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  1. I see my Aero Precision BCG is not chrome-lined internally, like EVERY AR-15 BCG I have ever seen, including theirs.
  2. Brother BLKSHEEP. My Dad's family was from Shriever; Little Bayou Blue and Little Bayou Black. They were absolute Cajuns. I still have plenty cousins and relates in the Houma/Raceland/Thibodaux region. Me, I may not be an RCA, but I act and feel like one. I'm in Kenner now, near the airport, and will most likely die here. I'm new to the AR-10s. Do you got to any of the gun shows at The Pontchartrain Center? I bought (2) AR-10 lowers there. The place got torn up by Hurricane Ida and the shows have been relocated at The Alario Center in Westwego for the time being. I haven't made it to any of those, but maybe when they return to The Pontchartrain Center we could meet up. Jarhead
  3. They will no longer make their "Match" and "Super Match" versions and, IIRC, their "Loaded" variant. This was discussed on "M-14 Forum". I suppose the Stoner Family of rifles have too much support and "luv" at the range. I know that glass-bedding the M-14 is difficult and expensive. Jarhead
  4. I am told that the AR-10 variants, when compared to my beloved M-14 and FAL clones, are: More Accurate, Easier To Scope, Cheaper, Mags Are Cheaper and More Abundant, Easier To Clean, Easier To Free Float (something you can't do with the other two), Easier To Add Accessories, Easier To Change Parts -> especially the barrels, Easier To Headspace, Has Better Ergonomics, Better Gas System, More Reliable, Better Availability of Parts which also means Easier To Maintain. I have been accused of being a heretic for confessing this elsewhere, so don't chew my buitt too much. Jarhead
  5. I saw this website from a thread in the General Firearms Forum on snugbusexpress.com. I really appreciate him pointing this place out as I do not know anything about the AR-10 other than many of the receivers and parts are proprietary. This is one of the things that kept me away from AR-10's, especially the magazine variations and requirements when they became marketable back in the late '80's -> early '90'; maybe?? I looking forward to getting m AR-10's, as The Emperor told Luke about The Death Star, "com...plete...ly op...per...ra...tion...al". Jarhead
  6. Greetings: Jarhead504 form FALFiles,,a.k.a. Jarhead on the M-14 Forum and snugbus express.com. I consider myself a Certified Member of The M-14 Cult and a FALaholic but at great risk of losing my certification I have entered what
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