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  1. As it will likely be done in either a drill press or by hand with a drill, I don't recommend a carbide bit, standard high speed steel bits will work just fine. Don't get them from Harbor Freight though, you don't want to try to remove pieces of drill bit from your barrel. Buy a single numbered standard HSS bit from your local hardware, use a suitable cutting oil and a hand drill and go slow, letting the bit do the work. Midrange on the RPMs, nothing crazy, mild pressure for the drill. It will follow the existing hole and the burr in the bore will disappear with the next shot that goes downrange. Easy peasy.
  2. Have never heard of them and they aren't a current site partner, so can't vouch for them.
  3. it turned out to be a function mismatch in a build that had run thousands of rounds reliably previous to adding the heavy buffer. simply put, I wouldn't recommend it to complete a functioning gun. however, if somebody already had a functioning gun and they were interested in the flat wound spring, I'd recommend trying it.
  4. I probably shouldn't have used the word "standard" so casually, I've come to think of the Armalite recoil spec as the industry standard, as it's what works across the board. However, as Tom has already stated, I'm using Clint's excellent "heavy" buffer, which reduces the recoil impulse to the extent I can follow my shots through the optic.
  5. I ran a Tubbs flat wound for years with no issues. There's nothing wrong with them. They simply don't work with some other things, like Enidine hydraulic buffers, which also don't work with anything else. My Tubbs flat wound also didn't play well with my heavy buffer, so there's that too. Standard buffer worked like a charm with it, no issues at all.
  6. This. Don't care what they want to regulate anymore. They can take a long walk down a short pier.
  7. Fried squirrel is a treat! Love me some tree rat with tree rat gravy....
  8. Methinks based on prior data, that gas port needs to be between .093" and .097".
  9. I saw that, not a great start to 2023. I hate it for his family, he just built a car with his teenage kid...
  10. To be completely honest, if I have to reliably be able to ethically take an animal's life consistently, I'm not looking for an optic under $250. As for illumination, it's definitely a deal breaker. It has to be present, adjustable, and not too bright on the lowest setting.
  11. What standard would you be referring to?
  12. PM me a shipping address, I'll ship you a belated Christmas present.
  13. Hydraulic buffers haven't enjoyed much success in the large frame ARs, unfortunately. I think it's unlikely anyone would recommend one for anything, but RRA is proprietary in it's design and AFAIK, there aren't any hydraulic buffers out there for it. ^^^^ I'd follow the good doctor's recommendation.
  14. You can call her Timex 'cause she'll take a licking and keep on ticking!
  15. I love Lovell! I've been a lifelong proponent of the Warrior Poet ethos. A wise man once said "I'd rather be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war." and I feel the same way. This guy summed it up really well... I want them all!
  16. @Bang.Ting was digging the camo truck big time!
  17. Welcome to the forum from very near Hickory, NC. Hit me up if I can help you with anything.
  18. Also, if that's soft-nosed hunting ammo, that could be the source of the issue.... Soft points are a toss up when it comes to reliable feeding.
  19. Are you riding the charging handle, or are you slingshotting it?
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