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New 308 build questions


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I picked up an AP M5E1 16" upper on their sale last week along with one of their enhanced lowers and LPK. I've built several AR15s previously but never an AR10. I understand there isn't as much standarization in the AR10 world. I have an 18" AR but Im looking to get consistent in the 400-600 yard range with this gun. It will have a sightron 6-24 scope.

I've seen some mixed things on the AP M5 upper so i hope all is well there but assuming it is, here is what I am looking at:

BCG-I've read a bazillion things on these things. apparently one company makes the AIM, Radical and possibly WMD NiB 308 BCGs. They're just OK. I've left a message for Cryptic Coatings about getting one of theirToolcraft coated BCGs in black since the gun is going to be FDE. I replaced a few of my other AR BCGs with Lantac's lately and love how easy they are to clean so I definitely want to stay coated here. Nothing about $300 so that kicks out the JP.

CH-Wanting a BCM Mod 4, i read somewhere that there was an issue with it fitting on the m5 upper but could be fixed by dremeling down two bumps on the CH. other guy said it worked fine in the M5 upper.

Buffer Tube-just looking at an anderson manufacturering 308 kit from Primary Arms, eventually would like a JP silent capture which i have on a few other guns

Trigger-Geissele two stage, either the SSA two stage or SSA-E. I've read the SSA-E may be too light for a 308, any insight there?

Stock-probably dont want a PRS because it's a 16" gun and would like it be a little smaller, looking at the magpul ACS or Vltor. ALways liked MP stuff, cheekweld looks good on the ACS and the bottom angle looks solid for grip with opposite hand.

Any other advice on this build guys?

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I got Aero's M5 lower,just waiting for the 16" FDE upper to come in.Went with all Aero parts so as not to have copatibility problems.Trigger will be Mec defence.Only non-Aero parts are Tac-ops CH,BAD FDE 50* selector,MagPul pro flip sights and LaRue A-peg grip.Wanted the Nib BCG but they didn't have a date of availability so I went with thier stock BCG so They could check headspace and test fire.Which they said they would do.Repeatedly that where I see problems guys have with getting different parts from different companies and upon assembly the rifle no worky <dontknow>  I don't have time to trouble shoot my damn rifle because of something I did.Now if it no worky cause of a broken part that's different.Just my 2 mags.


I have a SSA-E in my Rock River Standard Operator and shoot Mil-surp and factory without issue.Damn good trigger.Both SSA & SSA-E. <thumbsup>

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