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  1. @98Z5VI hear ya there. I still have the phone numbers from 55 years ago rattling around.
  2. Double check your rail height, the one posted is a high rail.
  3. Welcome from Appleturkey!
  4. I'm not certain, but I don't think you have a choice with a binary, do you? Doesn't it react in both directions, or can it be set to only fire in 1 direction?
  5. Then there's the DPMS hi and low rail.
  6. Please explain to me how a 'potable' chair works.
  7. There is only one hole in the grip. The take down spring just rests on the mating surface. Most any grip will work.
  8. My theory on this hobby is 'If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it.' Same goes with the rebuild of my classic Broncos.
  9. Had to break down and get another pair of Redwings after the 3rd sole wore out. Welding plays hell on the leather over the course of 8 years. Well technically 4 I guess, I have 2 pair and rotate daily to let the other one dry out.
  10. Order another one and return the first if they won't work with you.
  11. Let's hope this gets applied to all mfg's and dealers.
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