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  1. The rail came with a gouge in one of the (prongs)? you think this is an issue?
  2. Thanks for everyone’s help. Just need to decide on some optics. So glad I found this place!
  3. ordering these parts.. all okay to fit with my lower? thanks again! https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m5-18-308-cmv-complete-upper-atlas-r-one https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/308-bolt-carrier-group-nib https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/ar308-ambi-charging-handle
  4. Ok thanks is it made for both 308 and 223 platforms?
  5. Got the buffer tube and stock installed. I think I need a special wrench or something to tighten this nut.
  6. Although the serial number came back nothing found I’m pretty sure it’s post ban. It has no flash hider on it.
  7. How would I know if it’s a pre ban for sure? I know nothing, sorry.
  8. So I ordered the armalite system with the stock and I’m researching complete uppers. When I look at the description it says Low Profile Gas Block and Rifle Length Gas Tube Low Profile Gas Block and Mid-Length Gas Tube Seems to depend on barrel length. Will it matter which one I get? thanks again!
  9. I recently escaped CT and moved to Florida. Thanks for the response! I shot a lot of guns but don’t really know much about them, just handed them to an armor and they came back fixed.
  10. I have an older colt hbar with a heavy barrel and a carry handle. I’m thinking about making it into a carbine. Can I just buy a complete upper from say aero and pop it on? can use my existing bolt correct. thanks
  11. So I went with the Aero lower unit kit. Wasn’t to difficult. Everything seemed to fit except for the grip it’s tight to the receiver except in the area of the tail. The next thing I’m going to buy is the stock, tube and buffer spring. When I watch build videos a lot of the malfunctions during the range test are because of the “buffer spring.” Is there anyway to avoid this? Any recommendations, please link. Looking for an adjustable. Thanks!
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