a local guy to us in Atlanta. We helped at his charity benefit to pay some bills down. Westgadad played music and I was the 50/50 ticket girl. That guys permanently wheelchair bound and still super lucky at that.
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