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  1. Speaking of ammo... Has anyone deconstructed steel case Russian 308 ammo?? I have some Tulammo, Red Army and Wolf... They ALL look the same visually. And Wolf now uses 150gr bullets and Boxer primers vs my old stuff with Berdan primers and 145gr bullets... I completed a search here on the forums and found nothing about deconstruction of ammo... Any ammo. If you know of a thread please let me know. I was thinking of deconstructing one cartridge from each group, to see what I could see. Not scientific I know, but I'm curious about bullet weights, powder used and weight in grains... I have a RCBS bullet puller for my RCBS press and Franklin Arsenal scale. Along with Hornady Ogive and C.O.L. measuring tools... Thought I might do this Saturday before I go to the range. The wife is going to a baby shower so here is my chance... Any thoughts or links??
  2. Hi Sharpshooter, No complaints at all... I just wish my eyes were better, my body was back to about 40 years ago, and know everything I know now... LOL Take care
  3. Black Sheep - That is exactly what I needed to do with my build. 90% Aero Precision parts with Ballistic Advantage 20 inch heavy barrel. I did as you - #44 drill at the gas port, used an Odin adjustable buffer at 5.45oz and Orange spring from Sprinco. Like you it shoots great now. Eats everything I put through it. And I absolutely agree that the folks on this forum ROCK!! As for your comment on a 1 inch MOA. I'm not a professional, ex-military or other kind of marksman. But I was able to get 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards on a bench with Bi-pod and rear bag. Now if I could get hose numbers without a rear bag and in a prone position that would be great. Take care and enjoy your new toy 😃
  4. Mr. Stoner "knew" exactly what he was doing. It was just the Army that wanted I lighter rifle for the troops, I guess... I'm glad the AR15 and then the M-16 became the rifle of choice for the military and then passed along that design to the civilians. But the 308AR is a beast in every sense of the word. It shoots a heavier bullet and it weighs a lot more as well. I'm glad I got off my behind and built one using Aero Precision parts and a Ballistic Advantage barrel. With the help of folks here, and taking their advice seriously the rifle now sings... It will shoot anything I throw at it - my loads, factory ammo and the cheaper Russian steel case ammo. I can post photos of my last go around at the range. It shoots better than I'm capable of for sure. Our range only goes out to 100 yards, but less than 1 inch MOA is really possible with me as the shooter. Deer need to be afraid, very afraid!!! Some of them are going to die this deer season.... I can't wait. Take care folks
  5. Black Sheep - That explains me perfectly as well... Building AR15's and even changing one over to a 300Blackout was relatively easy. The 308AR is no where near the same platform. Although it looks like a bigger, badder brother. I learned so much on this forum - especially from 95Z5V. It is amazing to me how AR15 parts are so interchangeable, but the 308AR is such a different beast. Out local range opened last week and finally got to shoot the "Beast" and sight in a Nikon scope. That did not go as plan, but today put on a new Burris scope and got it sighted in. The rifle definitely is more capable than me as a shooter. AND it is so much fun to shoot now. Going out again this weekend if the weather here in Michigan holds up... Enjoy your new toy... Take care and stay safe...
  6. Thanks Cliff R. I built several AR15's and a 300BLk. You are absolutely correct. The 308AR is a completely different animal. As far as a parts bin. I have the same thing in the basement. Lots of trail and error parts (triggers, stocks, buffers, sights, scopes, hand-guards, muzzle brakes, buffer springs, etc) Now back to reloading some brass...
  7. @98Z5V - I will buy you that beer or whatever drink you would like the next time I'm near the border... I "assume" you are in Texas. I have good friends in Dallas and Fort Worth. BTW - No warm showers as Cliff R suggested... LOL Not that kind of guy!!!
  8. I just want to Thank everyone in this community for their suggestions, reviews and comments. I ESPECIALLY want to Thank and give a Big Shout out to 98Z... Everything he pointed me to and stated in posts was and is true!! And you can take that to the bank. I finally was able to go out and shoot my new 308AR build. It worked beautifully with Russian ammo (Steel case), which it was having problems with before. It shot Federal or Winchester stock ammo and my brass reloads beautifully also... Ejection placement was at the 3 to 3:30 o'clock position for all spent cartridges. No jams, no failure to feeds or failure to ejects and the bolt held back on the last round each time. AND no slam fires with CCI, Winchester or Federal primers. I'm just so happy about my new build!! I was a little worried about slam fires with the new buffer spring and buffer, but 98Z was right about that as well. Nothing worry about!! For those that may not know - it is a Aero Precision upper and lower with Ballistic Advantage "Heavy Profile" 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium 20 inch barrel 1:10 twist with a Precision Armament EFAB hybrid muzzle brake. Magazines are IMI and Magpul 20 round PMags. Trigger is a Rise "Blitz" 3-3.5 Single stage. Carbine adjustable stock with Sprinco "Orange" buffer spring and Odin adjustable buffer set at 5.45oz - Many, many Thanks to 98Z for all that info. As well as telling me to drill out the gas port to .096 (#41 drill) from the stock .086 (#44 drill). Thanks to all for making my day!!
  9. Great!! Thank you!! There is just so much MIS-information on the internet... I used a Go and No-Go chamber check on the rifle. Everything checked out okay. As expected... I also make sure the brass (ALL of the brass) passes with my 308 gauges and calipers. Trim length, OAL, Ogive, etc... I also make sure ALL loaded powder is +/- .1 grain. 42.8/42.9 ALL of the primers are set below the case head and the primer pockets are uniformed with an RCBS uniform die... So I think I'm doing everything correctly. I also crimp every completed cartridge with a Lee crimp die (just like you). Great minds think alike... If I was near you, I'd buy you a beer, whiskey and dinner for all your help. It seems all the re-loading books use the 210M Federal primers as their go to primer. Never is WLR or CCI mentioned that I can find... Thanks again for your service as well... I figured you were in the military and probably in a police force somewhere. By your language, writing and matter of factness. My Dad did the exact same thing. Army Ranger (Korea 1950/51), then Lt in the Redondo Beach Police department - Southern Calif. and was the same way personality wise. Please do not hold that against me... LOL Take care, Allen
  10. Okay new guy here, but not new to reloading or building an AR platform. With that said, I learned a lot from 98Z5V in off-line communications and from many threads here on the forums with the 308AR platform. I was having some issues with my new build, but I "think" (famous last words) that has been remedied. The gas port on the 20" Ballistic Advantage barrel was .086" (too small) and buffer was 3.75oz (too light) with a no -name spring. So I replaced the Buffer with an ODIN Stainless Steel body adjustable buffer. I put 2 - Tungsten weights in it (now 5.45oz) and a Sprinco Orange spring, along with drilling the gas port out to .095"... So the Gas system, and recoil/buffer system should be in balance. So I spent today re-loading Federal once-fired cartridges with Federal 210M primers.... I have not loaded any powder yet. That would be IMR 4895 or IMR 4064 at about 42.8grs... The bullets are going to be Hornady 165gr Interlock BTSP. This combo of cartridges (Federal or Winchester), IMR 4064 powder (42.8gr) and CCI 200 primers works well in my bolt gun and when I tried it out in the 308AR it functioned okay. The bolt held back, no slam fires, no FTE, etc. Landing spot for the brass cases were at the 2-3 o'clock position. It was steel cases that were the problem, but that is another story. I was going to go out tomorrow or Monday and shoot some rounds and test things out again with the new buffer weight, buffer spring and gas port mods. Then I came across this thread of re-loading. There has been a lot written about NOT using Federal primers. To use ONLY CCI primers or Winchester... I have a few CCI 200 primers left (12) and 1,000 WLR primers and 2,000 210M primers. So you can see where I'm going with this... As a concern, I placed 3 (one at a time) empty cartridges in the 308AR with the bolt held back for each of those primers - CCI 200, Winchester WLR and Federal 210M. In all of those tests the firing pin left a mark on the primer when the bolt was released. It did not ignite the primer, but did leave a mark. I will not be using those primers going forward. I will be removing them. Question: Should I be concerned about a Slam fire with the new set up of 5.45oz Buffer, and Orange spring??? I never thought to test these primers out on the 308AR before reading some information here on the forums...I really do not want to destroy the rifle or myself... BTW - I have another Grand baby coming in August and do not want to be a statistic before then... Any ideas, comments or suggestions would be helpful... Thanks in advance...
  11. Ammo and reloading supplies (Primers, Powder and Bullets) are as hard to find as Toilet Paper was this time last year! The only thing that was learned from the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo was - Panic the people, make supplies hard to get or ration the supplies - Double or Triple the Prices... Free Enterprise at work... Stay safe everybody!
  12. Hey 98Z5V - It is a little late - But Happy Birthday!! 🎂 I won't tell, if you don't - Your age that is... 😂 Stay well....
  13. Thanks Sisco... I have tried letting 98Z5Z know, but I guess he is real busy these days. The guy knows his stuff with regard to 308AR's...
  14. Signed up yesterday. Put together my First 308AR. Mostly Aero Precision parts... I have built several AR15's but the 308AR is a completely different animal. Larger, heavier and a lot more to learn. Retired (2006) after 47 years of continual work. Born and raised in California, left there in 1995 with company move. Chemical Engineering 2 year degree. Then 25+ years as Mechanic and Foreman. Love working on mechanical things. To old to work on cars now, but owned many muscle cars starting with a 1967 GTO. Currently own a 2005 Chevy Silverado with 6.0L and I put a Supercharger on it a few years back for more power. My 308AR build: Aero Precision upper and lower with Aero parts. Ballistic Advantage 20" Heavy Barrel with .750 Aero Precision Gas Block and Rifle Gas tube. Free floated 19 inch hand guard with Hogue grip. Carbine stock buffer tube with Adaptive Tactical butt stock. Rise Blitz drop in trigger 3-3.5 lb pull. Came here to improve the operation of the 308AR. Learned so much!! Thanks... Why did I build it? Was buying parts over the past year. The new administration forced my hand. Also got busy re-loading 308 rounds. I also own a 308 Bolt rifle, 870 Shotgun, 10/22 Ruger a couple of AR's. One is a 16 inch Middy and the other a 300BLK. Several handguns... All firearms are legal and registered to me, IF the FBI, NSA or other Government agency is looking through this forum... LOL That's is my story...
  15. Well based on 98Z5V and his excellent articles... Tungsten buffer weights, an Orange Spring from Sprinco, a Sheridan 308 case gauge with cut out for reloading and last but not least a RCBS Small based die set... And lots of bullets....
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