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  1. Back in 2008 is when I noticed it. That is around the time I decided to get into reloading. You couldn't get primers or casings and powder was scarce and factory ammo was out. 22 shells were non existent as well. I was working in the south after election day and it just happened to be the day after election and I had off. So I went into town. There was a line all the way out the door people standing in line to purchase semi automatic weapons. Didn't matter what they were whatever was available they bought. After that I stock up every chance I get knowing it comes every election year. Needless to say it took at least a year to get the items needed. No reason the ammo factories couldn't ramp up production long before hand. We just had our deer season and a lot of people couldn't get ammo. I just smile looking at the empty shelves.
  2. Speedy recovery hopefully. I have had 6 relatives that I know of that got Covid. All but one with some underlying health issues. All from 78 down to 10 years old. All recovered. Today I have a head cold hopefully. But my daughter and newborn (4 days) old are staying at my house. Wasn't worried of covid until now. I couldn't live with myself if I give a newborn covid. Hope all goes well for you and your family.
  3. Louiswp

    New member

    That's great, because the only knowledge I have on the AR is from you guys. Definitely a different tool.
  4. Louiswp

    New member

    25 years I have some interesting stories and places. But like any job, it has its boring times as well. Thanks for the welcome.
  5. I said whining after your initial post that you deleted. Look at the date and time. Where does it say in the forum that I have to pay to ask questions or get info? I thought that was the purpose of all the vendor listings. I have now posted on the intro section. Never seen a person so interested in someones background.
  6. Never said he wasn't knowledgeable. I never said anything disrespectful and gave all the info I could when asked by all the people trying to help. Scroll through and tell me where I said anything remotely disrespectful prior to him posting his jabs at me. I posted the comment above and its pretty straight forward.
  7. Louiswp

    New member

    Hello all, I am a new member as of a week ago. Been shooting all my life, bought a precision rifle 12 years ago and that got me into reloading as well. Since I have a .308 platform already, I decided to build an AR in .308, didn't have a clue what parts were even needed. Well with all the chaos I ended up scrambling to get parts and wait weeks for parts as well. In the process I ordered some wrong parts as well and had to settle for what I could get. Nice thing about the AR as I can always change parts later. So far I have had lots of help with my questions. My background in a quick breakdown was, grew up hunting in Wisconsin, NFO in the Navy based in Florida, then AZ, MN back to WI. as a civilian in the aviation industry for 20 years, working as a Aircraft technician then a pilot for corporations. Pretty much if it has to do with Aviation I have done it. That career has also moved me to Alaska and LA. Not the liberal LA but Louisiana. Back in Wisconsin now probably until retirement. I have hunted Grizzly and Moose, wild hogs, wolves and Whitetail. I also have an IR set up for my TRG-22 platform that I want to start hunting coyotes. My career keeps me gone a lot, so when I do have time for my shooting hobby I have to hit the ground running, then it's back to work. When I am not flying I am working on aircraft still. Plus the company I work for also has me doing things for them other than aviation. Anyone interested just ask for more info. At some point hopefully I can research more of the forums. I have purchased through some of the vendors on here.
  8. Sure thing, I copied part of it before it was deleted. I sent you all the info I had, and responded to the others that were trying to help. But the parts weren't available. So I decided to try and make my own part for testing. That's when you decided to post the comment I attached. I thanked you for the help you were giving then you decided to be a complete prick.
  9. No it's just the one guy that went on a rant. Then deleted his post. 98 is his/her user name. Everyone else has been pretty good
  10. Looks like the whining comment was deleted. Quite a forum. At least most put in the effort to be cordial.
  11. I am going to run about 50 rounds through it. Then get back to what I did. I made my own adjustable buffer to adjust to whatever oz. I want. And a few other mods. Finally said hell with it and used my aerospace experience to make my own parts.
  12. I figured it out. Now to tune it for suppressor at some point.
  13. This tube is rifle length 9 3/4 inside, 5.4 oz buffer that's 5 1/4" long, spring is 12 7/8 with 38 coils.only in stock option I could get.
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