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GG&G Bipods


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I recommend it enough that I'll buy another one for my .308, so I don't have to switch them out.  ;D  That one pictured is for the 5.56 precision gun.  I'll grab a weight on it right now, and edit up this post with the details.

Highly, highly recommend it, big time. 

EDIT - 504 grams = 17.778oz

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Drew, if you want to borrow this thing and try it out, let me know.  I'll be zeroing the .308 no later than next Tuesday, and I can send it out after that.  Don't know when I'll get to shoot again, but I can use bags after that, if you still have it.

If you want to give it a test drive, just say it.  Shoot the info to me, and I'll get it out to you.

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Well, like a dumbass, I wasn't looking at what I checked for shipping.  I didn't even look at the order details until the confirmation was sent to my email.  I apparently checked the "USPS Priority" block somewhere in there...  ::)

When it gets here, I'll shoot some semi-decent pics of it separate, and in the gun.  I'll for sure let you know when the thing gets here.  I ordered the large latch, Mod 3 version, and I've got a Mod 3 AR-15 version I can set it beside for pics. 

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YES!!!  I just saw this topic pop back up, and I was hoping it was this - "Received!" 

The thing is tough!  I used it today on the 308 - have no fears, man.  I've been tossing the idea around to pick up the lighter-duty one for the 5.56 gun, and leaving this HD one on the 308 for good. 

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Im going to do that too. Every now and then they knock like $30 off of them in the email specials. Ill grab one for sure.

One question, theres what looks like an adjustment knob at the bottom. I cant seem to turn it. Whats its purpose? Its the off colored knob in your bottom picture

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Adjusts the tension on the swivel (left and right cant; unlevel ground).  It was probably cranked down (locked) from it's origin.  Loosen it lightly with a pair of pliers if you need to.  When you mount it up, you can loosen and tighten while you're testing the swivel tension, and find what you like.  There's either a bronze or brass bushing in there, and the thing is smooth. 

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