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  1. Welcome to the forum from central Maine DD!
  2. Welcome to the forum Kevin!
  3. So now my 10.3" build wears a MRO and that works fine. But when the ATF reclassifies arm braced handguns as SBRs* what do I do? Plus I needed a second way to aim the handgun anyway. Sure, I could use the single point sling and push against it and that's still an option. But this build is to take the place of a 12ga bullpup. That shotgun is set up with a light. So I figured a light was called for, but since it's only one projectile I also wanted a laser. Anyone who has looked at them has seen $1600+ prices. I didn't want that. I don't expect to need mil' spec', I'm many decades past picturing myself crawling through the puckerbrush.I found 3 reasonably priced light/lasers from UTG, TruGlo, and Sightmark. All are relatively small. I wound up going with the TruGlo TruPoint with the green laser since it's more visible and I wanted a different color from the reticle of the MRO. Different colors makes it easier to adjust the laser to the sighted in MRO. It came in today and it looks to be a pretty decent unit. It looks to be well sealed but I didn't put it under water to test it. The light is bright enough to do the job out to at least 50 yards, and no shot in my home is 50 yards so just how many lumens are required? It's plenty bright enough for any potential longest indoor shots. It arrived with the laser pretty much collimated to the pic' rail so only minor adjustment was required.If I need to use it for clearing my home, and that's way down on my list of things I ever want to do. That's what a call to 911 accomplishes. My plan is to tuck it under my arm supported by a single point sling and use it that way in a protected position with my support hand near the muzzle for best control. I tried that tonight and it'll work fine. But I figured it would since that's what I worked out with the bullpup 12 ga.I still need to find out if it can use rechargeable Li-Ion cells so that I can break the primary cell leash and use the sun for charging the cells used in it.I'm happy with it so far.*I hope they don't but they are Biden sycophants. Of course I could SBR it too but it just seems wrong to me for the ATF to reclassify something to force me to pay $200 and register it for something that will probably be temporary anyway.
  4. Welcome to the forum from central Maine! In a general sense, what's your AO?
  5. That is an absolutely gorgeous 10/22.
  6. FWIW, it was soon after that when the army started with the surprise urine tests on the Parade Field in the morning. I never said a word but drug use was rampant and the powers that be knew it. But it was demeaning to have us pee into cups in public view and not give us warning when we woke up so that we wouldn't visit the urinal on waking. What were we going to do ? Pee into each others pee tubes to save the troops who were doing drugs? I never understood the mindset that didn't tell us not to pee when we woke up. Many mornings found me at the dispensary drinking all sorts of water to make sure I could force a pee again. I had work to do that only I could do. Army thinking. I wonder if they could detect the Chivas Regal from the night before? ☺️
  7. I've been trying to remember more from that jump and I just can't. None of the rest of it was memorable. The rest of it was just another jump. Heck, It was over 50 years ago. MC-1s were a pleasant rumor and we still used T-10s(?). At least I think they were T-10s. There was no time for even closing the hook. Oh no, there was no chance he would have known what was happening before being a grease mark in the sugar beets 10 seconds after exit. What a moron. Yeah, I could never understand the attraction to getting high. But I'm repeating myself.
  8. 98Z I can't answer that. I can only tell you that he was short and had to stand on the bench seat to reach the static line. I saw what was about to happen as we shuffled (more like a run*) to the door and I slammed his hook onto the cable before he exited. He was doing hashish and some sort of mushroom at the time and was totally out of it. I don't recall the name of it (silosybin?). He was an anal sphincter and I have no idea if he's alive today but he reached the ground safely that night. I have been known to enjoy alcohol, but never on a jump. I wanted my wits about me. There is a time and place and during a jump wasn't one of them. I could never understand why someone would do that to themselves before hazardous duty. I'm glad we never went into combat. Soon after that I joined the battalion recon team to as much as possible insure my survival based on my own wits and the volunteers in the team, and no troops around me doing dope. *My unit (CoA 12th Engr Bt 8th inf Div USAREUR) would exit the C-130 in about 10-12 seconds. Door position? Forget it. When other folks (MPs mostly) would be mixed in with us we could tell who they were when we were on the ground looking up. We'd see troopers being squeezed out of a toothpaste tube, then the others would exit as per normal. I don't think the jumpmasters had much time to see anything once the stick began moving. They barely had time to grab the static lines and pull them to the rear.
  9. I knew one troop who couldn't function unless he was stoned. But stoned he functioned well. I also knew one who tried (emphasis on the tried) to exit a C-130 at 1200' with his hook in his hand and not on the static line while beaucoup stoned. I don't suggest that to anyone.
  10. Welcome to the forum from central Maine!
  11. Welcome to the forum! Yeah, I know I'm stepping in it and asking for abuse (so you win before it even starts) but some Maineiacs also know how to make low and slow southern BBQ. I learned decades ago. Not many Maineiacs, but a few. I've had some horrid faux BBQ up here, just inedible crap. You have no idea how I bark at the flat screen when some ahole talks about BBQ and means grilling. If folks don't know what they're talking about maybe they should just shut the eff up! But that's pretty much par for the course with people in the media today. What little I know about mil spec AR10s (very little) is that there is no mil spec. I would find a manufacturer you want to do business with and ask what is compatible with what they make since they're all different. Can you ask your manufacturer what he was planning on doing?
  12. Welcome to the forum from central Maine!
  13. Welcome to the forum!
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