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  1. Not on everything, but yeah, I'd have a few spray & pray builds for fun.
  2. I'm getting some serious thread-cleaning foreshadowing here. If it's not too much to ask, a modicum of effort to stick with the thread topic. Everybody do yourself a favor and hit the 'reset' button on your grudge list, please, lest I get all trigger happy with the 'mute', 'edit', and 'delete' functions, or worse. First and only warning, play nice. I like y'all but Admins gotta Admin.
  3. Yes, as if the platform wasn't convoluted enough to begin with....
  4. I couldn't agree more. The complete lack of a platform uniform standard is definitely a long standing trope here, and is pretty much the crux of what puts people off the platform. With that said, there's also quite a bit of versatility allowable in the platform if you understand some fundamental rules: Buy matched receivers. There's not really any reason not to, and "that's not what I want" isn't a compelling argument. Understand which primary type your receiver is (DPMS/Armalite/RRA/Proprietary) and buy corresponding parts accordingly. Life gets difficult when you buy a upper with an Armalite receiver cut but the handguard threads are cut on DPMS thread pitch, and vice versa. If possible, use the Armalite recoil system, if there is a standard for the platform, it's this. Set realistic expectations. You won't build a gun that's sub-MOA out to a thousand yards AND set a record for light weight. Your CQB 308 and your long range 308 will necessarily be different builds. Lastly, stick as closely as possible with a uniform parts standard. Use either DPMS pattern or Armalite as thoroughly throughout as possible. Tolerance stacking is a real issue for this platform and type consistency will minimize problems arising from tolerance stacking. Now that's not a comprehensive list by any means, and my fellow members can add plenty to it, but if you go forward following those recommendations it'll probably be much smoother sailing in general.
  5. You'll get it sorted out, there's a wealth of information and solutions to be found here. Everyone here, including Tom, wants you to have a fully functional rifle suitable to your intended purpose. Unfortunately we've had a rash in recent times of folks who join up, ask questions, and ignore or argue everything they're told by folks who have firsthand experience in making this platform run like a Singer sewing machine. The truly important thing here is publish your results. Priority number one is reliable data that will result in other newcomers finding what they need to fix their platform. If your solution works great for about six weeks and then breaks down, publish it for everyone's benefit. If it's still humming right along 1, 5, 10 years from now, publish your data, we love a success story. My final thought on this is that we admittedly get somewhat jaded after seeing the same scenario repeat itself time and again, we get a newcomer who has gotten bitten by the non-standard nature of the platform and they want their build to work but won't take advice from folks who were in the exact same situation and have viable solutions. That becomes what's anticipated of newcomers and we aren't always as fair as we would otherwise be. So bear with us, we'll help you 100% to the fullest extent that you'll allow us.
  6. ^^^ That's Tom-ass. Nice enough guy, super knowledgeable about the AR and platform variants. Doesn't have the vaguest clue as to how to not sound like a self-absorbed dick on the internet. Most of us have given up even trying to understand for ourselves why we're friends, we just know we love him, and we are keeping him warts and all. That said, don't get put off by his complete lack of social skills, (bear in mind, you're being told this by a homeschooler, no less) he's a great source of advice. He probably won't even mind if you patronize him so long as it means you are paying him some attention, and don't make your condescension too obvious. All that to say we genuinely want you to feel welcome as a newcomer, so take some of our abrasiveness with a grain of salt, it's well intended if nothing else.
  7. ^^^ Truth. And a word of follow-up... I got a very nice PM in the way of explanation from @E5232 and a very sincere apology as well. I'll leave it up to him to follow up with you guys publicly, but this has been addressed by him privately and I leave it up to the community at large to converse with him about it publicly. No disciplinary action will be taken following his prompt polite response.
  8. All that followed by this: Too late, I think considering what you've accused us of, you have a lot of explaining to do. How you want to interact privately with other members is 100% your business, but you don't get to be here and benefit from all the wealth of information the forum offers about the platform, AND publicly undermine the many members in good standing who have made it what it is today. So explain yourself. You've got 24 hours.
  9. Here's to the time you spent participating in it. Time that we'll collectively never get back. I guess when a thread sucks this bad you just have to jump in....
  10. Welcome to the forum from just outside Hickory, NC.
  11. Maybe because you're always feigning innocence... LOL
  12. Roger that! Just for posterity, be it known for the record that @ebbiv was for all intents and purposes banned when he told member in good standing here to "blow me" after giving bad info at the outset. You'll not be missed. Goodbye!
  13. I honestly don't know how we'll know if he does. He's not exactly coherent at his very best...
  14. They're probably classified by the DOJ, to avoid embarrassment...
  15. You sir have defied the very laws of physics themselves with how high you managed to stack this pile of hot diarrhea. I marvel to think of the danger you would pose to the literate world if you only knew how to utilize punctuation.
  16. I'd advise you against tap dancing in that particular minefield.
  17. No so much that as complimentary to the purple jelly dong.....
  18. The wrinkles make the flavor better, and keep you from blistering your tongue.
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