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Question - There is a video on youtube, showing that a pistol fired to POA in slow mo, does not vary off course with "recoil" that occurs on the first shot fired.


With the length of barrel, now figured in, could the same be said of a rifle? Can "recoil" affect POA, because of a longer barrel?


Is there any data to support or refute this?  Especially video?


I only want answers that do not have to consider any other data, such as windage or bullet drop. Zero POA. 



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Correct.  The mechanical accuracy of most any firearm is better than the shooter.


"POA" may not be where the shooter intends but the pistol or rifle will hit where the machine is pointed.


After the initial shot other factors come into play, such as bullet fouling, heat from burned powder and friction, etc.  Most firearms at this point will still have a higher degree of mechanical accuracy than the shooter.


Like Hathcock said, repeatability is a more desireable quality than accuracy.  The famous Winchester M70 he used had a 2 MOA accuracy but it hit the same POA every time, unlike others he tested.


The same type of pistol or rifle will vary example to example.  Take ten of each off the same production run and each will shoot a bit differently, do better with different ammos, etc.

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