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  1. Aunt Jemima is dead. Quaker Oats and Pepsi killed her.
  2. The spring difference was the very next thing I would expect as well, pending all measurements are the same. Does the drum act any differently half-loaded versus fully loaded?
  3. The same technical specs section you pasted from. Looking at it a second time, I do see now where they say it is compatible with DPMS LR308... I skimmed right over that the last time. Sounds like they need to update the "not compatible" caveat section. I wonder if they actually tested (or had customers report) on the other brands, like 80% Lowers, 5D, Modulus, etc. The incompatibility is definitely curious. I would grab a dial caliper and start taking some measurements to compare.
  4. I would look at the difference between the drum and the magazines and see if something (e.g. shave a little off somewhere) can be modified to make it work. Looking at the technical specs, there's a whole lot of things it's incompatible with.
  5. You might also want to include what ammunition you are shooting. That's not one of the waterboarding questions.
  6. I bought this AK-style 12ga from Rural King for $400. It is an exceptional gun for the price. It even has an adjustable gas system. It will accept a ProMag drum with minor modification. JTS M12 AK
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. Here is how mine came out. It was Cerakoted in the following colors: Patriot Brown, Magpul Foliage Green and Cerakote Desert Sand
  8. Here's a thread I started a while ago, asking for examples of camo examples: Camo photos I actually should update that thread with mine, now that it's done.
  9. Let us know if you figure out how to do that. I went to the web page and I couldn't find anything "clickable" to order it. AR-10 6 POSITION RECEIVER EXTENSION KIT (NO STOCK)
  10. It is amazing, and thank you for providing me that link. I took the time to compare AR-15, 80% 308 and CMMG 308 catches and dimensions B, C and D are different, with D being most interesting as the 80 Percent pin height (D) is higher than both of the other two catches.
  11. I put a little piece of paper on the magazine so you could hopefully see it better.
  12. Yeah, I was hoping you could see in the photo - it does stick out there. The green of the magazine is almost the same color as the gun, so it may look like the magwell to you.
  13. I also have an LPK from CMMG, so I decided to compare the bolt catch between the two kits. Some of the dimensions are different, but I believe the "ear and the tooth" (sorry, I don't know what proper term might be) are still in the correct location. Mostly it appears to be less beefy. I can dig out my calipers and take some dimensional measurements, if you like.
  14. It is from 80 Percent Arms. I'm not sure if they make it themselves or if someone else does. I have several LPKs from them, so I dug a few more out, and they were all identical. The only identifying mark on it is a triangle in a circle: There's no mag in there, but even if there was, that bolt catch won't reach the magazine. Here is a photo with the magazine inserted. It worked fine for 3 or 4 bolt-hold-open tests. What's pushing that bolt catch up right now? It's hard to tell in the photo, so I tried to outline where a corner/edge of the bolt catch and the bolt are jammed together.
  15. Yeah, I was testing image insertion between text, not after the text. Most BBS's have a simple button you can click to insert images in between (or after) lines of text, but this one doesn't. I figured out that I could drag an image from my computer into the post and it would insert it at the right place, though.
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