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Turd Furgeson

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  1. Here's my modest review. I've never annealed cases before, so take this with a grain of salt. Did some research and will link the best below. I used Tempilaq 450 degree and 700 degree to set temp and length of time. Once I got the right timing, I annealed 100 5.56 cases. Pics and vid below. Assuming I did this correctly, the Annealeez is easy to set up and operate. https://bisonballistics.com/articles/the-science-of-cartridge-brass-annealing https://www.6mmbr.com/annealing.html VID_20230326_140751_Trim.mp4 VID_20230326_140751_Trim.mp4
  2. read my mind... used to have a Beretta, I think it was a .22 cal I took in trade for something.
  3. https://thereload.com/federal-judge-blocks-california-handgun-restrictions/
  4. Same here brother. Lived in WA from age 13-21. NV for 8 years, then AZ since early 90's. Great gun state. I think it's really red, but the McCain machine cheats it blue.
  5. hahaha.... you got me! Review coming soon :)... w/ pics. ""If you post, inquiring about a product, be it new or old, and no one respon...." and Lesson 65b... love it!
  6. Anybody have any experience with this? Looks like it gets the job done at a reasonable price. https://annealeez.com/product/annealeez/
  7. Legal "'tricks of war"... very interesting read.
  8. Welcome Berry from AZ
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