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  1. That's right, the ATF ruled it to be an SBR if attached to a lower receiver. Now for the good news..... the 308AR can cannon is in production.
  2. I might consider it..... Parts I need for my build are ODG handguard, ODG Magpul UBR, buffer& spring, 6.8SPCll BCG, lower parts kit, Charging handle, low profile SS gas block,bead blasted brake/comp. What cha got?
  3. Comes with original case & accessories & 2, maybe 3 mags(if I can find the 3rd.) Low round count, probably under 100! like new! $475
  4. Brand new, never assembled in factory new condition. These were $286 to my door, I'll do $200 shipped in the conus. I've also got a brand new MechArmor trigger for $100. Paypal gifted. Blksheep
  5. You know you miss the cajun pants down hugs! :D
  6. Only by 1280 knots! lmao :hail:
  7. Sorry brother Rene, you can't win um all. Soooo moving along to the next pursuit > http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/2015/08/05/john-f-kennedys-1959-m1-garand-auction/ >:D >:D
  8. FA-18 HORNET vs SR-71 BLACKBIRD http://controversialtimes.com/funny/classic-military-sr-71-blackbird-pilots-troll-navy-pilot-and-civilian-aircraft-with-ground-speed-check/
  9. That must of made a damn fine baton! :loser:
  10. This is a good "18"HB w/ threads & wont break the bank> http://www.midwayusa.com/product/660397/dpms-sass-barrel-lr-308-308-winchester-bull-contour-1-in-10-twist-18-fluted-stainless-steel-black-teflon Give McGowan Barrels a call, if they don't have what you want they'll make it fairly quick at a reasonable cost. https://www.mcgowenbarrel.com/ar15-ar10-barrels/
  11. I'm putting it in your butt tonight ! <hump> :banana:
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