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  1. Sorry I missed it... Was up the hill with family looking at soggy pine trees and pissed at the rain that melted all the snow.
  2. I was actually looking for this video - to add to this thread. Dude in the first vid was luck that he did not get punctured. If ya gonna be dumb... ya gotta be tough.
  3. I’ve been happy with mine. Looking forward to your review.
  4. I grew up in a semi-rural area north of Phoenix and we were on a long stretch of very well maintained dirt road (it was a "major" road maintained by the county - about 3.5 miles long between the nearest paved cross streets). A bunch of us kids had little dirt bikes - XR80s, XR200s, etc. so we were into the dirt-bike scene - but our parents kept us on "trail bikes" for "safety." Regardless, we all drooled over the 2-stroke stuff. Well one of the local adults had a CR500 with an aftermarket pipe. I have a distinct memory of hearing him coming down the road and running the 50 or so yards up to the shoulder of the road to see him go by. You could hear him a mile off and if you moved quickly some times you'd get there before he was in view. There'd be a dust plume in the distance and he'd appear over the little rise going about 90 MPH wound out in 5th. I have this frozen image of the guy standing on the pegs, crouched over the tank, in cut-of shorts and a wife-beater - no helmet - his mullet whipping behind his head. This happened pretty much every Saturday morning for a while then it stopped. I presume that he died... but maybe he just sold the bike.
  5. The term I've started to use is "biscuitus" cause when I get home at the end of the day it's like...
  6. I have a Marlin 1895GS in 45-70 - and I've shot both .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf based ARs and there is ZERO comparison. The lightest 45-70 cartridge in that lever gun hits my shoulder WAY harder than either of those other two in the semi-auto AR. Unless your grandson is a 67 lb 10 year old who is a new shooter - I'd be surprised if recoil is an issue. Just my 2 cents.
  7. In my internal dictionary "eye box" = "eye relief" - the range in distance between my eye and the optic where the image looks like the one on the left and not like the one on the right.
  8. I missed going this month - and yes - I really missed it. Unfortunately "life happens." See you next month. Two thing in response to that... 1) There is a guy in one of the other squads that I swear should probably have a walker with him - he does NOT move well - but he is out there having fun. Seriously - he starts moving between stages maybe 5 minutes before everyone else and he gets passed on the way (the walk might be 20 - 30 yards). I offered to help lug some of his gear last time out and he grinned at me and said something to the effect of "you want to rob me of my exercise?" I'd bet that if someone showed up in a wheel chair folks would figure out how to help them through the course. It is a good group of folks. 🙂 2) I'm in my 50's and seriously fat and out of shape. It is doable - and good for me... Seriously - one of the best thing's I've done with my time recently.
  9. It is by far the best scope I've owned. That said - I'm quite green in that space - most of the glass I own is non-turreted stuff in the $299 range... I have one "better grade" scope - a Vortex Viper HS (this guy https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-viper-hs-2-5-10x44-riflescope.html ) and there is zero doubt in my mind that I get a lot more out of the Arken than I do from the Vortex - certainly in terms of features - and subjectively in terms of clarity of image etc. I've not done a 1:1 comparison - but I've been pleasantly surprised at image clarity from the Arken. My only complaint so far is that the eye box is "narrow" - but I don't know that this is better or worse that it is in other scopes of the same power. I do believe that the 6-24 is more suited to bench stuff than the Accurized AR match shoots that I've been doing with it so I picked up an Arken SH4 4-16 MIL that I'll start using out there next month. The eye box on this one is more forgiving. I'll have both of them out at the fall shoot - happy to have @JBMatt or @98Z5V or some of the other guys use them a bit and give their more educated comparisons.
  10. I didn't - the Mrs. signed me up for a whole bunch of other crap on Saturday - I'll see you next month...
  11. This thread is exhibit 1 for why I love this place... 🙂
  12. For quite a while now my "woods / bear gun" has been a Marlin 1895GS (short barreled .45-70 lever gun). It pains me to admit that a carbine length AR-10 in something with .308 or greater energy levels is probably better in quite a few ways... although the simplicity of the lever gun action, the short light platform, and the umph of 405gr flat nose bullets at 2000fps still holds plenty of appeal. All that - and there is something appealing about carrying an old(style) cowboy gun in the woods... (stock photo - not mine - but just like it...)
  13. If this were a factory built gun it might be a bit easier to give you a specific comp value. For example - I could probably PM you what I paid for my Armalite AR-10(T) if that is what you had and were selling... For custom built guns it is a whole lot different in that there really is no 1:1 comparison. If it were me, I'd look for similar builds for sale in the various forums and price accordingly if you choose to sell. I'd start a bit above what you want to get - and drop the price if you don't get interest - or if you decide that you "NEED" to sell sooner. Sorry - it is not an answer to the "what is it worth" question - but anything I'd give you would be a guess that is probably not as good as your guess. I can tell you that when I'm buying a used gun - I'm not going to buy one for the price of the new parts, I'm only a buyer at a pretty good discount from retail prices - or at least that used to be my rule. How much less would depend on inspection and how well I know / trust the seller. That said - the market today is screwy - supply is very constrained for some things - and demand is up. so...
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