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53 minutes ago, JGood said:

Anyone ever used this stuff? 

Yes, I have a bottle I use when doing barrel break-in. It came in a box lot of cleaning equipment and supplies, can't say I noticed a difference but don't have a chrono to test results. I can say it didn't hurt anything but I wouldn't spend any money on it.

Read somewhere that hBN was the dry lube in it hence my using it for break in.


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Thanks, I got this a couple of years ago at a gunshow. I dont remember if or what I paid for it, Im sure it wasnt much, Im a cheap bastard. Its been sitting on a shelf waiting for me to have a reason to use it. It didnt seem worth it to use it on a pistol, and all my rifles are already "broke in" I didnt see the point in using it on a barrel that already had a couple hundred rounds through it. Im currently waiting for a my first .308, AR-10, an Aero Precision M-5. I figured I would use it on that.

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