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  1. But isn't @Mrj209 running all carbine length/weight parts, including the buffer tube? Aero M5 carbine buffer system. 3.8 oz buffer that is 2.57 in long. Internal buffer tube length is right at 7in. Aero M5 carbine Spring is 11.25in long and has 26 coils.
  2. At what length do you switch from carbine-length buffer parts to rifle-length parts?
  3. I'm doing my first 80% AR-308 lower, and the thread bolt catch pivot (as opposed to a roll pin) is a new thing to me. Are people just snugging this up, or using a thread locker on it?
  4. If any of you have done up your rifles in camouflage, I would like to see photos of them. I'd like to do a hunting rifle Cerakoted in camouflage and would like to get some ideas of what I can/can't/should/shouldn't change the looks of, and also color combinations. Thanks!
  5. I'm on many automotive and racing forums with that handle, but the only other firearms forum where I use it is ARFCOM. What all the others are going on about is: RacerX is the black sheep brother of Speed Racer in the 1960's cartoon of the same name. Chim-Chim, Trixie, et.al. are other characters from the show.
  6. Greetings all - I like target shooting and challenging myself, most especially by reaching out as far as I can with iron sights, though that is starting to get more difficult as my eyes age. Don't get me wrong - nothing wrong with scopes, I just enjoy the challenge... I decided it would be fun to try reaching out further than my current rifles can, so I'm going to be putting together a 308AR soon, utilizing an 80% lower. I managed to snatch up an Aero Precision 18" complete upper during the very brief period yesterday that they were in stock - I'm looking forward to its arrival. I'm actually doing an 80% AR15-style rifle first, just to identify any gotchas in the machining process before moving on to the more expensive lower. That's all I can think of to share for now...
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