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  1. Hey guys, I want to stay in touch about my build. I just had a financial setback and had to spend $750 on an unexpected truck repair, so purchasing the router, mag well vise block, buffer assembly, barrel shroud, and stock will have to wait a while. Speaking of stocks, I’ve been considering the Magpul PRS. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of other fixed rifle stocks with adjustable LOP and cheek pad. It would be nice to check out all of my options before buying one. The jig from 5D finally arrived. It appears to be well engineered.
  2. Hahaha. Never heard that one. “Run with scissors on that one” Love it. I guess Aero Precision is living up to its name.
  3. I “pinned” the gas block and tube with a micro screwdriver to dry fit the barrel, block, tube and upper. The tube protrudes into the upper just a speck passed the center of the cam pin cutout. Looks identical to the photo posted above. I put a strand of copper wire through the gas port in the barrel. After about 5 minutes of studying inside the barrel with a light at the other end, I was able to determine that the hole IS in a groove, not through a land. No idea if that was good engineering or just good luck.
  4. Sounds good. I have drilling and tapping fluid. I’ve drilled thousands of holes in every type and thickness of material you can imagine Not nervous. I suspect the hole is positioned so that it is located in one of the grooves inside the barrel, not on a land.
  5. Hi guys, The barrel and BCG arrived today. I measured the journal on the barrel where the gas block mounts. It is indeed 0.750” I also measured the gas port in the barrel as best I could with a pair of digital calipers. It is 0.0745” If I use a #43 drill at .0890” (2.26mm), will that be big enough? Obviously, I will be removing the finish on the ID of the hole. In your experience, has that ever caused corrosion and reduced the gas pressure over time? I will dry fit the barrel, upper, gas block and gas tube tomorrow to check for proper tube length.
  6. Thanks for that. Crystal clear. I’ll verify the gas block journal size and let you know if it’s not .750”. If it is correct, I’ll drill out the barrel’s port to .090”. I’ll also check the gas tube length this weekend if the barrel comes Saturday. I’ve been hounding 5D Tactical weekly to send the jig and tooling. Finally shipped, also due in on Saturday! If the gas block journal isn’t as advertised, I’ll have to add another band to that guys nuts!
  7. Stoner must have been an incredible engineer and a very, very, patient man. The system is quite simple in principle, but the devil is in the details! I have the upper, gas tube and and block in hand. Barrel and BCG arrive Saturday. The barrel shroud will have to wait a bit as money has been going out faster than it’s coming in. I’ll buy the buffer, spring and tube next. I should be able to dry fit everything together to check the position of the tube in the upper, shouldn’t I? I would like to drill out the barrel to its new specs as well. Gotta number? BTW, I’m still waiting for the lower jig from 5D Tactical, ordered nearly 5weeks ago when it was listed as “in stock”. Apparently, they had some manufacturing issues and a ton of orders. I’m not going to buy a small router until I have the jig. I have a big router but that won’t work for this. If they fail to deliver, I’ll be forced to buy a serialized lower from AP. That defeats the purpose of this particular rifle but I have to finish it either way. Aero Precision’s website guy should have a rubber band wrapped around his nuts. They do that to cows or bulls to castrate them. Eventually, they just fall off. That is a very generous offer but I can see this isn’t your first rodeo and l’m sure I won’t be sending you any parts. Thanks again.
  8. 98Z5V Can you help me work backwards from the heavy buffer’s 10oz. buffer and spring to determine what tube will accommodate them and work with my 80% Arms DPMS lower that is matched to my Aero Precision M5 upper(not enhanced)? Once I know what tube to get, I can find an appropriate fixed rifle stock. Thanks
  9. Here are two screenshots of the tube. Maybe they mean it’s for a 6” buffer? i don’t have to buy it from Aero Precision. If you can suggest something else , I’m game.
  10. All upper components are from Aero Precision. Gas port in barrel is 0.0730”As far as the tube and stock, receiver extension will be Aero Precision 6” rifle, and Magpul PRS or PRS Lite.
  11. That’s so cool. I haven’t seen or thought of speed racer since I was a kid! Glad to hear more positive feedback on the heavy buffer. I will definitely go with that. Does it require the 6” tube? Does anyone have advise as to gas block initial setting? Thanks
  12. Ok, I’m back. I think this will be an abbreviated version of what was lost. I can always post more later. I will order the recommended buffer and spring. Money is getting tight. I’ve already dropped $1,350 into this and expect to spend another $650 just to get the buffer system, furniture, and the Sig QD taper-look muzzle brake on it. That includes the small router and mag well vise block. I have a big router but it’s not compatible with the lower milling jig. What’s one more tool, right? On Aero Precision’s website, I only found one gas tube that fits the M5 upper in .308 that is rifle length. It states the buffer length is 6”. Can I use a shorter one or is that the one to go with? The 16” barrel has a gas port of .0730” Can you advise on how to adjust the gas block? Thanks guys, I’m getting there.
  13. Hi Admin, I don’t see the last posting I made. Is it possible to type something and after submitting reply, have it go poof, into thin air? Or perhaps I lost it before hitting submit, or maybe I just completely forgot to hit submit reply. 😞
  14. Wow. Thank you for that very thorough explanation. It seems as though I have a choice to make between hoping to get it to cycle on subsonic combined with hard recoil on supersonic, or accepting manual cycling on subsonic and reasonable recoil on super. That’s an easy choice for me to make. My first priority is to reduce felt recoil as much as possible due to recent major shoulder surgery that will only bring it’s functionality back to 80% of what it once was, when finally healed this Fall. I have to prevent further damage to it. This build will take the place of my bolt action.308 deer rifle. There really are people that need an AR for hunting. 🙂 Another reason for taking this route is that I have already bought pretty much everything but the buffer assembly, as far as functionality is concerned. I’d hate to have to shelve most of that and start this expensive endeavor from the drawing board. So, with all of that in mind, how would you recommend I reduce the felt recoil as much as possible without sacrificing reliability when shooting supersonic? This rifle will also be on hand for defensive purposes. What would you suggest for the buffer kit? Thanks again, Jeff
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