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Scott Clearman

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  1. Perfect! Exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. Thank you, I'm in Texas, near Dallas for the record. Which one of the rail heights is closer to, or the same as the height of a standard flat top AR15? I already have that to compare with both open sights and scope mounts. Just to make sure, no real functional difference, more a preference issue?
  3. So, I"m slowly gathering the pieces and parts for a rifle. For the record my plan is for a hunting gun, budget build. I"m not looking to drop lots of money for no reason, but at the same time quality parts are worth it. This is a DPMS pattern lower, actually an 80% I'm starting with. My question is about the rail heights on the uppers. I understand the differences, what I don't understand is the reasons and advantages of the different heights. Please give me some advice on which height I should be considering. What does the height affect? Scope mounting?
  4. I'm looking at some drawings. Are folks here milling with a milling machine or doing it some other way?
  5. Duh, brain fart. After replying it all came into focus. I was picturing the fire control pocket in reference to the detent pin hole. Instead its the 3 holes in the side measured off the detent hole.
  6. How do you indicate to find the detent hole location. I imagine using a rod in the detent hole to indicate against, but how do you set it up when you set the receiver upright?
  7. Would there be a noticeable difference in weight between barrels in a completed build, all other parts being the same?
  8. The Collapsible stock I had on my 16" AR15 was not comfortable with a scope. I assume the magpul fixed stock would be better in that regard. Being comfortable using a scope is one of the main criteria for this build.
  9. I am building a DPMS pattern rifle. It will be a 16" mid-length gassed barrel. From experience with scoped AR15's, a collapsible stock will be a bit too short to be comfortable. But an A2 length seems too long. I'm fine with and actually prefer a fixed stock. What options are there for something in the middle? If it matters, this rifle will suppressed most of the time. Scott
  10. Just curious, what kind of build did you use it in?
  11. They must have just changed the price. Yesterday, that BA barrel was $127. Should have bought without worrying I guess.
  12. I'm looking a building a hunting rifle, 16" and suppressing it. To that end, I want to be lightweight, although I'm not tryiung to build the lightest possible. I just don't want it to be 'too heavy'. By comparison, I have a semi-heavy barreled 16" AR15 I use for predators and I would love to be able to have a 308 that didn't weigh more than that. I'm looking at the Ballistic Advantage 16" tactical government profile in .308 mid-length. I was wondering if anyone had experience with that barrel, and if so how the build came out weight wise.
  13. I currently have an 80% 308 lower, which I plan to mill out to DPMS specs this weekend. My intention is to build a 16" hunting rig, fixed stock, semi-lightweight and suppress it. I am getting ready to buy parts for the build, am I correct that: any upper receiver will work Barrel and bolt have to match (DPMS/DPMS or AR10/AR10) and carrier is non specific hammer/trigger/disconnector can be 'any' 308 labeled set, and the rest of the lower parts need to be either DPMS or AR10 specific any buffer tube matched to a stock (non 308 specific) Buffer and spring have to work together but are independent of other parts Just trying to make sure what I think is correct actually is. Scott
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