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  1. Several POTUS back. I used to buy Blazer alum case for $88.00 and change out the door for 1000 rounds. I MISS those days. ☹️☹️☹️ Steve
  2. 1:10 in my rem bolt gun shoots lights out with 150 gr Nosler Hunting bullets out to 200 yards. Don't have a range that is longer. If I can load a round that shoots close to as good in my DPMS I will be very happy. YMMV 😊😊😊 Steve
  3. If there is bidding. I'm in at 550. 😁😁😁 Steve
  4. Owners Manual Do you find that on FaceBook or Tic Tok????????????? 🥵🥵🥵 Steve
  5. Congrats, Remember all the good times and try to let the bad ones slide by. Yesterday was our 45 th. Had a nice dinner and back to the house. 😊😊😊 Steve
  6. Has anyone used this brand of primer? Are they good primers? 🤔🤔🤔 Steve
  7. Now I REALLY can't go to sleep. 🧐🧐🧐 Steve
  8. Check out KAK Missing Parts Kit. Springs and detents. Includes buffer detent and spring. Don't know if this is a good deal or not. Steve
  9. Well, my old reloading stuff is starting to give up the ghost. First my new Lee powder funnel started to let the mouth of 5.56 cases go through the neck and stick up into the funnel. Now my old Midway vibrator case cleaner has stopped working. I had to order a new one from Frankfort Arsenal. I know I'm cheap. It won't have to last many years to outlast me. I had to order a couple of repair parts from Lee for my Classic Turret Press. I think that cheap stuff should last more than 10 to 20 years. At least my 1972 RCBS Rock Chucker is still working fine. 😁😁😁 Steve
  10. The Armalite kit is what I put on my LR-308 after the gun shop put a AR-15 spring and buffer in when they changed the but stock for me. Took it out 2 days ago and it worked very well. Didn't even notice the recoil from the 147 gr. Armsco ammo. I need to add a scope instead of the EOTEC. The EOTEC works very good at close range. Old eyes need all the help they can get. 😊😊😊 Steve
  11. I checked reviews from several sights. All are good except if you are loading 5.56/223. They said that the case will extend up into the funnel on the 556 case. One person said he was trying to find a spare as backup to his 1970"s RCBS but the new one would not work on 22 cal. cases. I guess I will try to find an all metal funnel. Seems that the older funnels work on small cal. cases and the new funnels don't. 😕😕😕 Steve
  12. So I am loading 5.56 ammo. I bought a new Lee powder funnel to start loading this ammo. Now 250 rounds later the neck of the funnel has worn so much that the case sticks up into the funnel. The powder catches around the neck of the brass instead of flowing into the case. My 52 year old plastic funnel still works ok but I would like a new one just incase the old one messes up. What do you use when you load one case at a time? 😁😁😁 Steve
  13. Plugs won't work for me. If I used plugs I could not hear any range commands at all. I am def without my hearing aids. They work well with electronic muffs. I can hear better with the muffs on than I can with just the aids. Funny how that works. The report of the rifles are not loud at all with the combo. 🥴🥴🥴 Steve
  14. Shot my rifle yesterday. It had no felt recoil and I even got a group or two at fifty yards. I also found out that I HATE the EOTEC for shooting paper. After I shot a few rounds at fifty yards I did not try it at 100 yards. I could not see the target with that sight. I am glad I ordered the Armalite buffer system. I think it would have had a lot of kick with that 3.4 oz. buffer the gun shop used with the adjustable stock I had them install. I have learned enough now that I will try to do my own mods from now own. No failures with the Armsco 147 FMJ factory loads. I also need to find a very slim amplified hearing muffs because mine interfere with the buttstock when I try to line up with the sight. I have hearing aids because I did not use hearing protectors when I was younger. Can't take more damage to my ears. Now I just need to load some ammo and go shooting again. 😊😊😊 Steve
  15. Is that for a 50 BMG or something older? 😏😏😏 Steve
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