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  1. Is it me or are the primers looking cratered? Maybe like the load is too hot or not enough gas escaping backward through the gas tube. I used to use an adjustable gas block and my gun cycled excellent on everything. Then I switched to a Kak gas block and now I don’t have empty magazine bolt hold open on 60% of my shots. I wonder if the Kak block is a wee bit tighter inside. I still haven’t removed it to look at alignment or to double check the gas port diameter on the new barrel. The old barrel was exact same company as new barrel Faxon with a .093 verified gas diameter... so I’m thinking the Kak Block a little tighter than could be
  2. Sounds like this problem has been solved, Ehall. I also discovered that my bolt catch was too “tall” and was coming up on an empty lancer mag and catching the bolt carrier in the same spot, not in front of the bolt lugs. I didn’t have any bolt stops to compare at the time, so I just shaved a tiny bit off the Plastic follower on my Lancer to solve that. For a different bolt that I have, I might buy one of the Forward Controls stops because it looks pretty wide, which might solve the different issue I’m having with the different bolt. Good investigative work, Sherlock... Better than mine
  3. Take your hammer out and see if it still happens. Something messed up with seers maybe
  4. I put my barrel into a vise wrapped in Thick Leather. I’ve done this twice now. I have a fluted Barrel and was a tad concerned over stress concentrations directly on the flutes, but I only cranked the Vice just tight enough. As I reached about 50 ft-lbs Everthing started to slip but I got it done. My barrel tong needed to be set hard against the receiver slot side for best feed ramp lineup, so the slop in that slot was no concern.. Same exact procedure as using a reaction rod. Vice closer to barrel extension when doing barrel nut and closer to gas port when doing muzzle brake, to eliminate more internal torsional distance on the barrel itself. I think if you had a solid non-fluted barrel you could crush the living snot out of the barrel and it wouldn’t hurt anything. If I had a reaction rod I would use that.. When I crank on my Vice really tight, I hear some weird sounds, but I’m pretty sure it’s just my Vice whining and not the barrel cracking. An engineer would do a calculation using Poissons Ratio. I don’t think I reached yield stress of the steel though. The slop in the slot of the receiver got me slightly misaligned the first barrel I did with this method but on this second time, it didn’t matter, I got lucky. So in a nutshell, I think my upper did not suffer any twisting forces on it.
  5. Well, it has kind of a rectangle head..two rounded corner sides and the flats. The firing pin goes through it, so it will only assemble one way. When I took my bolt carrier apart to do the Headspace check the first time, I tried to put it back in the same orientation... but I think the cam pin is perfectly symmetrical so it doesn’t matter if you flip it 180 degrees. You’ll see when you tear apart your existing carrier. AR-10 armalite bolts/carriers/parts might be different, I’ve never messed with non-dpms stuff.
  6. My cam pins with my two dpms compatible bolts look exactly like that one. Roundish on the fore/aft and flat on the top and bottom.
  7. Ok Great CZ.. I guess the “never used but open box” die was sort of used, the picture catches the previous owner in a die lie. They screwed That adapter on and shucked a few shells and hopefully didn’t realize it sucked bad so they ought to sell it. Maybe this link should have been put in the Totally Addicted to Ordering Stuff through the mail category. Naturally I put an order for a specific deprime pin I needed to use with that sucker. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  8. Yeah.... I wasn’t suggesting your gas block was to blame... 50% chance it’s a gas related, and I’d bet your longer gas tube is going to help the situation. I was just using you sort of to find about my sudden “under gas” problem. If you would have told me “ I’m using the KaK non-adjustable gas block”, I would have been a tad closer to diagnosing my new sort of related problem. I’m sure your block is ok. I bet my gas block is either clogged, smaller gas tunnel size, or is not centered on the gas port very good. Good luck on tests of your one at a time changes. Good Day Sir
  9. I am curious, what gas block are you using? I ask this because my first build with a rifle gas system and same buffer and equivalent spring worked perfectly. One jam using a lancer mag but about 500 other perfect cycles with that mag and pmags. I’ve since changed to a new barrel for accuracy reasons( same exact model of barrel), but I decided to use a different gas block. A KaK non-adjustable block. Now I have better accuracy with the new barrel but for the first time ever, I have about 25% failure for bolt to stay open on empty mag. This tells me I’m getting less Gas than I was before. My gas port is the same size as the perfect cycling port was. Gas Problem I have with this different gas block. What kind is yours? By the way, my gas tube even goes farther than the halfway point with both blocks. That isn’t my issue.
  10. I think you are right... The model number of the die is the same as the ones that look like they have just the standard threads that go all the way to the bottom... The 2nd picture from this Eeh Bay listing showed the standard threads. I just hope it’s not some kind of sub model made Only for other presses. Betcha it is just the previous owners press attachment screwed on it. Maybe somebody here has that kind of press and knows about this. I will find out in a week when this dewhicky shows up... tnx
  11. Hello Honkys, I have one die set so far... rcbs FL. Before I reload my spendy Lapua Brass, I’m going to experiment with the Forster Bushing Bump Die. Sizing the neck of a .308 while simultaneously bumping the shoulder is my desire, while leaving the Diameter of the main body alone in its fire-formed state. This may or may not work with a semi-auto, but I will be trying a few to see if I get feeding problems. My heavy buffer and spring are pretty powerful. I am not doing this for accuracy sake, but just to get as many reloads as I can out of this Lapua Brass a I have. Here is a picture for you all. I just bought this die on EeehBay, and when looking at the picture, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Is there some kind of adapter thing screwed onto the normal die threads? I definetely cannot use this die if I cannot unscrew that adapter thing off. I do see the normal threads above the base nut. Anybody know what that adapter thing is?
  12. Thanks for Reply 98z5v.... Yes, I agree and understand your info. I had learned to do this before I had purchased my No-Go gauge. My Delimna: I have two bolt carriers now. The one I have been using perfectly satisfies the Go and NO Go with this new barrel chamber. The other new Bolt Carrier of mine I have never used, but it Failed my No-Go gauge test by .002. This sucks because this particular bolt has a Small Diameter pin which would be “perfect” for this Lapua Palma brass I’m planning on using. I’m not about using this small primer small flashhole brass for Supreme 1000 yard shots, but only because just before I bought the brass, all I could find was the small primers. Now since I’ve already purchased the Severly spendy brass, other normal primers have popped up available and I say “Ohh Damn, I just blew a lot of extra money I didn’t need to!” Since I did though, I kind of am excited to use this new brass with either bolt but the one that might be advantageous for a a small primer, having a small firing pin, happens to Headspace to big. I suppose if I just necked sized on that special brass I could mitigate the effects of the .002 extra stretch which will happen on this brass if I use the “bad” bolt. I did make a fairly accurate comparator and have been using that and since I have bought the No-go, I’ve discovered that I was .0015 off of being exact with my comparator. No big deal I just add that to my readings now. If it were any other brass I wouldn’t care so much and I would just discover what’s gonna happen after I shoot and reload like your suggested method. I did send a request to exchange the no-go failure bolt but I kinda of doubt I will get a reply. My logic is telling me that probably F/L resizing the body of the brass probably contributes more to Brass growth than having a bolt .002 out of spec.
  13. Side Info: I measured the unfired brass an it is an average of 1.626 to the Headspace Datum. My chamber will be around 1.632 I suspect. Good bolt Brass initial Fireformed Stretch=+ .006 ”Bad” Bolt Brass initial Fireformed Stretch=+.008 Bad for Expensive Brass? Fewer re-uses?
  14. So, I bought this OVERPRICED but high Quality brass. Lapua. Havent shot it yet. I have a brand new barrel that I just did a headspace check on. It passed the test on Both the Go and No-Go. Clymer No-Go (1.634) wouldn’t close. All is good with that bolt. I then check another bolt, and this one did close on the No-Go. I put a piece of tape on the No-Go and I measured and calculated it to be (1.636) This other Bolt would not close on this modified NO-Go. So I figure it is an excessive .002. With the first few firing of the new brass, the new case will Stretch more than ideal to fit my chamber. Do you all think that I will have much Shorter life of this brass with the extra initial Case Stretch of .002 ? I don’t plan on bumping shoulders back more than .002 each time I FL resize. Whatchyou all Think? Ask for exchange on this Failed Bolt or get extra stretch possibly shortening expensive brass life?
  15. DustBuster


    Ding Ding Ding, you win, Doc. Well, if you two needed some of those, I hope u got them, they are gone now. I’ve passed up two chances to buy in the last month and I hope I don’t regret it. If the vaccine mandate war requires more than 2100 bullets, I will wish I had them or I’ll be dead.( just kidding) Or if my crappy shooting at paper targets and trying to discover the ultimate hunting load takes me beyond 2100 rnds, then I will regret not buying those.
  16. DustBuster


    Midway has em right now... too expensive for me... Seems like they are getting more available...
  17. Yep, I feel your pain. I want one So Bad now! For TwoHundy it’s a drop in the bucket when the cash is flowing good.... There are some circuit parts online for making them from 1kw to 3kw...for less money, but all the time and risk assembling and soldering adds up to more cost and possible frustration. Good luck and leave it to Lane to discover some thing like a Keurig machine to modify, wind some transformers and Presto, instant Annealing. Wish it was that simple. I guess my next morning project might be to scrape some cap gum and try to make ten primers, haha. Or I should rather do something productive around the house like you... I’m good at neglecting proper chores.
  18. I’m about to start resizing stuff for the third time, before I do that I will be annealing probably with the torch and a socket. I gave up on the wooden cog machine to shuffle my brass automatically. I just don’t pump through brass fast enough to warrant such a crazy machine. I will watch the induction video, however... maybe I can rig up something that hooks to my alternator (car engine) and microwave the brass that way. No sense in reinventing wheels. I just spent an hour scrubbing 100 primer pockets with a drill motor brush.... Takes me a week to finish up a batch like that.... PityFull !
  19. The white box Winchester stuff... usually cheaper (20-23$) maybe it says BALL.... I might try some of that in future if only to get brass. My Barrel is labeled .308 Win and I think the company says it can shoot either .308 or 7.62.
  20. Merry Christmas to all and to all a fresh box of .308 ammo. I’ve enjoyed all your rants and raves amongst my learning of this platform... I’m saving up some more stupid questions to perturb Santa T here.... All of you seem to have big bushy beards and get a little bit too Jolly at times, go easy on the Tom and Jerry’s you all, Happy New Year coming up
  21. I am not HE. I’ve just heard someone who may think he’s he, but that is ok but this person gives our true freedom fighters a bad name, taking for granted the ability in our country to have our means of liberty and defense. Ha ha Unforgiven, yes Fentanyl may have spilled into someone’s CornFlakes or Crack... I get some high and mighty ideas and feelings at times, but if I’m proposing those ideas along with asking for input, I take the input that is given and don’t whine about it. If info or feedback is given to me at all, I’m thankful for it even though the feedback is not what I wanted... I move on with posting about some other topic and still do what I want sometimes..Anyway, I tend to stand in the middle sometimes and shall retreat to the middle for now... When I have a topic that I truly would defend with heartfelt earnest, then my adrenaline could come forth... Anyway, cheap shots from the middle I have taken, and I am not Yoda, so I will Refrain and try not again to do so unless good mediation is the result. In fairness, I shall throw a cheapshot towards an expert here and say that Ha ha, I’ve never burned up a motorcycle engine using the wrong kind of gas or oil... Long Live the King and it is not me
  22. My gas port is .093 and I have a KaK Heavy buffer and their spring and have never had one problem with cycling. Carbine length stock and rifle length port. My el-cheapo adjustable gas block has been screwed with twice but never seemed to do anything noticeable...I probably don’t need it. Although at the moment I’m not sure if it’s nearly closed or nearly full open or somewhere in the middle... For a barrel test I’m going to do I will be attempting to shut her completely off and fire without my gas tube: So Maybe adjustable gas block is still sort of advisable
  23. SubGrub, exchanging ideas and information for reliable answers based on experience is not a equal exchange rate... Might need to pay twice or three times for the single answer your looking for... One cannot know exactly the specific reason a return question is asked, humer the experts, in humble fashion... That’s what I try to do... Ive only heard of a binary trigger once before from a comment locally to where I live, and it sounds cool but dangerous as hell and I personally will just try to become a better marksman and leave cool things for the show offs
  24. I once had a dream here on this forum, or at least it was a Pipe Dream to make a clear or translucent gas tube for the gun. I wonder if I was smokin the same duby as Grub
  25. I bought a 18” fluted Faxon, for my dpms (gen1) low rail receiver set from Daytona Tac. I bought the barrel last January. It sure looks like a dream. It headspaced perfectly... Shooting it has not seemed very good... I might have gotten a lemon, but still have two more tests to rule out other reasons for the innacuracy. They don’t have a MOA gaurentee, but an email to them just recently brought a Happy response and the guy said their gonna send me out a new one. That bore inside looks awesome and it’s hand lapped, just hope the second one I get works better... They have some cheaper bolt carriers if you don’t need the forward assist... I’m gonna give them a second chance... I didn’t even buy it straight from them but it is covered by their warrantee. Match series. Other people here have more experience with Barrel companies than I do. The one thing I love about that Faxon, it fits so snug you gotta heat up the receiver and freeze the barrel just to get it together. Gonna make it challenging to get it apart to put in the better barrel...That is to say if the last tests I do prove that it is a lemon barrel. Plenty of other happy customers out there though... decent price for them.
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