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  1. I had an ARFX on my first build but eventually swapped it for a 6 position carbine stock. I still have it, so it could still end up on a future build...
  2. I respectfully disagree, my go-to revolver is this 5" 625-2. I've run a lot of moon clips of .45 ACP through it since 1982, primarily for competition but also recreational shooting. With 200 gr LSWC handloads it makes me look like a better shooter than I really am...
  3. Dad’s family’s WWII era ration books, the coupons are mostly intact because they didn’t have a lot of income to spend...
  4. I’m sure it will do nicely 👍 Latest thing in the mail is a CAT M4 scraping tool for my AR’s. When I cleaned my BCM the other night it took forever to clean the carbon from the tail of the bolt and bore of the BCG. Hopefully the tool will make that task a little easier.
  5. MK-1 I’ve always used Magpul or BFG, but I hear the VTAC is also GTG. Sling swivels will be MI QD with flush buttons.
  6. My first MSR, a 16" BCM upper on a Spikes lower with a long list of decent quality parts and pieces. Since 2012 it's gone through numerous configurations which helped me figure out what I like, what I don't like, what works and what doesn't. I changed the optic mount and muzzle device this past winter so I dragged it to the range to re-zero. It took some tweaking but now it's GTG again. It made me so happy, I pulled it apart and gave it a much needed cleaning and thorough inspection. The old gal still cleans up pretty good...
  7. Has anyone else played with the app? I've been messing around using the app and Corel Photo Paint to create background wallpapers for my PC. Here's a couple virtual .308's I came up with., as well as a virtual rendering of my recent .308 build...
  8. Mexican BBQ, chorizo, chicken, bacon, peppers, guacamole, refried beans, cheese, corn tortillas and I don’t know what else. It was damn good...
  9. OLIGHT looks like nice stuff, when I need another tac light I’ll give them serious consideration. For those of you wanting or needing a better mounting solution, Impact Weapons makes a wide variety of mounts. Nice quality at a reasonable price...
  10. Waiting on some Magpul type 2 M-Lok rail covers for one of my 5.56 builds
  11. We were out for dinner at a little hole in the wall place last night and the wife was busting my balls about building guns until I said I could build her a pink one. Now her stance seems to be softening. I should build one with a Leopard print camo to match her bathrobe...
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