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  1. Just a heads up in case you were not aware. Apple says gun sales violates their terms of service. Expect all gun related apps to go bye bye. Here comes what everyone has been dreading. Btw this breaking news was posted by the CEO of Parler tonight. It is an alternative social platform that has exploded since the tightening censorship and editorial slant of twitter and Facebook.
  2. Shoots well, ejects shells very well. I took advice here and lathered the BC with quality oil. 1 round, cleaned. 3 rounds, cleaned (have read arguments both ways so WTH). Still getting acquainted but pleased so far. No issues.
  3. Well their website is a breach of trademark according to your post...
  4. I guess technically you can’t call it a .308 AR since that abbreviation is synonymous with Armalite. I will just call it my **** from now on. You’ll have to guess what **** is....😂
  5. Thx. I wanted the real tree one but given the current demand it might never be “available” via the website. I had to check multiple times a day to see when this one had the “out of stock” status lifted. ive been reading up on hydro dip vs vinyl wrap. Anyone have any perspective on the vinyl wraps. I know the hydro dip pros and cons pretty well. Seems vinyl wrap done properly has a lot of benefits and reversibility.
  6. PSA gen 3 .308. 2 stage trigger option (2.5/1.5). 18” barrel adjustable gas block. Waiting on my primary arms optics and aero precision mount. Probably will put a magpul bipod on it. Atlas are damn expensive.
  7. Not directly on topic but since we are talking security systems...if you ever get a call from the telemarketer “we are selling xyz security systems”, tell them no thanks I already have a system (whether you do or not). They may be looking for targets.
  8. I found the mfg. USA based. Great reviews. Going to buy 500 rounds and see how it goes. Will report back. Bullets 1st out of Arkansas.
  9. It says lake city brass, boxer primer, Sierra match king projectile.
  10. Any opinions? Can get bulk for $0.80 per round. Brass 175 Gr. HPBT. Thought it wasn’t bad considering the current supply/demand. I’ve got to do a lot of familiarization with the new setup. it can be my SHTF supply.
  11. I was looking at putting the bushnell red dot non magnified sight on my soon to arrive PSA until I get some rounds through it. Any red flags with that? I think they are only about $60.
  12. I’ve had a General Class Radio Telephone Operators License (lifetime). I worked on television transmitters, cellular radio, and public safety radio services for Motorola. I’ve always though about doing ham and seeing this thread rekindled my interest. Then I investigate and find that the commercial license I have does not reciprocate to the amateur side. You gotta be f’ing kidding me. Lol. I passed the old classes 3, 2 and 1 certifications before they changed it to general and lifetime. Gotta love the government.
  13. Yeah. I see a lot of mixed reviews on PSA. I have a friend with one and he has had good luck with it. I’ve called their hq and stores during my search. Everyone has been very helpful. A bit of a challenge getting through on the phone with them. Gotta be persistent.
  14. Steveale

    NW Georgia

    Ball Ground, Waleska, Jasper triad. 😂
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