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  1. That's nice performance! I'm surprised from such short limbs, but I don't stay up on it. Yeah, nice XBow!
  2. Nice X Bow! Well, you know, but I need to state it again, with an Excaliber one never shoots at the same place twice! Yes, it happens until one learns to deliberately open up the group. Just curious, what's the shaft weight and speed?
  3. Yeah it does. But I waited 4 years for a DT MDR and another year before I put a stop to a 300BLK conversion for it; best thing I ever did was get a refund for the conversion. So I contacted the retailer who has my barrel order. I figured that there had to be more that got lost in the bureaucracy. There was. They expect more in house on 9/15. Why couldn't they just say that!!??? 4 days difference? Really? That makes it no ETA? I expect it to change again though. We'll see. A lot needs to happen to make a carbon fiber barrel and it's like a supplier dance. With supply chain issues due to soft serve joe anything can happen. As I told them in a reply, everyone is in the same boat, even Volquartsen has them out of stock. But at that point (9/15) I'm in no hurry. I was hoping to have it for the last Steel Challenge match of the season but that's likely not going to happen. It needs to be sighted in and tested for reliability with my ammo and that takes time. I should definitely have it on line for next year though. This year if everything falls into place; what are the chances? I'll also have a new sight budgeted to hopefully keep the existing sight on the Ruger Charger Takedown (I need to mark the sight location on the frame for a return to zero since it can't exist on the frame with the new barrel) and put a new sight on the new barrel. Or vice versa. I might save the $ for a new sight and put a crap sight on the old barrel if it's ever needed. It all depends on the new barrel and if I see it ever coming off. But I like redundancy so that needs to be factored in. Also to be factored in, if the OEM barrel needs to be used, I hate crappy anything that I didn't like for first string. I want to slap on what I used and found to work nicely (and it has for years now). Lots to mull over and decide on. But really, 4 days difference makes it no ETA? Glad I contacted them for better info'. But it doesn't make for faster delivery.
  4. Barrel update (again). I just got an email telling me that the barrel has no ETA at this time.
  5. Very interested in updates. I have Walker ear buds now but they block gunshot noise and talking, but the biggest issue is that they only last approx 4 hours then die. That's the pits! The ProEars state 10 hours. That's more like it. Don't know if I need the latest and greatest like you folks got. I'm thinking the $70 unit will do everything I want.
  6. Well that sux about those sites. I figured it was too easy. Like finding all sorts of Trail Boss on hinkey sites.
  7. Is this what you're looking for? https://armalitearms.com/product/armalite-308-203-detachable-rear-sight-handle-ea5050/ Or this? https://www.zzarmory.com/productid1210/ I have no idea what happens if you try to put one in your cart.
  8. The Volquartsen barrel at the time I ordered on May 16th was said to ship in 3-6 weeks. Then I was informed that it would be shipped on 8/1/22. I just checked and now it'll be shipped on 9/11/22.
  9. I can't help with the question, but I can say welcome to the forum!
  10. I had to laugh too. Illegal to wear body armor in the commission of a crime... Isn't it illegal to commit a crime in the first place? I bet the dirtbag also has a firearm, maybe that's illegal too? I also have to comment that NYS politicians (more dirtbags) now can't wear body armor when doing their work since what they are doing is a crime. Jackasses. More laws against the law abiding folks that will do NOTHING(!) to stop or even give a pause to crime. Jackasses.
  11. You read it correctly. I decided to try not putting a GC on a bullet made for one. I had to try it 😊 . I have plenty of GCs on hand and more on order. The GCed bullets worked much better and it's not an issue to put one on as I size them. I have 2 more moulds on hand for lighter bullets; one that will take a GC and one that is made to be coated with a plain base (no GC). Experiments... The coating I'm using is Hi-Tec using their wet method. I coat them 2x then size them. If I need to I'll coat them 3x, but the twice coated pass the tests. But I'd like to recover one that's been fired to eyeball it. Maybe if I soak a stack of magazines overnight to turn them into pulp that might catch them. So far I'm happy with the results I'm getting. I never dreamt I'd ever actually need to cast bullets even though I had the wheel weights.
  12. If I get time I'll dial in these loads a bit more. Next on the agenda are bullets in the 150ish grain weight. I have a no GC (gas check) mould in hand designed exclusively for coated bullets and one on it's way to me that takes a gas check. We have an outlaw match once in awhile (If you bring it you can shoot it type match*) and I want to use the 300BLK handgun in it. So a lighter supersonic bullet is what's needed for 200 yard+ shots. I tried to buy 147gr bullet pulls but I couldn't find any. A year ago there were plenty available. Sux to be me I guess. But once I have the moulds I can make what I want and as many as I want so buying it didn't hurt at all. All of these cast bullets should be usable in .32/20 which is on a back burner at the moment. *Last year I was going to shoot my suppressed 9mm SBR. I was going to just skip the long range stage and not mortar in my 9mm bullets. But the RO brought a rifle and ammo for me and told me there was no way I was going to not shoot them. But I prefer to shoot my own gun. I think 150s will work fine for me.
  13. The wife asked what I wanted for Fathers Day. I immediately stated "Another bullet mould." So this NOE 5 cavity mould was ordered. https://noebulletmolds.com/site/product-category/bullet-moulds/308-311/309-146-sp-h2/ Surprise, surprise, the order I had with Botach that sat on the loading dock for 10 days? The one I told them yesterday to cancel and refund my money? It shipped today. Just a coincidence I'm sure. I'll bet the NOE order ships today. They handle orders the way I did when I had a mail order business. I always thought that the customers $ was loaned to me until I actually earned it by shipping their product. Actual shipping and not slapping a label on a package and having it wait until I was good and ready to ship it. Some orders got shipped in the same hour I received it.
  14. I never thought I'd ever cast bullets. But during the Klinton years I saw the writing on the wall and bought 2 55 gallon drums of wheel weights, 1500-1800lbs'. Now I'm glad I have it. At my age it's a lifetime supply. Everything else (except Trail Boss powder) I've stacked high and deep. I'll never live long enough to use all of it. If I do I'll be extremely surprised. Canuck', it's a skill worth learning. I learned on #4 buckshot. If you can cast them and fill out the mould you can cast anything. They were a curse, but ultimately a great learning experience for me.
  15. I ordered the 300BLk conversion at the same time and after it didn't show after another year (but dealers had theirs) I cancelled. That makes 5 years. I should have cancelled the entire order years sooner. After delivery DT upgraded the MDR and crapped on all their early buyers. Wonderful company. They send me emails with expensive stuff for sale and I just delete them. When I requested a refund they had the balls to charge me for the check after they used my $ for all that time interest free!
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