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  1. Welcome from central Maine! How'd this get by me?
  2. Welcome to the forum from central Maine!
  3. Welcome to the forum from central Maine!
  4. Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Vic... about Vic... I remember those Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving get togethers. This morning I watched a mess of queers go past Macys in a parade, just so they could drag the day down into their hell while mentally ill MCs acted like it was completely normal to see other mentally ill people. But Vic, obviously from the NYC area. Every Thanksgiving day there was at least one station that would show it and it's part of the traditional day. There were other traditional movies as well. Was the March of the the Wooded Soldiers part of your day as well? Rant mode off. Back to having a normal and happy Thanksgiving. The dog show is being watched now since it became part of our traditional Thanksgiving day as adults. Later March of the Wooden Soldiers will be seen from DVD.
  5. BrianK


    Welcome to the forum from central Maine!
  6. Welcome to the forum from central Maine!
  7. The problem I have with much of contemporary music is that I just can't understand what they're saying. Music shouldn't need subtitles if it's done correctly and want us to know what's being sung. Of course that's my opinion.
  8. That's what I do. I use one app to download the MP3s, but if I wanted it to it would also play it. But I use Musio to organize my playlists and to play the music. Musio also allows me to move the music from my phones built in RAM to free that up to the huge storage card. Maybe a more expensive phone has a better way to move it, but mine is an inexpensive phone. I did notice a positive with using bluetooth to send the music to my cars audio. In the past my music was on a thumbdrive and plugged into the car. It would skip and gave all sorts of problems. Using the phone there is none of that. Heck, I just waited for the mail to be delivered and spent the time ( just a few minutes) listening to the music that was already playing. There are much less pleasant ways to spend time waiting than in a warm car listening to my music. The audio quality is pretty good too. I really never wanted a smart phone when I was told 3G was going away, but it has been a good thing. I use the phone rather than allowing the phone to use me. To drive that home to friends, I tell them not to call me on it, I won't pick up and it won't be a leash for me. I also don't do texts; I'm not on that leash either. I do have ear buds, but unlike many people I see wearing them I only use them to watch a movie to keep the volume down so that the wife can sleep, or for my music to put me in a cocoon of music when I'm enduring the pain of rehab. Oh, one other use... In the shop I do have a radio that I keep tuned to talk radio since the various music stations play crap and I'm not going to take the time to test each and every one for decent music. Plus, reloading is on the 2nd floor and the radio is on the first. I bought a bluetooth speaker and with my phone near me I have full control and again, it's my music and not crap.
  9. it would have been so easy to settle without any of that "nonsense" if what occurred can be called that. Just allow a 3rd party to pay them and have them sign over their checks that the 3rd party would collect on later. Of course the troops would have lost some $ but they needed the $ right then, not promises.
  10. Right now an after dinner drink of Ouzo and water, enough water to turn it white. Later tonight before bed I'll have some Sullivan Irish.
  11. Welcome to the forum from Maine! Like unforgiven I thought most of that stuff was a no-no in Hawaii too.
  12. Since I don't know squat about anything AR10 I'll just give a welcome. Welcome to the forum!
  13. BTW, I detest word fill in or spell correct. In my post above it's supposed to be "done" and not "down". Maybe there are other errors, if I find more I'll make more posts stating what the corrections are supposed to be.
  14. I'm an old fart, I know what I like and LOTS of the new music is just mehh. My all time fav' is the Moody Blues. I can listen to them and the pain of rehab just disappears. IMO their best album wasn't down by the Moody Blues, but just 2 members of the group, Justin Hayward and John Lodge, Blue Jays. Other than classical music it's my favorite album of all time. OK, my journey into getting them in my ears during rehab. This will be old hat to many younger folks here. For years (decades?) the wife and I had flip phones that needed charging every few weeks and they did all we needed them to do. But 3G is disappearing and we were told that out lifetime phone numbers couldn't be transferred to new flip phones so we went with smart phones. I discovered apps and one allowed me to have my music. It was Pandora and I found out over time that it sucked, or it did for me. Then I discovered apps that downloaded MP3s and stored them on my phone. Musio plays them for me and unlike Pandora doesn't switch me over to Ella Fitzgerald after it times out. I have never had "my music" in the shop before but I also discovered bluetooth speakers and in fact just came in after building a shelf for one that arrived yesterday to reside on. While I was building it I was listening to Jethro Tulls Aqualung courtesy of my phone. Back to cardiac rehab, I also discovered noise cancelling ear buds and I put them in and I'm in my personal cocoon of sound. It's soooo much better than intermittent conversation or music that has the volume turned down so low as to be worthless. Other music on my phone, Olivia Newton-John, Linda Ronstadt, ELO, Jethro Tull, Renaissance, Pink Floyd, more that I can't remember. Maybe some Black Sabbath? As I remember groups that I like I download their mp3s.
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