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    Glencoe, Oklahoma
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    Farming , Cars especially Mustangs, old ford trucks, hunting

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  1. I didn’t think of that. I thought it might have been hit by brass from one of the many jams from before I had changed the buffer and spring and got the longer tube. It was definitely not reliable at all before. Since all the changes, it has worked great.
  2. Recently when working on my 308 that had the short gas tube I changed it to an armalite 12.0625”. It’s all good now. I didn’t notice until later that the old gas tube was mangled a bit. I am not very observant.
  3. My well used 308 has been hauled around the farm and scratched up a bit. I replaced the handguard and rattle canned the upper. First did satin and it didn’t look right. Tried Flat and It matched pretty good and it looks great again. I keep it with me in my side by side around the farm for coyotes etc. I like the iron sights and it shoots great when you need it, and pretty accurate. Reliable cycling after replacing the too short gas tube. And adding a 5.1 oz buffer and Orange spring. It’s one of my favorite guns.
  4. The 2010 is the last year of the 4.6 engine. First year of 10-14 body style. It doesn’t sound like you would be into drag racing it, so the lower hp of the 4.6 should not be an issue. In 2011 the coyote 5.0 engine came out with a big hp advantage over the 4.6. And 2011 has the 6speed automatic. That doesn’t mean the 4.6 is a dog in any way. With the low miles and if it had proper maintenance that sounds like it would be a good car.
  5. I might add, it’s a 16” mid length heavy barrel and 12” handguard. I wouldn’t expect a lot of movement. But I don’t know.
  6. I put a new low profile handguard on my dpms 308 upper. The adjustable gas block just barely clears the inside of the upper. I would guess about .025” on each side. How much actual clearance is required? Or am I going to get a block that clears more?
  7. I like to work on my mustangs and do a little drag racing.
  8. I don’t know what this upper is, but I am thinking about getting a new mlok handguard. The 12.5” quad one that’s on it is all scratched up and set screw is stripped out. I measured it to be a low profile(.151”)but I don’t know how to tell if it’s a gII or not. I read that barrel nuts are different. Do I need to take it apart to tell info about barrel nut?
  9. I just got 2 of the 12.0625” gas tubes from armalite.com. They were in stock. Lol. Didn’t read the date of the post I replied to.
  10. Is it my imagination that it doesn’t get as dirty inside nearly as quick? I just shot 10 rounds and it cycled great. It’s still pretty cold here today.
  11. Tracking for the gas tube shows out for delivery today. Merry Christmas to me
  12. Where you find that stuff?
  13. That is why I mentioned the cold weather
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