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  1. Very nice! Still contemplating entering the crossbow realm. Used to bow hunt. But my old Browning Explorer compound became obsolete, unsafe and unserviceable. Going to see how enjoyable and productive new hunting area in SC is this year before dropping the $ for the extra 4 weeks or so of season. Love the simplicity of the Excalibers. Love the cocking mechanisms of the Ravins. I'm 56 and quite fit at present, but aging is inevitable - main upside of the Ravin. Let us know how the 340 hunts!
  2. @dpete Appreciate the link. I'll keep that in mind. I was unaware of that particular forum. With the Biden economy, I've cooled my jets on the crossbow for this season. Going to see how the new SC hunting digs pan out this year before dropping a bunch of $ for the extra 4 weeks of season. Buddy about 2 hrs away has approximately 50 acres basically only being hunted by himself and his youngest son. Cleared a bunch of undergrowth from 4 stand areas and put out a couple of salt blocks a couple of weeks ago. Going to plant a few clover patches in late summer ... hopefully it will be bountiful!
  3. @shooterrex When opportunity strikes, have a few Franklins ready! Good deal!
  4. https://www.brownells.com/magazines/rifle-magazines/magazines/d-50-lr-sr-gen-m3-pmag-50-rds-7-62x51-308-black-sku100035732-125121-232442.aspx Never hurts to be a bit more prepared for the EndoTimes Kerfluffle. And, it's on sale!
  5. Leupold is my #1. Great glass. Great warranty & support. Usually lighter in weight than comparable scopes. Made in US. Vortex is my # 2. Good Glass. Good warranty. Great Support. Usually better value than comparable scopes. My 2 cents, and that's probably what its worth.
  6. Saw that WW has just released a couple of slightly different variants of their 16" sfsct-308. New colors: battleworn black & burnt bronze; upgrades from base model include Magpul stock, for-end grip and metal MBUS sights, also the Yankee Hill flash suppressor instead of the A2 on the base. https://www.windhamweaponry.com/firearms/rifles/308-caliber-rifle/r16sfsct-308-bb/ I have been 100% satisfied with my WW sfst after a few upgrades of my own. Zero failures to fire or cycle after about 500 rounds with broad variety of ammo. Mine is primarily set up for deer hunting, but I still get groups under 1" with some soft tip lead bullets and target ammo. So if you are too lazy to put an AR10 together from pieces, or just want one that always works, you might want to check 'em out.
  7. Toys for upcoming kayak fishing trip on Staunton river in VA, near Altavista (my old home town). Underspin Pflueger President Reel, Okuma Rod and a 2 kayak carrier - so the better half can join us if she wants. Hoping for the local trifecta: (striped bass, small mouth bass and a walleye). But mainly looking forward to spending time with old friends. Hate to say it but I think the only thing in that pic made in the US are the Bison straps.
  8. @BrianKNot really planning on shooting in the backyard - although deer are common and frankly a nuisance eating both vegetables and the wife's flowers and plants. More of a whimsical thought. Can't imagine one actually dropping where it was shot, and we have been overrun with PETA immigrants fleeing California - probably call the cops and the local news on me in horror😬. That's why I go to SC and VA to hunt. I do however appreciate your concern!
  9. Best upgrade I made to my WW R16SFST-308.
  10. Toys for upcoming kayaking fishing trip on the Staunton River in VA. Hopefully get the local trifecta- a striper, a small mouth bass & a walleye. But it should be a good time regardless!
  11. Starting the "soft sale" on the better half. Helps (the sale - not the bank account) that we're in the process of dropping $8K for a fence for "her" dogs - if the fence guy ever follows through on the installation. Probably be an after the 4th Holiday purchase. One of those things where you go in to look at one thing - Wicked Ridge Invader 400 ($600) - and go "this is pretty nice", then you pick up something else - Ravin r10 ($1300) -and go "but this thing is for me - this is the poop". Anyway, time to go fleece a couple of extra sheep over the next few weeks!
  12. Made the mistake of talking a while with Dude from Sportsman's Warehouse & handling a Ravin R10 crossbow. Pretty f-in nice package. I'm starting to feel an itch ....
  13. of course now that I start looking, I see (on paper) there are pretty competent hunting crossbows out there in the $400 range - with the price of red meat today - I think I can justify that - 2 deer would pretty much be a break even. And if I can catch one inside the dog fence so he is unlikely to run out into the HOA, might could get one on the down low without even traveling to my hunting digs .....
  14. Which Excalibur do you have? 87 y.o father-in-law has a crank-cock Ravin with a scope that is a friggin' tack driver. Think the old-fart got 3-5 with it last year. You get almost an extra month of deer season with a bow in South Carolina. Had to retire my old Browning Explorer II compound a few seasons ago. Beautiful bow, but it had become unsafe and could not get replacement parts. Still would have to harvest a lot of meat to justify the expense of a good cross bow ... but life is short and toys bring joy!
  15. Have a 75th Anniversary Hi-Power in excellent shape w/ 4 mags gathering dust in the safe I've been thinking of selling. Great shooter...just never do.
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