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  1. You guys make me laugh. If my drool is freezing to my rifle it is to cold for me. 😀😀😀 Steve
  2. Nothing about this beast is simple. It is a maybe or could -should work. It is raining here today. So no range day to try this rifle out for the next couple of days at least. 😏😏😏 Steve
  3. Thanks. Just ordered 2 . $7.99 ea. & $9.99 shipping. Shipping is a little high but what isn't now days. 😀😀😀 Steve
  4. Try this https://www.cdnnsports.com/ar-308-firing-pin.html?trk_msg=47OB7CQVJ6R4N40ANO7DAQM1I0&trk_contact=7TNV3QIOLIG77154CF09FB5T4C&trk_sid=OG8MFCKG7PF3CH80AN7SSOG4J8&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fwww.cdnnsports.com%2far-308-firing-pin.html&utm_campaign=CDNN+AR15+Parts+Three
  5. That's what my wife said. Why do you need all that lumber? I told her it was an investment. When I turn 90 I will sell it and travel the world. 😁😁😁 Steve
  6. Just ordered from Midway. $39.99 with free shipping over $50.00 so I added a couple of spar primer trays and several shell holders that I didn't have already. Will be here next week. Thanks. Another tool that I will have to mount to wood and C-clamp to my work bench when I want to use it. Those 1X4's are getting expensive . I will need to clear a wall to hang all of them on. 😂😂😂 Steve
  7. Anybody have info on this brand of firing pin? CDNN has some for sale and I thought I might pick one or two up as spares. 7.99 each + state tax and $5.00 shipping I think.
  8. Do you have the old model or the new one with the Triangle shape primer tray? I have read that some people have trouble with the new model. I loved the old Lee hand prime but did not keep it lubed good enough. Wore out the link arm on two of them before I got wise. The RCBS hand prime tool works good if I keep it lubed. I will check out the bench prime again. Thanks.😀😀😀 Steve
  9. The Walmart in Abilene TX. sells reloading stuff. Most of the pegs are empty now. I did pick up a shell holder for 308 Win. the other day. I think I paid about $7.00 for it. Would like to have another shell holder for 223/5.56. I use a RCBS hand primer tool and it s**ks having to break down the primer tool to use the reloading press. I wish Lee still made the old hand primer tool. The new one is much worse than the RCBS hand tool. Neither one last very long but the old LEE was easer to use. I can still get parts for the RCBS when they are in stock. No luck for the LEE. 😡😡😡 Steve
  10. Maybe Input and receiver????????? 🥴🥴🥴 Steve
  11. Thanks guys. I have the case setting beside my key board to help me remember. MORE LUB. 😁😁😁 Steve
  12. The same thing you are. Reading and posting about things that happen to me. The case I stuck was a 5.56 and ripped the rim off 3/4 ths of the base of the case. It didn't take any effort to do this. By lower die I guess you mean the shell holder. if the rim is missing on 3/4 ths of the case I guessed that 1/4 of the rim would not get it done either. My mistake was to not add more lube to the case each time I pulled it out of the die. I was trying to go in steps to resize the lower part of the case.
  13. I guess most of you know about this. I put together a stuck case remover today. Stuck a case in my Redding body die. I was working on a case a little at a time. Failed to keep it lubed good each time I pulled it out of the die. It was just about all the way in the die. Very easy to rip the rim off a 5.56 case. I went to the local nut and bolt supply house and told them what I needed. seventeen dollars later I had almost everything I needed. A 1/4-28 tap, drill bit for that size tap, 2 1/2 inch 1/4-28 hex head grade 8 bolt, 2 finder washers, and 2 flat washers. I got home and found that a 13/16 1/2 inch drive socket was just the wright size. Some assembly required and an hex wrench and a box end wrench. The case came wright out. 😁😁😁 Steve
  14. When you get old enough to have time to have fun with hobbies. You still don't have enough time to do everything you want. Because when you get OLD it takes so much more time to do anything now. 🥵🥵🥵 Steve
  15. I know mine is a gen 1. SN: 107XX I know that doesn't help much. I would like to know when mine was made also. There are no letters in my SN just the numbers. 😊😊😊 Steve
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