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AR 10 6.5 Creedmoor assist

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Reading through the forums I have a notion that a DPMS barrel may work.  Before I head down that path and start spending money it would be a comfort to know the exact process.  I've done due diligence and searched but I haven't found a single source for this information.


If anyone on the forum could help, please chime in.


1. An established fact.  DPMS barrel extensions are different from Armalite.  This means that a DPMS bolt must be used with the barrel and head spaced appropriately.  (Or where can I source a 22 inch barrel that is designed for the AR 10?)


2. Well known fact,  Barrel nut must be an Armalite type with the correct thread.


3. Gas block and gas tube:

- Armalite tubes are a different length.  How is this resolved with a DPMS barrel?

- Does the carrier need to be an Armalite or DPMS?  How does this interface with the gas tube?  Different length tubes would indicate differences in the gas key design.

- Should an adjustable gas block be used?


4. Does a stock .308 buffer and spring work in this rifle?


The basic overriding question is, has anyone on this forum successfully built a 6.5 Creedmoor in an Armalite rifle?  If you have, what have been the pitfalls or peculiarities of the build?


I get the sense that this is like a unicorn, many have heard of the beast but nobody has actually seen one.



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I personally would buy a new AR10 bolt and barrel extension and send both to someone like BHW or Criterion to build you a proper 6.5 Creedmoor barrel that works correctly with your AR10. Noveske used to make AR10-specific 6.5 Creedmoor barrels (they were accurate but heavy - I had a 20" one), but I believe they've stopped production on them.

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1. yes

2. yes

3. Gas block and gas tube:

- How is this resolved with a DPMS barrel? use a dpms type "normal" AR15 length tube

- Different length tubes would indicate differences in the gas key design - Use either carrier, although i'd suggest staying all dpms. there is no difference in gas key design, just gas port placement on the barrel

- Might as well, its not much more $

4. probably have to play with the buffer weight, but its mostly just important to match the buffer type to the tube type. Assuming you're using a rifle stock vs collapsible, it just matters whether you use the armalite or dpms length tube/stock

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When you buy a custom barrel, the company "should" give you a matching bolt as well... most good companies do. Understand that's part of the $600ish price tag.

I believe only the rifle length tubes differ in size. Just confirm the tube length with the barrel maker. Again, a GOOD company should be able to supply this part as well. You'll likely want to use an adjustable GB no matter which tube length you choose.

If you get the adjustable gb, you likely won't need more than a standard buffer system.

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