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  1. This gives me memories of shattering my heel a few years ago.
  2. Well there is that. I'm just saying you can keep fresh unwashed eggs for over a year doing waterglassing.
  3. As long as they haven't been washed or transported in excessive heat there's no problem.
  4. Slide this on your upper and hand guard and clamp in vise.
  5. And if that's the true gas port size, it's to small. @98Z5V will give you the correct size. Guaranteed
  6. https://shop.americangunsandammo.com/parts-gear/cleaning-equipment/premium-gun-lube-2426468
  7. Be careful with that K&N filter, the intake on my Powerstroke was caked with fine dust up to the turbo. I went back to the stock one and no more dust.
  8. You'll need to open up the port to .090 and the tube is probably short at 11.125". The tube needs to end up in the middle of the key cutout in the upper receiver.
  9. First best guess would be short gas tube or undersized gas port, maybe both. More info needed. Check out the 'Waterboarding' thread.
  10. Similar to 5D's billet receiver but with a little more machined off.
  11. I wonder if it would be feasible to come up with a handle incorporated into the top caps. Probably have to have a beefier mount and bigger screws.
  12. Watched it again last weekend. I didn't realize it has a quaint Ukrainian twist.
  13. jim3326


    I rarely have any to save. Fry it up, then toss the taters and onions in. Leaves just enough for the eggs.
  14. I've had no issues running different dies.
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