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  1. BrianK


    Sure, I recognize your username! Welcome!
  2. BrianK


    I just installed a Hiperfire Hipertouch Genesis in an AR build. It had a better than GI spec' trigger and I tried to live with it but just couldn't. The installation wasn't difficult. I installed it with the heavy springs to give a heavier hammer strike. You might think that would also give a heavy trigger but it's just the opposite. It results in the lighter trigger. It's single stage with a bit of take up that I have to watch to see it happen, it's that light. Then the break is crisp and the reset is very short. It's a nice trigger. The average of 6 trigger breaks was 1# 8.4 ozs. Would I do it again? Yes.
  3. Welcome to the forum RacerX.
  4. BrianK

    New Old Guy

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. The first Revolution happened over taxes, but started over firearms. If you get my drift. The left has been pushing for a long time. Near as I can figure all firearms with braces would be illegal. What got me is that heavy firearms that can't be handheld without a brace, but must use a bipod would be a SBR. Really? The handicapped can't target shoot a heavy handgun from a bench? Or if it's too light they can't do the same? Who the hell is the ATF to determine handicaps and what someone is capable of or not? Too, the "regulation" (really a law) isn't for folks with handicaps. I definitely have a handicap, my legs. I go to cardiac therapy 2x a week for it. So I guess I'm good. Buck fiden and his DOJ and the ATF.
  6. Maybe trying to somehow equate that it was too LE for the commoners (that would be us serfs) to own?
  7. I can certainly understand that. My all the time can isn't quiet so much as cheats at being short, but it handles supersonic and blast. Short and handling blast being the goals for my build. There's a review of the can in the appropriate section. My other can can only handle subsonic and I have yet to load any of those. It'll happen given enough time. The 2nd part of the article came in the mail yesterday. I haven't gotten to it yet but the first part was decent. I learned things about the cartridge that I didn't know. But yes, once it was mentioned it made sense. It's precisely why I chose the cartridge, they just put what I had seen in the data into words and explanation. (The wayback machine turns back time with a strange undulating sound) Years ago I looked at ballistics and ft/lbs and such to determine the "best" cartridge. OK, that was all bullpoopy. But that can work for certain applications and it fit my mindset at the time. But today I look more to determine certain niche applications that I need to fill. The 300BLK does what it does out of a short barrel and that's the magic. If I just looked at charts I'd have said, "You gotta be kidding me!". But didn't once I realized what the cart' design was all about. So far I like the cartridge alot. I find it easy to load for and the performance is good and as far as my build (not MY build!) I like it alot. It's exactly what I wanted to fill a niche use that I hope I never need to use.
  8. It looks like it's just the CQB now. When I bought mine they had 2 versions, the long and short "M" version . https://amtacsuppressors.com/product/cqb-7-62-suppressor/ A few years ago I called and asked about any increased sound mitigation of the longer version and was told they were exactly the same. Could that be why they dropped the longer and heavier model? IDK but it makes sense. Anyway, I originally bought it for a Desert Tech MDR, but for reasons I won't go into here that didn't happen. That turned out to be a really good thing as I built a 10.3" 300BLK handgun which wears it today. My build is both shorter and lighter than the MDR anchor. I kinda took the clue what the can was for by the subtle name. When mounted on the handgun the "barrel" length comes to 14" with it installed. My goal was short OAL and this can succeeded in that. I've shot enough indoors that I know it's not fun to touch off a botttleneck round indoors. I needed a can to mitigate the blast. That's exactly what this can is for. I tested it indoors and yup, the blast is little to none. But hearing safe? No. But if I have to use it indoors the last thing on my mind is going to be my hearing. Hearing safe is not this can's goal. Again, blast mitigation IS what this can is all about and staying as short as possible while doing it. If you're looking for the quietest suppressor available this is NOT that can. When the CQB is put on the barrel a large portion of it (6") slips over the barrel and near the middle are the threads. So even though it's almost 10" long <4" extends past the end of the barrel. It handles really nicely in tight confines. While the quietest can is NOT the goal it succeeds admirably at it's true design goal. It certainly appears and feels rugged enough too. It should last for many decades and many tens of thousands of rounds. Heck, it'll last forever at my level of use. The design is a straight through design. What I mean by that is that the barrel threads on and the bullet passes through a small ID tube (.308+ ID) that has holes drilled into it. The blast enters the holes and fills the hollow portion of the can. There are probably fins of some sort in it (there must be) to scrub some of the heat and lower the dB. But they aren't seen from the outside with a flashlight; just the tube and holes are seen. If you think of a 4" long compensator surrounded by a pressure vessel you have the basic idea. Of course it's built to tighter tolerances than a compensator needs to be . I see no difference in POI with it on or off. Can it be run wet? I have no idea. I'm going to ask Amtac. Is it for everyone? I highly doubt it. It's definitely not hearing safe and most people want the quietest can they can find. But for the right use it does what it's designed to do.
  9. Today I did a 30 round mag dump to heat things up and do a function and suitability test of "things". I never do mag' dumps otherwise and if I didn't want to get things hot I never would have done this one. Anyway, no aiming, just from the hands near the hip, as fast as I could pull the trigger, 30 rounds in a few seconds, more than 5 and less than 10, or if you're from the left 30 rounds in .3 seconds. I didn't time it so yeah, maybe like hitlers zipper to them. Yeah, that got everything hot. The can was hot enough to burn skin. the handguard did get warm but at no time would it have gotten even uncomfortable to hold. I can't imagine any circumstance where I would ever use the handgun in a similar high heat manner. The handgun functioned fine.
  10. I had a Hiperfire Hipertouch Genesis trigger on order for my recent 300BLK build, but it came in yesterday and it was installed yesterday as quickly as my hot little hands could get it done. Quite a difference. Now I have a case of 100 round cartridge boxes coming in for 300BLK.
  11. I could post a new picture but unless one looked very closely at the curved trigger it would be invisible. I am sooo spoiled with my competition triggers and have come to expect them in all my guns as long as they aren’t shotguns. My recent 300BLK build I tried so hard to like the stock trigger. It wasn’t terrible, but too heavy. Just a few hours ago today I installed a Hiperfire Hypertouch Genesis with the light (green) springs. Yeah, now that’s sooooo much better. It had a 6#+ trigger before and as I stated not terrible, just not for me. Now it’s got a 1# 8.4oz trigger that’s as smooth as butter and the break is crisp and the reset very short, maybe 1/16". There is a small amount of takeup with it but it’s very smooth. Just increase trigger pressure slightly and it breaks. My goal was a lighter trigger but to maintain or even increase the hammer strike energy. It’s definitely NOT a mil’ spec’ trigger, but I’m not a mill’ spec’ kinda guy anymore. I expect now the build is really done unless I need the heat wrap on the fore end. https://www.hiperfire.com/product/hipertouch-genesis/
  12. Hopefully you'll have time to recharge. I think I'd like Texas, just maybe not where you are.
  13. Thanks Gents. Hey, life takes priority for all of us. I see you're in Texas now, but where were you from in Maine? I'm in the Waterville(ish) area.
  14. If you mean from heat, carbon fiber handles heat very well. I expect no problems with it passing it onto my hand. It's built to handle a can under it. But I haven't gotten the can hot yet. But I can try to do so very soon. But as cans go, the way this particular can works I don't expect it to get very hot unless I put LOTS of ammo behind it. But only testing will tell. The can is for blast in a CQB situation and not so much for max' dB reduction. Most civilians, of which I'm one, wouldn't be interested in it for that reason. But what it does it does nicely while remaining short. It's definitely not ear safe for noise. But if I need the heat wrap I have it's existence in my grey matter and I thank you for that and the heads up.
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