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What I did this past weekend, Pillar bed Rem 700


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Thought I share a few photos of my pillar bedding that I did on a Rem 700 in a McMillan stock this past weekend. Still need to clean it up yet and do final work. I realize everyone has their own way of installing pillars in rifle stocks just thought I show how mine turned out. Realize this form is mostly is for Big AR rifles. Anyway, installed score high pillars using marine tex compound for the bedding and Johnson floor wax past for the release agent.





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What I like about the scorehigh product is the pillars are adjustable in length so there so no cutting or grinding for fitting for each stock. The tools that comes for the first kit are reusable as long as you don't screw up during the process of bedding and not put clay putty in the correct spots during the bedding process.

Then the pillars are bedded or put in at the same time the receiver is glass bedded to the stock. So the finished result is the pillars being perfectly flush with the bedding of the receiver, so when you torque the action screw down the floor plate contacts the pillar and bedding around it into the stock. The receiver contacts the pillar on the other side of the pillar and bedding around it and along the length of the receiver to the other end to the other pillar. This way, once you torque  to 40 to 50 inch lbs with zero zero tolerance between the bedding and the receiver there is absolutely no chance the receiver can move at all. Then with a 20 MOA scope mount attached (one can glass bed that to) makes the action that more rigged.

The smoothness of the glass bedding comes from putting the bedding material in the stock and on the receiver as well. When applying on the receiver make sure you apply in a way you don't create an air pocket. When you put the receiver into the stock the bedding contacts each other flows together and oozes out. Wipe off excessive, I use finger nail polish remover, which has 10% acetone by volume.  

I use Johnson floor past wax as a release agent. I apply thick onto the receiver then wipe it off so I don't see it any more. That micro film of wax is all you need to break the action out of the stock. If you have a lot of release agent of the action, you are just putting clearance back between the receiver and the stock, why even bed the rifle then.

I use ductape around the barrel to support the action and it also centers the barrel in the barrel channel as well.

That's pretty much how I do it. Slight variations if the person doesn't want pillars installed or how much material has to be removed from the stock depending on the reason.    

Ill take a photo or two when I'm done with it.

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