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Ejector & Spring Falls Out In Brand New DPMS G2 Recon


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Over six months ago while on rotational leave, I bought a brand new DPMS G2 Recon.  I cycled it, inspected it, and put it away in a locked storage.  All seemed well.


Yesterday, I took it out and begin to switch out the stock grip, stock buffer tube, and stock for aftermarket items.


Once I was done, I performed the cursory function check of pulling back the charging handle, releasing it, and repeated it a few more times until I encounter some resistance.  I returned the charging handle back to battery, pushed the rear action pin out and swung open the uppers.


Out dropped one of the newly designed ejectors that DPMS is so proud of and has bragged so much about in their new G2 series. 


Keep in mind that I have yet to shoot this rifle and that it sat locked up and unfired for over six months.


I then pulled out the charging handle and bolt and out fell another loose item, the ejector spring which is a stout little spring.


I then looked at the bolt and found the other ejector still in place and the retaining push pin that is suppose to hold both ejectors still in the bolt.


Has anyone out there encountered this same bizarre problem with their G2?


I then called DPMS and once I mentioned this, the customer service tech rep could not get me to agree fast enough to send the entire rifle back for inspection and repair.  When I asked why I needed to send the entire rifle back, he told me that they should conduct a complete rifle inspection and check the headspacing to ensure everything was to specs.


When I asked him how could the ejector and ejector spring fall out in a brand new unfired G2, he mumbled something about specs and refused to give me anymore details citing the time urgency to get my return shipping label approved and into process.


This makes me wonder if there are other major quality control issues that are being discovered in the G2 now that the initial marketing hype seems to be over.


One other thing I noticed is there is a lot of wobble between the upper and lower receivers in my G2 Recon at both the front and rear pins.  I have built ARs with budget lowers and uppers that locked up so much tighter than this G2.  I can only guess that in the excitement of buying a brand new rifle, I failed to notice how much wobble and play DPMS finds acceptable in their quality control standards.  I would not buy another one with this much play between the upper and lower receivers when other manufacturers have higher quality control standards.


Please let me know if anyone else out there are experiencing these type of problems with their G2 or did I somehow got a hold of some bad DPMS ju-ju with a G2 rifle that never should have passed quality control inspection and never should have been sold.

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Wow, I'm not sure how they'd just fall out like that. Certainly odd... I also wouldn't expect the phone tech support to know why without taking a look at the gun either.

BMoney's G2 Recon has run very well and I always enjoy shooting it. My only real complaint with it is that the castle nut wasn't torqued to 40ft-lbs and staked.

I wouldn't worry about the upper to lower fit. It doesn't affect function or accuracy.

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