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Steve crawford

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  1. Where you save money reloading is to reuse your brass. It takes a little time to pick up, sort clean and check the brass every time you shoot. I like that I can try to tune my loads to my rifle. I am not as good at that as some of the guys here but I can tell the difference in my groups between my loads and cheap factory loads. It takes time to reload. If you start with the basics you will find out if you like it. Be careful. You may end up with a room full of reloading tools. It may grow on you just like rifles do. 🙂🙂🙂 Steve
  2. I have read that the legs on the new light weight model have a lot of movement in them. just trying to look before I leap. I now have a spare trigger that I bought before I asked here. What model Magpul and which height ( 6 to 9 or 9 to 13) do you like. I have a cheep no name that tries to come apart every time I use it. It had a rubber washer between the mount and base that won't stay tight. It is also very heavy. 😏😏😏 Steve
  3. I guess no body wants an EOtech now days. Offer withdrawn.
  4. I tried to search and did not find much. Shooting from a a bench mostly. 6-9 in or 9-13 in? What medium price range bipod do you like? want a picatinny rail mount. Do not have a sling stud. trying to stay in Harris and below price range. I know I say that and then blow the budget at times. Thanks. Steve
  5. I like my Hornady Custom Grade Die set. It so far has resized my once fired L.C. brass with one pass and chambers in my DPMS LR-308. Did not notice it saying small base on the box. I use a Lee Factory Crimp die as a final step. Will see how it works on brass fired through my LR-308 as soon as I get the new trigger installed and go to the range. 👍👍👍 Steve
  6. No. They see the outcome and it is exactly what they want. They don't give a D** about anyone else. They just want to control everyone and everything anybody does or thinks. They are so much smarter than the run of the mill uneducated masses that they think it is there calling to GUIDE us to the light. 😡😡😡 Steve
  7. American Guns & Ammo. Very good to go. I caused a problem with an order and they went out of there way to help. They are good to work with. 😊😊😊 Steve
  8. ++OK Buy it now price $500.00 Shipped. Check or US Postal money order. Will ship after the check clears the bank. Flat rate box. You pay for extra insurance if you want it. Steve
  9. Those are good looking mags. If I only had an AR 10 rifle. They won't fit my DPMS LR-308.
  10. Is the PPU brass or steel case? 😕😕😕 Steve
  11. Most of the time I try to keep my mouth shut. I also try to say please and thank you. I am to old to be meeting someone in the front yard. It would not turn out well for me. Steve
  12. The older you get. THE QUICKER IT ADDS UP. Just sayin from 53 years old to 73 years old it got 10 times worse than from 33 to 53. 🥴🥴🥴 Steve
  13. How the world has changed. I went to college for a while. My room mate turned 21 and wanted to buy a pistol. He sold me his 22 cal. rifle so he could buy a 22 cal. pistol . We would then each buy a brick of 22 ammo every month and after class two or three times a week, we would load up our guns from the dorm to his car and drive down to the creek where everybody else would go to shoot. Then back to the dorm to clean guns. That WAS the good old days. 😊😊😊 Steve
  14. as long as you don't change the elevation or windage settings it will work. If you want to dial up the elevation for a long shot you also have to change the windage to match. Then if you dial in an adjustment for windage you then have changed the point of impact on the elevation. This has greater effect the longer the range of the shot. Just what I have learned from the instructions that came with my Wheeler Scope Level Kit. Steve
  15. Just tried them. Seems to work GREAT. It was a tight fit with the smaller wedge. 😀😀😀 Steve
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