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Intro AR help


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I am new to the AR platform and need a little guidance.  I have decided that my next rifle is going to be an AR in 308.  I am looking for something that I can mod out as I go (and get funds) with nice furniture and maybe a stainless fluted barrel.  What can I say, I like stainless :)  But all of my weapons are for specific purposes and this is going to be my new pig popper.  So it will have a scope mounted in short order and will be carried a fair distance.  My budget is about $1000 to get started for the base gun.  I was looking at a DPMS Sportical .308.  My only hesitation is that it looks like my customization options are going to be fairly limited.  Any input or advise is appreciated.

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Thanks for joining. Like I tell other folks if your planning on ordering a rifle from DPMS forget about it. Your looking at a minimum of 18 months to 2 years. The more options you add the longer it will take. Your best path is to find a rifle on the shelf that's closest to what you want.

Are you right handed? The smooth uppers aren't well suited for lefties.

Im not sure what you mean by  your customization options will be limited. In general the .308's have less options then an AR-15 but the climate is improving.

If you havent done so check out the banner for Impact Guns, they have a section on the DPMS .308's that will give you a reasonable idea of street prices.

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The problem is there is not one standard in .308's.

In fact DPMS is probably your best choice customizing and slowly becoming the most popular of the variations. DPMS and KAC are based on the original Stoner design. Armalite moved away from that design during the AWB.

Many of the parts are compatible, you just need to know which ones arent. Magazines, bolts and barrel nut threads are the big differences.

Lets talk about what options you want and work it from there. Tomorrow though as im sick as dog right now and need sleep..

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Outside of upper receiver variations on the DPMS .308s, they're all interchangeable.  If you happen to find a killer deal on a DPMS, but it's a hightop slick side, and you were looking for a flat top with brass deflector and ejection port cover, pick it up.  You can buy the specific upper receiver you were looking for as a separate part, and swap them out with a few special tools. 

All the DPMS .308 parts will interchange. 

What specific options or upgrades were you considering for later addition?  How exactly do you want the weapon outfitted when it's all finished?  That'll give us a direction to go in, and specific advice to give. 

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Ultimately, I want nice stock like a MagPul or something else a little more unusual.  I want a unique handgaurd.  I love the "Hotrod" handgaurd on the DPMS sight, but it isn't for a 308.  I don't care for the quadrail styles. I would like a 16"-20" fluted stainless barrel threaded for a custom flash hider.  It needs to be a flat top since it will be equipped with a night vision scope.  I would prefer the dust cover but it is not a necessity as it will be a hunting rifle that probably won't be going through heavy brush.  Also it can't weigh a ton since I will be toting it for some distance.  Any other suggestions like a charge handle or something?

I don't know much about the AR family (handgun guy) but it looks like the best option for a semiautomatic 308 hunting rifle that has customization capabilities.  Most of the customizations I want are just to make it look the way I like (lots of stainless) and make it more unique.  It will take several years for me to get everything the way i want it since funds are short for weapons.  So I am looking for a model that I can build on that is functional at about $1000.

Thanks again for the guidance.  I hate sounding like a newbie, but I would rather ask dumb questions and end up with one that fits the bill than keep quiet and end up with a stock gun that I can't change anything or just doesn't work for what I want.

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So if I am understanding you right, I could take a stipped upper like this http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=499036&highlight=dpms+308 and have it mounted on the Sportical to get the dust cover.  Or are there other parts that would need to be added as well?

yes, all the DPMS LR 308 uppers will mate up with the LR 308 lowers.

Dont worry about newbie questions. This is why I started these sites.

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Its all the same parts. DPMS does not put forward assist serations on their .308 carriers

The only time you change internals is in the lower when you change buttstocks. You must select the right buffer and spring for the type of stock you are using.

If you go here and look at the different .308 schematics you will see the differences and similarities. The schematics are interactive. Clicking on the parts will bring you to the product page of the part you click on. Its really neat

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For a pig popper your problems with a 308 AR will be weight and over all length. The 16" barrel is the right choice and in a light weight contour. You definitely want a light forend and buttstock. The Sportical receiver is a good choice for a hunting rifle, the high rise, brass deflector and forward assist add unwanted weight. I would buy the Sportical and the only change I would make would be a good single stage trigger. Then spend some time with it and you'll figure out what changes you want to make it better.

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