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    Outside of Atlanta GA
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    Shooting sports, off roading, motorcycles, enjoying life!

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  1. Welcome from GA! If you ever travel up this give us a shout! As for your wallet, IDK what to tell ya lol. Rifles in the rack are more valuable than gold.....
  2. I'm afraid the Doctor and I rained on this parade today. There's been no growth or healing in the larger C2 fracture, so absolutely no shooting or strenuous activity at all. The good knews is nothing's shifted or moving around so it's "stable". All jokes aside, we had to lay down the law so to speak. I'm sure he'll chime in on his lunch break. I want another lever action though! I think we definitely need to find one lol.
  3. @WestGaDad bwahaha I knew you wouldn't let that go!! Don't be mad babe, I'll get some meat on the table lol. I'm up BTW, see ya shortly. @98Z5V Oh I got him this season!!! I was just spying a buck at the new place this evening. Seems they like the horses sweet corn lol. If he behaves maybe I'll let him get us some squirrels.... Bwahaha!!!
  4. Welcome from GA! Like minded souls here. One of our Harley's was recently destroyed, but hey, we got a spare lol. Glad to see another parent getting the young ones trained right!
  5. So excuse the lack of makeup lol, I was working around the property all morning, but check out my awesome sign.
  6. So guess who climbed his crippled self up on the tractor today?!? And oh yeah, his tractors super sexy! LOLOL.
  7. @98Z5V his great uncle flew in the Mighty 8th on a B-17. They went down on their trip home from England and he died from exposure in the water. He's built a model of the B-17 and replicated the numbers and such. Now he wants to replicate the unit numbers on the tractor since they did use a variation of this one to pull the planes around the fields with. Says it won't be "proper" because it's not exactly like they used, but I think it'd be a cool tribute and conversation starter at a minimum.
  8. Welcome from GA again lol. I love visiting Miss. with westgadad. Maybe we can all hook up next time we travel over.
  9. @Cunuckgaucho Bwahahah, don't egg him on lol.
  10. @Sisco He's back on the clock now, just had dinner/lunch with him. It's a 2N I know for sure, but can't remember if he said 43 or 44. I know it's WWII era at least lol.
  11. @98Z5V I'm positive that's exactly where he got it from lol. I guess I always hear it from him so I place it on him, but your exactly right now that I dig into my memory.
  12. @Cunuckgaucho That's too cool! Never knew about the Mapleseed. Thank you.
  13. @RedRiverII Thank you! The power of prayer is very real. We both credit prayer for his recovery and strength.
  14. @98Z5V we were actually talking about that while we were waiting at the neurologist a couple weeks ago. I meant to look and see if there were any update threads on it, but I guess I forgot lol. One of our church friends just got a 6.5 bolt gun and westgadad was telling him about how y'all get together and shoot. On a kinda cute note, he obviously can't handle (don't over read that babe) any real recoil right now, but he and our daughter have been wearing out the .22s and sharing the tripod mount since he can't "turkey neck" as he calls it. IDK why that popped into my head, but it's heartwarming from my perspective.
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