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  1. I recieved a call earlier this week from SIG's Corporate Office. It was a response to an email I sent them regarding the 716I, where I referenced a few threads and requested some information while also making some suggestions. Specifically I asked about Future Parts availability and interchangeability with DPMS/SR-25, Caliber and Barrel/Handguard Modularity and the specific build process and type of materials used for the barrel. I was informed parts are coming soon. Unfortunately with the Indian Contract and pushing out commercial 716I's, amongst a few other important projects has SIG extremely busy filling back orders for the near future. They simply don't have the time to start making spare parts for commercial sales but they are going to be incorporated soon. Right now the only way to get SIG spare parts is by calling in and requesting a warranty replacement which 9/10 will require you to send in your rifle in order to diagnose and correct the deficiency. I was also told that due to there being no adopted standard amongst AR-308/ AR-10 type rifles, SIG manufactures thier own proprietary in house parts, which they feel are more than adequate. One point that was repeatedly mentioned when I asked if the 716I's barrel was Cold Hammer Forged(CHF), was that the 716I barrels are DLC, Carbon Steel, button rifled, Nitrided barrels. I'm so confused now and need to go to hip pocket manufacturing 101. Can someone explain exactly how that affects us has owners because I have no clue. I read button rifling is good for an accurate barrel but I need to read up more and get educated about what are the positive and negative effects. I've also never heard of DLC, is it similar to PVD and is this just a fancier word for their Nitriding process or is this an additional benefit? I also tried to confirm the possibility of future platform expansion and no comment was made. It was inferred that the success of the 716I globally would be the factor driving possible expansion into different barrel lengths and calibers. With competition inside house from MCX, MPX/NGSW-SPEAR, 320, 365, Legacy Pistols & MIL contracts, theres alot of mouths to feed in house before the 716I gets the attention it needs to effectively become competitive with the Top Houses in the AR-308/ AR-10 market. The SIG rep did agree it wouldn't take much to make a 6.5CM since it was already offered in their piston 716 and tooling exists that can be easily converted but it was also inferred that we aren't quite their yet. Any extras also cost extra. The truth is the 716I is a juvenile platform that has enjoyed a great start but there is still more proving to be done! This is a Marathon not a Sprint. So for now we must basically be happy with the single serving of excellence we have received knowing access to purchasing spare parts is possibly 6 months to a year out. We must use it for all intensive purposes to Hunt, for Duty or Home Security, Precision and Competition and for Plinking. We must measure its abilities at performing in these roles and report back here so we can determine what upgrades we can possibly get SIG to invest in. At the end of the day, it's apparent the 716I is just another commodity, but at the moment that commodity happens to be the Best AR-308/ AR-10 type rifle for the money in my opinion.
  2. I posted the question up at ARF and the Hide on my 716I threads and was referenced to your posts on SIG Talk regarding parts similarities but now I know you meant with the piston guns. I will see what else I can find. I look forward to your findings.
  3. @98Z5V He actually wasn't talking about me he was simply trying to convey that I was "fucked" for parts and I misunderstood him. I would of apologized to him but he didn't deserve it after repetitively disrespecting me prior to and during the post in question. Although I have no problem acknowledging my screw up, he actually had it coming! Admittedly it was not the route I would of naturally taken but extenuating circumstances arose. I was at Lewis and I decided to stay but the atmosphere is changing rapidly in the PNW. Effects of Negative Politics are prevalent throughout our communities. I am close to Olympia but if I was in King County things would definitely be interesting. Does it really show I got a thing for FDE? Damn I knew I had a problem🤣.
  4. @jtallen83 No luck at I5 Guns sourcing a DPMS pattern BCG. I'm going to ask around but it may take a little bit longer.
  5. My M1A just wasn't the one and I fell for a SIG 716I TREAD. I hate it when that happens!
  6. Or whatever @98Z5V calls it 🤣. @Ravenworks thanks for helping me find this great bunch of AR-308 enthusiasts! Looks like run-ins with fellow assholes can have happy endings. I am looking forward to learning from the collective mind and becoming a contributing member. I'll do my part listening more than I speak and remaining respectful to all those who are respectful back. Prior to 2020, I had only fired .308/ 7.62NATO through the M14, M240B and once through a buddies M110. After a few enlistments I ended up settling down in the Pacific Northwest. COVID-19 and the State of Play we're living in seriously made me reconsider my defense. So during this past year I added the items below. Now, just because the Ruger might shoot the best and the M1A inspires Old Guard & Arlington nostalgia, my SIG has earned a special affection. Ruger Precision Rifle Gen3 .308 SIG 716I TREAD 7.62NATO/.308 SAI M1A SOCOM16 .308 VLTOR M1-S G2 Thanks to all for your time.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I will try to get pics within the week. Also my apologies to all about the drama. I jumped the gun on @Ravenworks for what I thought was a call out and admit it was a misunderstanding. It doesn't change the fact that his facetious attitude on the boards brought us together and had he chosen to communicate like an adult, he wouldn't have drawn my fire. I will not bring further BS here. Thanks for your time and I will report back later this week.
  8. @98Z5V This 11B3V likes your style. Keep on rolling brother!
  9. @98Z5V Thanks for the warm welcome, I am happy to be here. Below are 2 quote box posts from the thread at Snipershide.com. He said I misunderstood him. My reply is below the quotes. When you come off like a dick people treat you like one. V/R, One Assahoe to another! I'd apologize for the misunderstanding but clearly your intent is to keep driving on. So look we don't have to get along but this is a relevant thread about a good rifle that you feel is rack grade. So I'm gonna keep trying to articulate my points in a way that hopefully some will get and I will try to not come off as a shill, and hope SIG ponies up some serious support. You can do the same and keep pointing out how my rifle sucks and how I feel other rifles suck, which I never said but hey... It's on me to prove my claims about the SIG not you, but @Ravenworks when you bring up post counts and environments I understand what your getting at but how can I take you seriously or respect you. So in order to keep this thread from being hijacked by our BS can we get back to business on the SIG 716I and make sure to tag me if you'd like to continue talking sh*t.
  10. I can talk to a buddy of mine at I5 Guns and Ammo in Washington State to see if I can access one for comparison pics. What do you need specifically?
  11. Thank you @Matt.Cross I will gladly do my best to be a contributing member. This issue has motivated me to reach out to SIG North America and solve this problem.
  12. @scottfn308 I am from Snipershide.com and AR15.COM. I set up an account because somebody here names @Ravenworksthinks I am you and you are me. I will contact SIG North America on Monday and try to get some clarification about your questions while I also try to clear up my name. I have two informative threads about the 716I at the aforementioned sites I will share with you as well. User @Ravenworks in post #127 below is attempting to tie us up. https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/the-sig-716i-tread-308-may-be-the-best-ar-308-ar-10-type-battle-rifle-for-the-money.7080207/ Here is the AR15.COM post. https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/The-SIG-716I-TREAD-The-best-AR-308-AR-10-type-rifle-for-the-money-/45-521591/ By the way I love my SIG 716I it's the best AR-308/ AR-10 type rifle for the money IMO! oh yeah @Ravenworks E.A.D.!
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