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  1. Victoria's Secret stencil method?
  2. Matt.Cross


    I'd start with the fact that its dry as a bone at the outset. It's well documented that this platform needs to be broken in with copious quantities of heavy lube at the outset. Get that sucker soaking wet to begin with, after that cease & decist from riding that charging handle. Yank that sucker to the rear until it slips your grasp and slams home.
  3. It does in fact hang up, this was the start of a separate thread to cover said issue.
  4. Outstanding @Black_Sheep, glad you got it working as it should!
  5. This might be the first time in the history of the forum that I had to close an introduction thread because it went too far off the rails. @DustBuster your last two posts were better suited to a separate thread than they are to this one. It's fantastic that you're pursuing a friendly dialogue with @98Z5V and I'm 100% sure he's quite flattered, but you didn't get his hint so I'm going to be quite blunt about this: QUIT GOING OFF TOPIC IN THE NEW GUY'S INTRO THREAD. Thank you. @Tack14 I know you're still getting adjusted and reading around, welcome to the forums and stick around a while. It's only like this when we've got a wave of newcomers with no feel for the established community. I apologize for the mess.
  6. I know better than that, LOL. I know for a fact you're more than smart enough to explain anything at a level pretty much anyone could understand.
  7. That's also incorrect. The end of the buffer tube overlaps the nearest side and the central pin on the end of the buffer retainer blocks the buffer travel. What I'm looking for is the specific position of your theoretical perpendicular hole, as opposed to what's shown on the drawing. As a machinist, the drawing shows the location and specifics of the angled hole with so much specificity as to remove any doubt about how to machine that feature. What I want to know is where your hole would be located with equal specificity. If you give that some thought, you might understand some of the necessity of both the angle of the hole and it's specific location in the bigger picture of when the assembly comes together.
  8. Where is your theoretical and perpendicularly drilled hole located as opposed to the drawing shown?
  9. It's not the same, and grade school trig proves it. Not only that, but survivalshop was incorrect in that the blueprint he posted does in fact specify a 6° angle at the top of the centerline datum for that feature. Let me assure you as a machinist that's it's not easier from a manufacturing standpoint to drill an angled hole as opposed to perpendicular.
  10. Welcome to the forums, let your hair down and make yourself at home!
  11. The good news in terms of gas ports is that you're never more than one drill bit away from the perfect size.
  12. Oh that's an easy one to answer; clearance. You don't want your firing pin to hang up with fouling, so it's manufactured with plenty of clearance in the bolt face to keep it going bang when it's supposed to. That's why I'm not surprised or bothered by off-centered firing pin dimples in my primers. It hasn't the least effect on function or accuracy.
  13. ^^^ Truth. The internet is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the sense that it gives you a vast quantity of information from which to derive useful conclusions, and a curse in the sense that it gives you a vast quantity of information from which to draw erroneous conclusions. There is no substitute for the data and experience that will come from putting the firing pin to a primer in your own build.
  14. Not at all. There's no need to be insecure about anything, everyone has ideas and questions and they're all welcomed. The only thing that's considered taboo here is talking absolutes that aren't backed by actual facts/experience. Going that route never ends well. Apart from that, your commentary and ideas are welcome. We all came to this platform with some pre-conceived ideas, and we learned that in some instances we were correct, and not so much in others. All the same, the point is to learn as much as possible to help the next newcomers.
  15. I remember where you got your GOOD battery from!
  16. Excellent call, sir, excellent call!
  17. I'd have to make a lot of changes to give you permission to change your name at will.... but if you'll let me know what username you'd like within reason, I'd be more than happy to change it for you.
  18. ... and that one of many good reasons to hate mil-spec AR triggers as I do. With what a MBT costs, there's no excuse for putting a POS trigger in an AR at all.
  19. Grumpy old fart! I couldn't have been more truthful or sincere, and this is the thanks I get....
  20. He's referring to trigger slack, how much take-up travel is normal to reach the point where the trigger is actively disengaging the sear.
  21. I'm with you brother, there's nothing in this world that makes me happier than servicing my dishwasher.
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