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  1. I have no idea about this vendor, I tried a search and had all of 3 entries here. None of the 3 were conclusive. SO, how does this BCG look?: https://www.durkintactical.com/product/ar-308-ar-10-mil-spec-7-62-complete-bolt-carrier-group-nickel-boron/
  2. Where do I find any 308/large frame specific parts for the lower receiver? I already have a couple of pistol grips sitting around. Other than that what will or wont fit from AR15 to a DPMS pattern lower? I've looked at a couple places but didn't find any specific kits for the larger frame. Scott
  3. OK, it's ordered. May be a bit before I get it all assembled, but I will let you know. Scott
  4. So has anybody tried this set? Or should I piece a recoil system together?
  5. https://www.griffinarmament.com/griffin-ar10-stock-mounting-kit/ From what I read here it looks like the buffer weight is too light, but I also saw a thread showing the Griffin had it right so I wanted to check. This will be for a carbine build, 12.5 BA barrel with carbine gas, .308 caliber, and it will be suppressed 90% of the time at least. If not what correct options are out there? It looks like no parts from Armalite are available.
  6. Thank you! I was confused and thought all 308 tubes were different. I'm pretty sure I have an extra carbine tube laying around, if not they're easy to find.
  7. well, not gonna lie im worried now. We'll see what happens i guess. I don't know enough about the large frame AR's, but I hate to post a question about every part.
  8. you mean Delta Team or Davison Defense? I really hope it works too, I was unaware of a bad rep for either.
  9. Thank you! that shows me perfectly what I needed to know. Looks like a 10" is in my future
  10. So, with a DPMS BA 12.5 barrel, and a DPMS Low profile upper receiver, what is the suggested length for a handguard? I will use a suppressor and will have an adjustable gas block. I'm 99% confident that 10" is where I will need to be, but I wanted to ask if a 12" handguard would have room to attach a suppressor and get to the front of the AGB? Also, I need to find a gas tube. The barrel is carbine length gas, I have read to buy an Armalite tube but I can't see any products on their website. Where can I find the correct carbine gas tube?
  11. OK, got an upper: https://www.deltateamtactical.com/davidson-defense-goblin-lr-308-dpms-blemished.html blemished DPMS low profile $58.
  12. In addition, as I have searched I have noticed that some uppers have the forward assist in the rear, and some have it in the deflector. Any reason to worry about which one I get?
  13. Yes sir thank you. I found that barrel on sale for $110, looks like all Ballistic Advantage barrels are on sale: https://bkingsfirearms.com/product-category/lr308-dpms-barrels/
  14. That does look sexy, but....no. I have a DPMS pattern 80% lower, mainly because I'm a glutton for punishment. That and it's fun to put my own markings on it and call it whatever I want.
  15. Thanks. What about the upper receiver itself?
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