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  1. LaRue makes excellent gear. I have lost track of how many of their MBT2S triggers I have purchased. I like their scope mounts as well. Just have a hard time spending that much on a mount unless I'll be utilizing the QD feature. Then, I go with LaRue. You will not be disappointed in the quality. Another feature of the LT158 is that it has 10 MOA of down angle built in, which is useful if you are shooting long distances.
  2. I still stick with my $0.02 opinion that it's damn hard to beat the the Leupold Mark AR mounts for durability, weight and price. Bulletproof, 6 oz., $80. Admittedly, I've never tried to piggyback a red dot onto one. That kind of engineering is over my head. This does remind me though that I need to get out to the range to zero in a few rifles that I switched optics on over the winter, including my hunting Wyndham AR10. Went from a 3-9x50 Leupold VX-Freedom (which got moved to the muzzleloader) to a Leupold VX6 2x12x42 that I picked up in a steal of a deal. BTW, the Mark AR mount will also clear a 56mm objective - barely. Where does the time go?
  3. I really like the Leupold AR Mark integrated mounts. They are right at 6 oz in 1" and 30mm. Still hold zero if you drop your gun from a 22' stand.. should be able to find them around $80.
  4. Larue also makes mounts with MOA built in, like the 112, that has 20 MOA built in. Though there are probably cheaper options, this is an easy fix.
  5. I always laugh at myself when it comes to Glocks. Just never liked the way a Glock looked or felt in my hand. Reminded me of the wooden blocks I'd played with as a kid. When I was first getting into pistols, I only wanted metal guns, no plastic. Browning Hi-power was my choice. Easy pointing pistol, decent capacity. Later, after downtown Asheville (where I work) became a truly dangerous place and I felt I needed to EDC, I went with a Sig P938, small, still metal, and I was already comfortable with the single action. Still later, when they started coming out with the higher capacity micro-compacts, I picked up a Hellcat and a Sig P365xl. Like them both. I carry the Sig, my wife carries the Hellcat. That being said, every time I go to the pistol range with my LE son-in-law, who carries a Glock, I'll be damned if I don't shoot that thing as accurate or more accurate than anything that I own.
  6. Both of my AR308s have Leupold integrated Mark AR30mm mounts that I use with Leupold scopes. I would think that an integrated mount might be a bit more precise in this regard than a two-piece mount. But I never checked them with an alignment bar (which I don't have). Leupold makes good stuff in my experience. I would be real interested to see how the rings on my new muzzle-loader line up. That mount (a CVA Durasight, and a replacement after sending the first one back both) came with 100% incorrect screw hardware. Had to locate and get entirely different screws to screw the tops of the rings to mount bottom, and then to screw the mount to the barrel of the gun for which the mount was supposedly specifically made. So, I definitely know their quality control was dubious. That may be just the excuse I need to justify buying a scope mount lapping kit. Can always count on this forum for a good excuse to spend more $$$ 🤪
  7. ... now I feel inadequate because I've never lapped my scope rings - lol. Not really, I never shoot over 200 yards, and rarely over 100. 1MOA or less at those distances with all of my center-fire rifles. (ok maybe not the old lever action Marlin 30/30 - but that's open sights)
  8. @DNP - I think you are like me, when it comes to prices. I kind of remember what I paid for something in the '80s, and think that is still the price, that $15 Wheeler FAT torque wrench is $79 directly from Wheeler https://www.wheelertools.com/gunsmithing-tools/wrenches-and-screwdrivers/f.a.t.-wrench-with-10-bit-set/553556.html and $49 at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Wheeler-Accurizing-Measurement-Gunsmithing-Maintenance/dp/B0012AXR4S/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3VBSI5K8XOMFX&keywords=wheeler+torque+screwdriver&qid=1679062630&sprefix=wheeler+torque%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-3 @Albroswift I hear you on being dubious about some of the tools at Harbor Freight. I've gotten some sockets from their Pittsburgh line that are way out of spec and strip pretty easy. I have had pretty good luck with their Quinn and Icon "premium" lines of tools. And the Quinn does include a certificate of calibration. 2 good things I will say about Harbor Freight. (1) If I need a tool today, and don't want to wait 2 or more days for shipping, their website will tell you if it's in-stock at your local store(s). (2) If it breaks, they replace it free of charge no questions asked.
  9. I have a Vortex torque screwdriver that works well. I have had a few years. Just looked on Amazon and they are currently selling for $89, which seems mighty steep and a lot more than I recall paying. If I were buying one right now, I'd probably go with the Wheeler. Amazon is selling it for $49. Harbor Freight sells one under their Quinn line of tools for $79 (before any coupons), that also looks pretty decent. All are probably made in China. Wheeler bits are made out of better tool steel (S-2) than some. As I think about it, I think the Vortex allowed for smaller increments of adjustment than others at the time. It allows for 1# increments.
  10. I was seriously considering taking up reloading as a new hobby. Even had a local friend willing to show me the basics and work up some rounds for a few different .308s we have if I got the primers, powder and bullets (already had bagfuls of spent cases). However, the lack of availability of large rifle primers, plus the costs of components - then there was the cost of the equipment if I was going to do it myself - made me give it up before I even started. Just socked away a few extra 1000s of quality factory loads instead. Cheaper by far if I place fair value on my time. My old carcass probably only has a couple, maybe three, more decades of vigor left in it anyway. This ought to last me - (he says as he scans the online retailers for prices on favored bullets😊)
  11. Upgrading the previous Fenix, which is excellent. About 1000 more lumens and longer beam range. Will also fit into current holder, which I swap between guns as wanted. Relatively inexpensive and reliable system.
  12. I think a dead and diseased goat (or other body) would be historically accurate. Just make sure the target is appropriate ...
  13. Daggum those are tempting .... (convincing myself - I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to do it!)
  14. When sighting in a new rifle, scope or testing new loads, I like to first use a shooting sled. Pretty much takes me out of the equation. Once I know what the equipment can do, then it's on me to perform properly. $0.02.
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