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Everything posted by Matt.Cross

  1. I'd recommend .093", paging @98Z5V for verification!
  2. What's your barrel length, gas system length, and GB journal diameter?
  3. Bigger forums have bigger problems. We're growing via the right folks with the right information. Welcome to the forum, make yourself right at home!
  4. It's looking September-ish for arrival, we should be G2G in November.
  5. Aw man, I'm laughing my pasty white butt off reading these responses...
  6. For real, #6 is coming in hot!
  7. ^^^^ This. Troubling though it may be, it's still funny!
  8. I had a vasectomy after kid #3, now they're coming out black & mexican....
  9. yes, we're bringing number six into the world, cuz I'm quite the Spud.
  10. Details man, details! Where from, what brand(s), weight, specs?
  11. I use their suppressor cover for my Ops Inc 12th model, it's bad to the bone, I'm pretty sure you'll love it.
  12. Excellent write up and build! I have only one constructive criticism: there were not enough pictures of the rifle.
  13. Sweet! Now that we've done the UK a favor, we just have to figure out how to get this to work in DC.... Not going to be easy, generally everyone there has no conscience, and ethics are considered a mythical theoretical abstract construct invented by weaklings who suck at lying.
  14. Has anyone mentioned running it wet yet? Go heavy on the lube for the first 300 rounds. If that BCG isn't wetter than the swimming pool on the Titanic, you're not doing it right.
  15. My MA TEN features the LAW Tactical folder and it works like a charm!
  16. Ditto. I'll buy your Armalite kit for cost + shipping if you decide you don't want it. Somebody will need it in the future.
  17. Just ignore all the folks here who recommend using matched uppers and lowers, and go for it. So what if some of those people are advising that because they learned it the hard way? Odds are you'll be the exception. It'll be fine, just do it already.... You're already ahead of the game by getting a great deal with your lower. Why waste that sensible good deal by following it with wasted time and bad decisions? Get a matching M5 upper and enjoy building a rifle without having to cobble mismatched parts together. Or don't, either way let us know how it works out. If it's REALLY bad, we'd like pictures.
  18. I'm also in NC if you ever want some local help. Welcome to the forum!
  19. You my friend, are a beast. A mystical creature with an inordinate amount of inherent (and developed) skill and natural talent. Truly a legend in your own time...
  20. We'll be the judge of that....
  21. Welcome to the forum, and good call on building a Mk12, they're sexy as all get out!
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