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Can someone confirm my research on barrels, BCGs and handguards for my build?


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So I was looking on a popular online site for firearms and parts and came across a deal on a blemished upper and lower set from Matrix Aerospace.  Turns out in a "happy birthday!" moment the matched upper and lower were mysteriously purchased and are now on the way to an FFL for me to pickup!  None of my firearms stay virgin looking for long so a blemish isn't that big of a deal to me. :)


Anyway, based on my reading of threads here and on other sites, I'd like to confirm the following information now that this is on the way:


1)  This upper and lower set is based on the AR-10™ pattern (as opposed to DPMS, etc).  My reading and the pics of the mating surface say this is true.

2)  One can use a BCG and Barrel in this upper provided both parts are for the same pattern (e.g. DPMS style BCG and Barrel is OK, armalite BCG and DPMS barrel is NOT ok)

3)  Floating handguards must say they are for the AR-10™ and include an AR-10™ barrel nut to work properly.


I'm taking my time with this and want to enjoy the build (its not starting for at least another month due to external constraints), but at the same time I also believe in the "measure twice, cut once" philosophy.  I'm 99% sure these 3 bits of information are correct, but I'm at the point now where I've read so much I am in a transient state between being confused and not confused. :)


Thanks in advance!


PS - can someone clarify the stiatuion with a barrel extension on this upper and now this might tie in to my choice of barrel?

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Call Chris Reideman to confirm what you have, good guy to talk to.

Mine uses an AR10 barrel nut, and a modified AR10B bolt catch.

My barrel and BCG are both DPMS pattern. (Anderson I think)

I think there are two variations in the Matrix sets, I think the newer are all DPMS pattern, but don't quote me on that.

I'm super happy with my "blem". I came out just under 1k on my build (glass not included). Two seconds with a sharpie fixed my blem.


From my learning here, the bolt carrier is interchangeable, it's just the bolt that needs to match the barrel pattern.


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Thanks for the reply.  I will contact him when I get a moment.  Thanks for replying so fast!  I didn't realize there were two variations of the Matrix sets.  Everything I read said there was just one but it never hurts to re-re-reconfirm! :)


Oh, you're right re: bolt vs bcg.  I should have clarified that.


I like the sharpie idea.  I'll have to try that when it arrives!

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I'm building off a blem set from Chris, too.  The way I understand it there are two different uppers for the Matrix receiver sets.  You can distinguish the two by counting the threads on the upper; 10 for Armalite pattern and 12 for DPMS.  I'm using a FF quad rail I got from Chris, so the barrel nut is made for the receiver, but I didn't get a wrench with it, so I sent a guy on here the barrel nut and he machined one for me.  And yes, I know I can use a spanner to put it on guys, but I like my wrench :)

There's actually several guys on here that have experience with Matrix sets, and beyond that these guys and this forum can help you out immensely.

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Thanks Chase!  If I don't hear back from Chris (I sent an email since I wasn't able to get home from work until after business hours) I'll count 'em up once it arrives.


I was also going to get his quad rail since its on sale and for the price its untouchable (and looks good too!).  There are some other minor odds and ends I have questions about beside the bolt-barrel issue which has been answered, but I haven't read enough yet to ask intelligible questions about pros and cons of various setups so I'll hold off for now.

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