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Common Questions, and Search Function

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Routinely, does it arise... Common questions come up here all the time. Routine questions. Very basic questions.  This forum is FULL of valuable information.  What the long-staying members here do,  is very simple - they solve problems.  Issues that can't be solved in other venues and places, or forums.  This Large Frame AR Platform is our specialty.

Many of us have been doing this since...  WAY before it was popular.  Many of us were here for the first iteration of the "billet craze," with the initial run of "custom manufacturers with tons of experience," - that released screwed up receiver sets. Many of us had to get into this game on a $350 or $400 DPMS "K" lower receiver, then drop another $250 on the upper receiver.  Stripped...

We worked through it.  We either found solutions, or we abandoned bad hardware.  I could name a few very prominent "bad hardware" companies, but that would just be rude.  They know who they are - or who they WERE, before they went out of business.

Recently - early 2018 - we've seen a rash of very basic questions that come up. It seems that most of those basic questions either come from bad information from another website/forum, or they come from a rudimentary lack of knowledge about this platform, and about the AR15 platform.  The questions arise from a basic lack of fundamentals about the AR platform, in general.

The bitches and complaints about the search function here usually come from people that never tried to search, here.  I've even seen people blame board software for it, and nothing further from the truth, could be said.  That's a basic misunderstanding on YOUR part,about the software - not the fault of the software...

I'll give a few glaring example of what to do, and what NOT to do.  Let's say you want to find info on a LaRue trigger.  You hit the search and you type in larue trigger  - notice that CLOSELY...  You receive a hit on this board for everything out there on "larue" and you'll also get a hit on everything that ever mentioned "trigger."

Whoa, what, there's so much shiit my head is exploding!!!  The search on this site SUCKS!!!


Yeah, I'm sure it sucks, when you don't know how to search for something on a forum...









You didn't do it right, you didn't get what you wanted.  And your head exploded. Garbage in, garbage out.  That falls on YOU.



Yeah.  YOU did that.  YOU created those search results, from your basic misunderstanding of the search function.

Now, what you wanted was results on a LaRue Trigger...  So, type THIS into the search box...   "larue trigger" - USE THE QUOTATION MARKS AROUND WHAT YOU WANT TO FIND.

You get a hit on anytime anyone on this board ever said "larue trigger..."

Here's a perfect storm that went bad, very recently.  Someone asked for some VERY basic information, put little to NO effort into ANY kind of research on anything involved in it, then lost their shiit on members that told them that they should search out the information - because it was everywhere here...

Click it - make it bigger.


The reply was simple, but turned ugly quick.  This was a new guy that completely blew off the basic forum etiquette of posting an intro - which is encouraged everytime we see this. Sometimes, first-post questions aren't even answered - they're just replied with "Welcome to the forum and post an intro in the Intro Section..."  It's not mandatory, but don't expect respect if you lose it on people in your reply to that...

Click it again, make it bigger again...


Ultimately, here's what you need to know.  The Search Function isn't that damn hard here - it's quite easy, as I explained above. To prove that, I search out this guy's specific questions, and answered them with links to the information. It was a simple process - a VERY simple process - and I made this reply in a few minutes...  NOT hours...


I'm about to show you guys how easy this really is.

First question really posed:

Right off the bat, the very two posts he got were for the LaRue MBT2S.  It's $99 bucks right now, and you'll wait to get it. If you researched that trigger at all here, you'd find this:

https://forum.308ar.com/search/?q="larue trigger"&sortby=relevancy

If you even took the step to search the LaRue trigger on the vast, vast www., you'd go right to LaRue's website, and you'd be able to read ALL the reviews...


Okay, got it.  First major, MAJOR hurdle is down.  Damn near killed me to get through that, it was so hard.

Next question that was posed was this:

That's gonna be a tough one, search-wise. Here's what I found:

https://forum.308ar.com/search/?q="Faxon barrel"&sortby=relevancy

I search the www. for the term "Faxon barrel accuracy" and this is what I got back:


Last question posed was this one:

This is really the only VALID question - without extreme laziness - and the answer is simple, with common familiarity in this platform.  YOU ALWAYS CHECK HEADSPACE ON A LARGE-FRAME AR BUILD.

That's so important, that it's a pinned topic in the section "308 AR - What You Need To Know"





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