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  1. As a new guy here - I'll give it a 3rd 👍
  2. He lives in the Midwest these days... he gets back here from time to time - if he happens to be out on the weekend of the fall shoot, I'll invite him. He tends to have cool toys (tools).
  3. Yes 😁 Although when I wrote it I did mean "safe" - in that when you run out of room in the current safe it could potentially stifle good gun purchasing habits... while you save up for a new safe...
  4. Great advice... although I'd say "multiply by 2.25" then, buy the gun, buy a gun's worth of ammo, and bank 1/4 of a gun's worth of money towards the next gun safe... 😁
  5. Some of the chatter in the recent 6.5 CM thread coincided with a buddy posting the video below in a different forum (actually a local car forum that is about 50 of us...). Anyway - I decided not to clutter that thread with this - but still thought it was cool enough to share... This is .300WM - Norma brass, RL26 powder, Hornady 225 ELD bullets and cci magnum primers.
  6. and now paranoia sets in... If you can't tell by the laughing emoji... this was an attempt at humor. Fantastic group!
  7. Well... he is low and right... 🤣
  8. That is my reasoning behind choosing .308 / 7.62X51 as my "if you can only take one..." cartridge. 5.56X45, 7.62X51 are probably the most plentiful rifle cartridges in the western world... If you are scrounging / bartering for rounds - you'll be more likely to find these than others. Given that there are a lot more folks who will be competing for the 5.56... and that IMHO the 7.62 is a much more versatile cartridge - I choose 7.62... 🙂 I have to admit - when I see the odd-ball cartridge on the shelf at Walmart (they've had something - I think maybe .350 win - through the entire ammo crisis) I've thought about buying it, and buying a gun that chambers it. However, I already have a few of those sorts of things that I could probably find ammo for if I wanted... thinking .303 British for the Lee Enfield... Just my two cents.
  9. LOL I have 2 calibers of AR (today) - unless we want to call .223 Wylde its own caliber... I'm working on what the next one will be. .260 Rem, 6.5 CM are the leading contenders...
  10. Errr... cough cough.... https://greenacressporting.com/product/federal-gm300wmbh1-premium-gold-medal-300-win-mag-215-gr-berger-hybrid-open-tip-match-20-round-box/ Maybe not! LOL
  11. It's just an old Ruger 77MK2 - long skinny barrel in a synthetic stock (first rifle that I ever bought myself). It weighs nothing, kicks like a mule. I put a Timny trigger in it - and that helps it - but it's no target rifle. I guess I could get some long heavy .300 WM match rounds and see what it will do... Looks just like this (other than the optic)...
  12. I’ll go total them up this weekend. I think I’ve got 8-10 rounds from 4-8 inches, and three silhouettes from small to a full size…
  13. If I can truly only have one... 7.62X51 / .308... Capable of taking almost any game in North America Provides range and knockdown superiority over the other two ubiquitous battle rifle cartridges (5.56X45 and 7.62X39) - yes - I know it is heavier too. Readily available in any NATO country. Functions in a wide variety of relatively available rifles ranging from battle rifles, to hunting rifles, to tactical tack-driver bolt guns. That said - you can bet that I can keep more than 1 - and when the SHTF there will be .22LR, 5.56, 7.62X39, 7.62X51, 45-70, 12ga, 9mm, and .45ACP stuff in the bug-out box. 🙂
  14. @98Z5V is too kind. I stunk it up... and had a great time... and learned a ton - fixing a couple of the hundreds of mistakes I made between the 1st stage to the 5th. I'll be out next month - and I expect will be a tiny bit less terrible each month. To anyone else local to this event who is thinking about joining the crew - DO IT! It is a great time with good people and if you put any effort into it at all I have no doubt it will make you a better shooter. 98Z was kind and did not put my suckage on blast - but I will - because I'm looking forward to tracking progress... and I hope that maybe some of you who are considering coming out will do so - knowing that I never once felt anything but encouraged by the group. I finished 59th of 65 shooters with 17 total points out of 47. Stage 1 - 2 hits Stage 2 - 5 hits Stage 3 - 6 hits Stage 4 - 3 hits Stage 5 - 1 hits (I think I ""hit" steel 3-4 times - but I got out of sequence and the last 2-3 hits did not count because I was on a target beyond the one that I was to have been shooting) There were a few major lessons for me in this shoot. 1) - Learn your equipment / know your gear. This was the first time shooting competitively through a tactical optic and candidly - the second time that I've shot through a tactical / real-time adjustable optic. This led to a few lessons... * Bigger isn't better - I bought a 6-24 X 50 optic - it is too much for this sort of event. I found myself having a hard time finding targets - and messing with my level of magnification. * Remember to set parallax * Don't dial in windage... Twice I had windage dialed in and forgot to zero this out before the next stage - and this cost me a number of hits (or at least a bunch of time) on stages 4 and 2 if memory serves. 2) Learn to use a rear bag when shooting prone. 3) Pick up the pace... I went in to this thinking I should just slow down, breathe, take my time. I'm fairly certain that I had rounds at every stage - and other than stage 1 where the miss resets - I suspects that I'd have done better had I moved a bit faster. 4) Don't "Ambush the target" / find stability - I have a TON of work to do in getting myself into a stable / braced shooting position. There are probably 100 more lessons to learn - but those are the biggies. Again - had a fantastic time and I'm looking forward to the next one!
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