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  1. easy big guy, calm down. I wasn't trying to ruffle your feathers. if it wasn't on this blog then you have my sincere apologies. I found that information on several pages, with a very basic search. so it is out there. They make a good decaf, maybe you should try it.
  2. Yeah, it's the DPMS Gen 2 Hunter. First AR of any sort for me to have issues with steel casings. but I think I've just been really lucky because apparently steel casings cause a lot more problems. I use steel in a few handguns for plinking, but for these AR's I'll stop being cheap and get decent ammo. I hate having to stop shooting to correct some crap that I could have avoided.
  3. it means that in some circles and blogs (including somewhere on this one) there is some bad info that says shooting (especially winchester high grain) 308 in a 7.62x51 is bad. the guy at DPMS must know exactly where I have been reading because he specifically said that was total BS. however the differences there are in the 2 rounds, my particular rifle is good with either. straight from the factory.
  4. I just had some bad cheap ammo that I used and thought worst case that the rifle might not be spec'd for 308. just me being OCD and Paranoid. it's shooting fine with a good cleaning and lube with some decent brass.
  5. spoke with DPMS today, the guy said stop shooting steel cased ammo, and that all of their AR-10s whether marked 7.62 x 51 or not, are spec'd for 308. he said shoot away...no need to do anything except clean regularly and stop using steel cased ammo
  6. I believe this is as good a place as any to throw this out there. this is going to touch on a couple of issues. 1st- 7.62 x 51 versus .308. and 2nd headspace as it relates to the 1st. Here's what happened. DPMS AR-10. the barrel is stamped 7.62 x 51 NATO. I knew enough of the differences to be dangerous in the NATO and .308. I Loaded cheap steel cased .308 to test run the rifle. Bad idea. problems feeding, misfires during maybe 30-40 rds. the worst thing (why I stopped shooting for the day) was a case head separation lodged the case firmly in the barrel. I finally got that out and over a good scotch, watched some videos and read a LOT both on DPMS and AR-10 in general. I learned that Lubrication and brass casings are your friend. SO, after getting the casing out, I cleaned, lubed VERY well (probably excessive) and fired 10 rds with PMC. worked flawlessly. repeated that cycle for 50+ rds, no issues. all this is still with PMC .308 147 grain. I continue to do research this week, and wondered if my headspace might have been an issue with the cheap ammo, and some of the tell tale signs of excessive headspace is failure to fire and case head separation. I'm open to input (Today is Sunday so can't call DPMS till tomorrow) about how I might have excessive headspace using .308 in the DPMS hunter with the barrel marked 7.62 x 51. thanks
  7. followed this post all the way through. I had same problem almost exactly. used these mags: https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/duramag-by-c-products-defense-dpms-lr308-pattern-magazine-.308-20-rounds-stainless-steel-black-2008041185cpd/FC-766897411298.html couldn't figure out why feeding was messed up. finally the one guy who said clean, lube extra, fire 10rds, repeat for 5 times...something like that. worked like a charm. these guns don't work well real dry. I had extra oil on the BCG, cleaned the spring, cleaned the feedramp, 50 rds flawlessly.. needs lubrication.
  8. same barrel in both links...260
  9. I don't know...It's a monthly kind of thing. I allot myself a monthly amount. I also bought 2 scopes off 24hr campfire (one is a red dot) and a custom leather holster for FNX-45, but that came earlier in the month. I need to start buying more expensive (better) .308 ammo. I found this forum by searching DPMS Gen II feeding issues. some good info...I think I fixed it today.
  10. 500 rds 44 magnum Hollow points 1000 rds 40 S&W Hollow points 1000 rds .308 PMC
  11. only pic so far on my desktop..I have the Colt M4 in 556 and 2 DPMS Gen II in 308 (Hunter below in the pic). I actually found this forum while looking for info on the Gen II Hunter having feeding issues. this one pictured I just got a couple of weeks ago, put maybe 50 rds though it. I found LOTS of good info on what appears to be a pretty common issue with DPMS GII.
  12. Retired Military. Roll Tide!
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