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  1. Not a pissing contest and I NEVER said ASC had a design flaw so don't put words in my mouth to defend your girlfriend's honor. I simply said that they don't work in every rifle and it wasn't just oddball lowers that were reported to have issues with ASCs (or CPD or Elander, etc). ALL the metal .308 mags aside from KAC and Larue are considered a crapshoot and have the reviews from actual buyers (and threads on gun forums) to that effect all over the web. And just because ASC is your favorite mag and works in your guns doesn't mean it works for everyone. You can say it's the lowers but PMags (that I don't personally like by the way) have very few reported issues with any brand of lower. While I might have missed it, I don't believe I have heard of any rifle that won't work with a Lancer. And I might be a new AR10 owner but I am not new to the platform, as friends have had them for years and I watched their travails due to that lack of standards you mention. In your haste to defend your favorite mag you totally ignored the actual point of my post though. Which was, "would you pay triple the price for an ASC (or other brand mag) just because someone like LuthAR put their rollmark on the base plate?". I have no idea who is building the mags for LuthAR as they are refusing to divulge that info but their silence makes me seriously doubt they are doing the mags in-house. If they are building their own you would think they would be touting that to the heavens to drum up sales of their new product. Same thing if they were using a third party maker to build an improved mag that justifies that extra cost. In fact that silence makes me believe they simply don't want people to know they are paying a HUGE markup for a run of the mill mag. When I asked, Fulton Armory freely admitted their mags are made by ASC and FA doesn't charge a premium just because they put their name on them.
  2. Glad they work for you (and I'm not trying to change your mind) but there are TONS of reviews/comments about ASC mags (and other metal .308 mags) not playing well with different brands/models of AR10s. Bad reviews on sites that are selling the mags even. You pay your money and take your chances as to whether they will lock in, feed, fall out, lock bolt back, etc in your specific AR10. And while you like your ASCs, would you pay almost triple the price for them just to get another company's roll mark on the baseplate?
  3. Sorry but I won't be purchasing that mag "rule" or not but here is my review... When a customer service rep won't reply to a direct question about their product in an ongoing email exchange (cuts off the email contact actually) nor will the company respond to the same question on their Facebook page it is pretty obvious they are hiding something. I am not wasting $34 on a re-badged CPD, ASC or dare I say Promag(?) product. Heck I could have bought ASCs for $12.31 a pop if I wanted those ($13.99 - 12% on Primary Arms). Even over on ARF no one has heard of let alone seen these mags, despite being on the market for almost 8 months. Ditto for Snipershide and AKFiles. Yet LuthAR's website is claiming, "that due to their popularity they are limiting sales to just 10 per person". As I said there are zero videos on youtube, no blog posts and no threads on gun boards. So one has to wonder which super secret shooters those mags are so popular with. I moved on from considering purchasing these mags and held my nose to buy 10 PMags instead. At a later date I will add to the Lancers I have as well.
  4. Explain please. Did I violate something by asking for information about a specific item?
  5. Title says it all and just posting for general information. This was verified by an email from Fulton Armory in response to my question about the mags.
  6. I looked at the Magpul and went with the FAB Defense Spike. It offers more adjust-ability and if you need less height the legs lock at 45 degrees and if you need a bit more height it comes with leg spacers that add 2 inches. So the bipod can serve a couple height roles without having to buy another size. The version I ordered mounts via m-loc. I ordered two direct from Israel but haven't received them yet and they were $116 each. If you need them faster, you can order from a US source but the cost goes up about $50 a pop.
  7. Why didn't you just resew the TAPS itself into 4 mag pouches?
  8. Thanks for that but if they are simply re-badged CPD's or ASC's the LuthAR roll mark on the baseplate doesn't double their value. As I mentioned in my OP I asked a LuthAR rep specifically about the mags and it has been crickets.
  9. These are made of metal and came out in April of this year. The only thing a search brings up is multiple sites with a copy paste of LuthARs advertising copy. On their site the mags are listed under "lower parts". https://www.luth-ar.com/product/308-20-round-magazine/ Has anyone used them? What did you think? Are they made in house or sourced from a third party manufacturer? I can find no mention of them on blogs, youtube, gun forums of anyone reviewing or even owning one. At $34 a pop they are a bit pricey to buy just to test. In an email exchange about a fitment issue with another of their products I asked a LuthAR customer service rep about these mags and he went silent on me. Three days and no reply.
  10. I found this Board while doing research on metal AR10 mags.
  11. I was mostly worried about the spring and whether it was the same as the Sprinco Orange. I can get the KAC/Sprinco setup from Primary Arms on sale but the KAW setup from Joe Bob's is cheaper overall once shipping/tax is included.
  12. That was a serious question. Would this work... https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw-Valley-Precision-AR-10-6pos-Mil-Spec-Carbine-S-p/kvp-ar10-milspeckit-5.6.htm
  13. So far mine has run everything from Tula, various mil-surp, Igman 168gr to ADI 168gr match ammo without an issue and ejects at the 3-4 o-clock position depending on ammo. What would changing the buffer/spring do for me?
  14. Steve_In_29


    New member here. We own a place on 72 acres outside of St Johns in NE AZ.
  15. The PSA Gen3's have an adjustable gas block so is this still applicable?
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