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  1. Magpul Type 2's are my go-to rail cover. They are simple to install or remove and the texture adds good grip without significant bulk. I prefer full coverage, so it takes multiple sets to equip a 15" handguard.
  2. 440 Super Commando in Mopar lingo... 440 4 barrel rated at 375 horsepower in stock form, this one has been warmed over and dynoed 523 horsepower at the crank. All I'm going to do is re-gasket it and squirt it with some Street Hemi orange. Since it's all torn apart, I'm upgrading the front suspension as well.
  3. I like to play with old cars. Lately I've been real busy working on my Plymouth. In late summer I pulled out the interior so I could weld subframe connectors to the floor pan. Then I covered the floor pan with FatMat and installed new carpet and sill plates. After the first snowfall I began the engine compartment and front suspension refurb that I've been meaning to get around to for a few years. I've been rebuilding and refinishing parts as I take them off the car so everything will be ready for reassembly. The goal is to have it done before May so I have my work cut out for me... Happy New Year everybody!
  4. Swiss TAZ-83 "Alpenflage" | Spoonflower
  5. I really enjoy these threads and marvel at the incredible acts of heroism. Thank God such men exist…
  6. Looking good, be sure to post a range report after you shoot it...
  7. I'm such a putz... If it doesn't work this time I'm going to start drinking!
  8. this internet thing is hard...
  9. Garage day, this weekend is a washout so I cleaned up a little and detailed the engine on the ‘58. [img]https://i.imgur.com/UGRnrjf.jpg[/img] [img]https://imgur.com/GvoWAb9[/img]
  10. Got my pistol build out to the range and put 100 rounds through it to break things in and see if it will group. It’s sighted for 25 yards until I can shoot outside at longer distances. Not at all impressive, but this is one of my better 10 shot groups from the bench.
  11. Interesting story about the 517 P.I.R. in France with some very cool historic details.
  12. The different types of vice blocks all serve different purposes. Vice blocks that lock into the mag well permit both hands to be free when you are assembling a lower. Same with the style of vice block that uses the take down and pivot pin lugs to securely hold an upper. The one I use has provisions for both small and large frame AR's so it was fairly cost effective. They are both handy for general maintenance and cleaning. I also have a couple of reaction rods, a Midwest Industries URR that has the anti-rotation tab and one from BOTACH without the tab. The only thing I'm wanting is a reaction rod for a .308. If I ever have to take apart my .308 I will buy one, they are that good. The MI rod gets used for torquing barrel nuts and muzzle devices to prevent damaging the index pin. The other is nice because the upper can be easily rotated 360* for stuff like handguard installations or tightening gas block set screws.
  13. @Savage11006 My buddy Junior (RIP) worked at a metal fab shop and made it for me 20+ years ago. It serves as a workbench, reloading bench, a bar during garage parties and became my temporary office for a couple weeks during the Covid shutdown.
  14. Thanks, I mix it up a little with different furniture and barrel lengths, but the foundation of the gun has kind of become my default build. Pretty boring, but it works...
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