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New ar10 owner


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Hello all,

I have been snooping around this forum for over a year deciding what parts and pieces I would need to build me an AR10. I built my first ar 15 a few years ago because I felt naked without an m16 with me at all times. I love the 15 but it doesnt have enough punch for deer. Sure you can chamber it in different sizes but i like ammo I know i will be able to find Ill get into that later.  So being that I needed a good dual purpose rifle I decided to build an AR10 not just as a "deer rifle" <---reason I gave my wife but as a weapon to learn to shoot longer distances. I never had the opportunity to become a sniper in the Marines as I was not an 03 but I did like the idea of precision shooting.  Now that my 10 is mostly complete I have decided to become a member and ask a few quesions I could not google search the answers to. 

My AR-10 build started out as an SI defense matched upper and lower reciever that took fooooorever to get. I used a regular DPMS lower parts kit and a dpms bolt carrier group.  I bought a new dpms SASS barrel from a local gun dealer for 200 bucks with gas block gas tube and correct phantom flash hider. I have a magpul prs stock and a daniel defense 12" lite rail.  I still have no scope or bi pod as funds have ran out at the moment. I plan on an atlas bi pod and a weaver tactical 3.5-15 scope (still on order from the same gun dealer since Japan got hit with an earthquake).  Im in no hurry to get it and i know i can find it elsewhere but for the deal im getting ill gladly wait.  I dont have to have immediate satisfaction for this build as deer season is still a few months away.

Still no clue as to what folding sights to use or qd scope mounts and i want to evetually get some kind of night vision and a supressor preferably like the one at the very top of the web page.  I dont know why but that rifle turns me on.  I cant tell if thats a silencer or what on the barrel but I gotta know.  Thats part of the reason I became a member is to ask that question among others.

I built this rifle for deer hunting 200-300 max and to learn to shoot paper targets at 6 or 700 yards maybe.  With only 18" barrel seems that most agree that it is possible to be effective on soft targets at that range.  Im not real sure what range will be the max but im no sniper shooting extreme distances either. I will rarely have the opportunity to shoot to 600+ distances but would like to learn. 

I use as close to mil surplus as i can get a constant supply for my ar-15 and would like to do so with this AR10 as well, just not for deer hunting.  I want to be very familiar with mil surplus ammo as it should be plentiful if anything bad happens in this country.  So far the federal xm855 has been nice in my 15.  Im hoping to have the same luck with xm80.  I know usig this type of ammo is a contradiction with the above statement of precision shooting and i know there are way more accurate loads out there.  I just like the idea of using mil surplus ammunition.  If i can hit the 18" wide part of the black silhouette at 700 with it I will be happy (for now anyway). I dont think im asking too much  :D 

So far I love this site however as with all forums it seems that people like to make everything an acronym.  I was wonering if anyone has mde a post with all the common acronyms.  It took me forever to find out what BUIS and BCG was. Try googling BCG.

I hope I didnt bore everyone out with my babbling I tend to write very descriptive posts so be advised.

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Welcome to the forums! We're always happy to see another service member join, so thanks first of all for your service!

The rifle at the top of the page is the military's (Army & Marines currently) new field trial replacement for the M24, it is the KAC M110. That is a suppressor on the muzzle, it's uniquely designed to work with KAC's proprietary gas block for that rifle.

I would think that the easiest way to be accuracy capable AND able to shoot large quantities of surplus ammo would be to have an individual upper assembly dedicated to each use. Most surplus ammo is jacketed and may well degrade your barrel and limit it's potential, which is something I'm guessing you could do without. At the distances you are describing, it seems that 16" and 18" barrels are plenty suitable for what you're wanting to accomplish though. This of course is only my opinion, but for what I paid for my match barrel, I'm not going to take any chances on ruining it. It would be much less expensive for me to build another upper with cheaper components and shoot surplus through it instead.

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