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  1. Ok, after reading all this, I decided to go with the LaRue mbt 2s... now I'm trying to figure out what all the "2 stage" hype is... it says this thing is 2.5 then 2# for a total of 4.5#... honestly sitting here and I can not for the life if me tell the difference between it and my ALG ACT, thats had some rounds set off... they both have a light "creep", a wall, then bang... I'll be the first to admit I have never run a 2 stage in my life other than my muzzle loaders "set trigger, hair trigger" lol, but I was expecting something noticeablely different... Don't get me wrong, both are crisp and break clean with no travel once you hit "the wall"... But side by side other than the ACT being just a slight (very slight" bit heavier. I can not tell the difference, am I missing something here???
  2. Alright, so far this $700 gun has almost doubled in price lol... my fault entirely though. Palmetto PA-10 gen 2 ; .308 Win. 18 " SS barrel, (mid length gas ) 1.Armalite carbine gas tube (to fix psa's shorty); 2.Odin adjustable gas block (cause id already bought it) also drilled out .073 port to .086 3. Armalite rifle spring (+ 2 quarters)(who knows what oem spring was suppose to be, 4. Armalite AR10 buffer (5.4oz) 5. LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger 6. EFAB muzzle/comp. 7. Magpull PRS Gen 3 8. Ergo Tact DLX Suregrip Ar15 W/Palm shelf 9. CVlife Picatinny 6"-9" Rifle Bipod.... Now for some new glass after christmas (Athlon Helos 6x24), and then its time to field test her..hell, who knows maybe this time next year she might even have a longer/heavier barrel.
  3. @98Z5V if my old ass memory serves me right, I think it was the AR-15.com forum... somebody had copied a link to you talking about putting the .50 in a 7-3/4" buffer tube...to make it 7-5/8,, I was searching for answers on my bcg hitting the buffer tube and recoil being like gettin kicked by the neighbors mule by round 20... A bunch of guys kept with the "over gassed" theme... but 1 dude said, NOPE, check this sh*t out... and boom .. here i am.. lettin you straight my gun out for me 😁😁😁
  4. PS, @mrmackc, for a whole $1.29 i picked up a 4' dowl.. it was a blessing, no worry and was able to drill "past" with not a care in the world lol... guess 98' can call me skerred if he wants, my wifey calls me worse quite often.
  5. Ok @98Z5V, the DSG order is delayed in Houston or id already have pics up of her put back together... Besides glass,, she's only gonna be missing trigger and muzzle device.. You mentioned running a VG6 and cage ( I'm going to assume the gama, since the epsilon is a 3 port), so whats the sound level like. Does the cage quieten it down some? I run a Gamma on my shorty 10" AR & the wifeys travor, but dear God their loud. (I actually lost part of my hearing last time I shot (1 mag without ear protection won't hurt at 51 right??? WRONG for me)). I mean its a night and day difference between my 16" with an afab and the wifes 16" travor with a Gamma. Wish they made a cage for the Epsilon. Then for me I'd be a no brainer... And opinions on the LaRue MBT2??? The most expensive trigger to date i run is the ACT ALG, but I'd like something lighter and 2 stage crisp for this, but definitely not $300 lol.
  6. Ok @98Z5V, barrel is drilled, and yes for $1.29 i used a 1/4" dowel. Call me skerred if you must. I drove an hour to find that the #45 they said they had was actually a #44 in the wrong slot... so now this port is 0.0865"..figure im gonna run the Odin adjustable i already spent money on anyways.... the 0.073 would go in easy but the 0.078 wouldn't,, so original hole was prolly closer to 0.075~0.076. On to the gas tube, could of swore I took a pic in the mag well, but no luck finding it. Tube is only 11.75.. Armalites is 12.0625 correct??, so going from memory that should put me a little past center... better a little long than short correct??Especially if I have to shim block forward to line up on hole better.. Pics of tube, hole (man they weren't very centered on it with the last block), from end of barrel, and from butting into receiver.. not pulling this barrel off to get better measurement...
  7. If I'm on the jury, its a good shoot. Altho it probably wouldn't of went down this way at my house. I'd asked him to leave once, then its hands on, now either he's leaving or my wife grabs the 9 off my dash and performs a failure to stop drill just like Griz taught her (sighting fear of bodily harm from said criminal/trespasser)..seeing how our LEO is a county sheriff thats over 30 min away at high speed... ie, we had a stabbing here a while back and they responded 3 days to the hour later...yeah, he's getting shot if its my ground. @Matt.Cross definitely agree with everything you said.
  8. True that @mrmackc , im sure im gonna be nervous as hell anyways.
  9. Aright @9875Z , Armalite gas tube , spring, and buffer on the way... I'd already "fixed" the PRS to fit over the threads on my PSA buffer tube before I saw your scrap it post... guess I'll get started pulling the upper apart tomorrow. I got 2 deer to put in the freezer today first tho. I'll post up exactly what this upper has once I get it apart... gas port hole & actual tube length... 0.082 ,if I remember correctly is a #45 bit. Think ill pick up a brand new quality bit for this lol. So might be a little bit before I make it to the city for 1. I know the local store only had a #35 when I was there yesterday.. Once again, extremely thankful I found you guys.
  10. Awesome, and thank you. On which tube to get. I definitely wouldn't have "guessed" Armalite called the 1 i need a "carbine". But since were in to the upper already lol. Next question... I don't have a drill press, so what are the chances "in your opinion" of a guy snapping off a bit using a screw gun an bit to drill out that gas port??? Should I just spend the $ to have a Smith do it in a press or is that barrel pretty soft??? And since we're already talking upper... an suggestions on a flash hider/comp??? All our 15s and the wifes travors are set up with efabs or vg6's... I Know the vg6 isn't what I'm looking for on this girl. Any suggestions from any body on a front end??? Better/similar to the efab???
  11. Really appreciate the advice sir,, however last night night i noticed yet another issue with the buffer tube. When trying to install the PRS, it won't slide over the threads on this tube(leaves a 3/16" gap). So im either gonna have to dremal out the first 1/4" inside of tube or switch to a rifle tube. If I go the rifle tube option, would you recommend the Armalite rifle tube,spring, buffer?? Or go with the Heavy Buffer XH Rifle buffer set up??? At the moment I haven't pulled the upper apart yet. Figured I'd get the lower "right" first, but from reading your posts and others.. I can already tell the gas tube is to short... it barely reaches the key cut out, and id bet $100 this 18" barrel ( 18" psa ss w/ mid length system, .750 block) will be like all their others, with the port hole being undersized... but you Sir can believe once I get to the upper ill be picking your brains on that to 😁
  12. Followed a link in a different form when searching about PA10 gen II info... gonna be here awhile it appears
  13. Hey everybody new here obviously, names Roach and I picked up a PA10 some years ago from a buddy hurting for cash. She's been a safe queen that just got shot the first time a month ago. What got me here was the excessive recoil. I mean no way this thing should hurt ya worse than my trusty ole 30'06 carbine right.. So I started reading other forms, "over gassed" was everywhere, so picked up an Odin adjustable(its still in packaging) along with a Magpull PRS... Then found yall, wish I'd started here. Been reading everything on here I can and have determined that instead of a couple add ons, this girl needs a complete overhaul. Love all the detailed info provided.. I'm sure you'll hear lots of dumb questions from me, I've done some complete 15 builds but this'll be my first big AR, so I guess if I had a 1st question.. Where to start??? Buffer tube assembly i suppose.. 1 box of tula ammo and we already got damage to the tube.. buffers light(3.8 oz)and spring seems short. Are there any major advantages to scrapping this entire assembly and going AR10 rifle vs getting a good spring and heavy buffer, and sticking with the 7-3/4" tube?? I'm not a rich man lol, but I do wanna end up with something worth owning and reliable.
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